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Ecuador: Former presidential candidate fined for saying ‘gays are immoral’

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Reader comments

  1. Good….pity it couldnt happen every time someone said something homophobic and the fines going to gay/HIV/AIDS charities…would certainly shut them up

  2. The financial crisis in the US would be solved if they fined their politicians for homophobia.

  3. Wow, fines for preaching hate as an electoral candidate! I didn’t know how cool Ecuadorians actually are! :)

  4. Hit ’em where it hurts. Nothing focusses the mind on what is and isn’t acceptable better than a hefty fine

  5. Ecuador’s constitution is the only one in the world to give rights to nature, food and protect the indigenous community. Still some way to go on LGBT rights but there has been a huge amount of progress under president Rafael Correa.

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