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Bahamian Prime Minister: Equal marriage is ‘something I don’t believe in’

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Reader comments

  1. It is of course understandable that such a backwards culture would have a backwards thinking Prime Minister.

    1. I find it funny that every time someone has an opposing view of homosexuality or “gay marriage” they are considered backward thinking. I happen to be a proud Bahamian. I am also a proud Christian. I do not support now, nor will I ever support gay marriage. Most Caribbean people are very conservative. That doesn’t make them “backward.” That makes them conservative. Don’t criticise people just because they have an opposing view. By the way, I take exception to this headline. Prime Minister Christie isn’t against “EQUAL” marriage, he is against “GAY” marriage. And that is his right. And if you support gay marriage, that, too is your right. That is all.

  2. Very sad but I think it’s a reflection of the hold that conservative religions there still have on the culture.

  3. Christopher in Canada 12 Mar 2013, 8:26pm

    Well, I don’t believe in the Bahamian Prime Minister, so I guess we’re even…

    1. This is the problem with people who believe in the supernatural. They have trouble dealing with reality.

      It is as intellectual as saying I don’t believe in toast.

  4. Don’t worry, you don’t need to believe in it, one day Bahamas will have it anyway. After all, the English settlers of Bahamas also didn’t believe in abolitionism and equal rights for black people, but today you all have it, don’t you ? Knowledge, wisdom, enlightenment and equality is just a matter of time.

    1. To be fair though the homophobic laws in these island nations were put there by the British (the ones that used to be British colonies).

      1. Exactly, the same with the British colonies in Africa like Mugabe’s Zimbabwe who today ironically (and comically to those who know a little of history) denounce homosexuality as a decadent Western invention.

  5. johnny33308 13 Mar 2013, 1:35am

    Does anyone need to be told yet again to not spend gay money in places like this scumming little ignorant island chain filled with savages?LGBT people are murdered in this place often, and due exclusively to the bigotry of its ‘people’. Wonder where they’ll all go when climate change drowns their beastly little islands? Not here, I hope

    1. johnny33308 13 Mar 2013, 1:39am

      In fact, the entire Caribbean is rife with ignorance and evil bigotry, so no reasonable LGBT people would ever support any of these island nations.We should never ever spend any of our money on any of these places, or any of their products. They are cesspools of hatred. Bermuda isn’t much better either, sadly. Been there, done that, so I know of whereof I speak. Horrid places!

      1. For the record, the Bahamas are not in the Caribbean, but I do agree that many Caribbean islands are intolerant., but I would single out the the most egregious ones such as Jamaica and the Cayman Islands.

    2. Wow! Savages??! That is so mature. How dare you call The Bahamas a scumming little ignorant island chain. Where are you from? You sound ignorant and scummy. There are people in The Bahamas who support homosexuality. In fact, many people there are gay. Are you going to punish them, too? And don’t worry, by the way things are going, you might need to go to The Bahamas before the people there need to EVER come to your part of town. I’m sure where you’re from the people are fans of white sheets with holes in them.

  6. It’s not what YOU believe in Mr Christie. It’s doing what is right! If everyone, especially political leaders did what they simply believed in, you and your family would still be working the cotton and sugar cane fields in the Bahamas. and elsewhere.

  7. The Bahamas is a backward dump that all people who believe in equality need to avoid.

    1. Before we get all self righteous we must remember that the reason these countries are so homophobic is because of our colonial legacy. I’m not saying that every British person alive today should feel guilt over the actions of the British Empire but a sense of perspective about history helps. By all means condemn them but we shouldn’t claim moral superiority over them. It’s only very recently that Britain has even started to give LGBT people the rights they deserve.

  8. Steve from WA, US. 13 Mar 2013, 11:57am

    What a total dick, typical black man!

    Black men are all bigots, I am so glad I am white and not bigoted. I love my husband in WA!

    Time to fully allow gay marriage all over the globe!

    1. I despise racism just as much as I despise homophobia, misogyny and ageism.

      Your argument is completely counterproductive.

      1. Death to all fanatics!

        From the obvious irony in his statement I suspect that Steve was employing a little satire :)

        1. My irony radar doesn’t seem very well tuned in at the moment then.

    2. Dave Fowler 18 Mar 2013, 2:42pm

      Hmmmph, spoken like a typical gay man. Thank God, I am not gay. You sound like a total dick. But, for you, that might actually be a compliment.

  9. … and what a short memory people have. It’s only around 50 years ago that he would have found it impossible to marry a white woman, should he have wished. Personally, until these backwaters of religiously-inspired homophobia drag themselves into the 21st century, I would urge anyone thinking of spending their money on a trip to the Bahamas to reconsider … and write to the Prime Minister and tell him why. Hit ’em where it hurts. Funny how ofter ‘principles’ go right out the window when income is threatened.

    1. Yes true but it was only 50 years ago that Western Europe was rife with homophobia too. I believe Britain was still jailing gay men in 1963, I’ve met gay men who were young men at that time and they’ve told me what an oppressive place it was for them back then. Thankfully we’ve become a more tolerant and secular society, these countries are still infested with religion. Wherever you go in the world and with most of the stories I read on here, it doesn’t matter whether it’s the Bahamas, Saudi Arabia, Russia or even C4M in the UK, organised religion is involved in one way or another.

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