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Anderson Cooper: ‘Being gay is a blessing’ and I ‘couldn’t be more proud’ of my sexuality

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Reader comments

  1. being gay is a blessing
    IT makes me sick when this posh privilleged boy seem to think that every gay experience is the same. Twat should volunteer at the Ali Forney centre and get a reality check

    1. He is not responsible for his chance birth into wealth, and privilege has noting to do with his experience being proud of and celebrating his sexuality. The article does not report he said other’s experinece were the same as his.

      True charity is to hold and reinforce an image of a person to be better than they are showing up as. I mean this with gracious concern for you, it seems you are the one needing a reality check. A therapist should be able to help with your anger and jealousy issues. Be a big enough man to seek help to change yourself. Best of luck and I hope you find an abundance of love in this world.

      1. Hmmm both new people stinks of Anderson pr machine. Get that twat to show gay people that working to help other gay people who are less fortunate is a good thing rather than gloating about privilege and pride. Humility is much more attractive

    2. He never said that every gay experience is the same.

      And how is being born privileged his fault? More importantly, how did this help him with the loss he experienced? Right. Not at all. Quite the opposite. He and his mother had to deal with it in public when the media made a spectacle of his father’s and brother’s death.

      You sound very bitter and jealous and that can’t be healthy. I second Ra and recomment therapy. Cooper is happy and proud being gay. He made a name and career by working hard and constantly risking his life without leaning on his name or the money of the Vanderbilt side of his family. He’s been a great advocate for gay rights on CNN for years and brought the topic to the attention of his mainly straight viewers in a classy, diplomatic and non-aggressive way.

      Get over yourself and make something out of your life like he did. His career is not build on privilege but hard work.

      1. Yes recommending therapy is only suggested by a certain type.

  2. And are you equally proud of spouting government scripted propaganda and speaking to green screens for a living, pray tell?

    1. Are you proud of being a gullable conspiracy nut that believes everything basement dwellers and Alex Jones tell them in blogs or videos, pray tell?

      Remember Benghazi? Yes, that was AC/CNN causing immense problems for the government and CIA. Remember Katrina, the BP oil spill, the video of US soldiers being shot by a sniper in Iraq by the hundreds? Cooper coudn’t care less if he makes the grovernment look bad.

      1. Erm Alex who?

        1. The conspiracy wacko that supported the greenscreen bs you fell for.

          I guess you just swallowed the nonsense random bloggers and youtubers made up hook, line and sinker then. You clearly didn’t do even a single second of research on your own, informing yourself about motion compensation digital broadcasting, which means you didn’t even consider for a moment that those basement dwellers were just pulling random nonsense out of their behind without a shred of proof.

          1. Have you finished?

            I don’t know about Alex Jones, but your post certainly reads like one long conspiracy theory rant, that’s for sure! :)

          2. No darling, just a description of the mindset and “research” methods of the average conspiracy nut like you. :) Your inability to counter my arguments says it all and shows I hit bullseye. If you have anything actually useful instead of just the bs some conspiracy bloggers and youtubers pulled out of their behinds, feel free to share. I’m not holding my breath though. You guys never have anything.

          3. Sweetie, I’d lay off the whiskey and happy pills if I were you.

            Oh, and I hear tin-foil hats are very in this season down on the funny farm.

            Toodle pip! :)

  3. Suddenly Last Bummer 12 Mar 2013, 7:49pm

    So proud of being gay he waited until he was 45 to come out? Tool.

    1. He has been out since his highschool days. Just be glad that you are not a wellknown person and are not pressurized into coming out to the whole world by a community that thinks it is entitled to your private life, even if it means giving up more of your privacy and endangering yourself in countries that kill gay people.

  4. I share Andersons view i to am proud to be gay :)

  5. Slightly inappropriate, but Anderson Cooper is one of my biggest crushes. Just saying.

  6. Well, I wouldn’t exactly say that, as I believe our sexuality is a completely natural and non-special thing that just happens to happen, like being left-handed, right-handed, blue-eyed or green-eyed, but I do agree that coming out and accepting your natural sexuality really is a blessing and something to be proud of, which I am.

  7. Helge V. Tiller 12 Mar 2013, 11:48pm

    (I don’t know anything about this person.) But I told my friends that I was homosexual in 1960 – ( In Trondheim, Norway) THAT was tough ! I have always had an inner feeling of PRIDE. So I survived-In spite of attacks from gangs-police-psychology, law, my own family etc.etc. Have no fear, dear and beautiful sisters and brothers. WE ARE STRONG !

  8. If Cooper is happy to feel that way, I’m glad for him.

    For myself, I’m neither proud nor ashamed of being gay – I just am, and accept it; I can no more change it any more than I can change the size of my hands or the colour of my hair, nor would I want to.

    (I do understand Pride, taking a stance against those who used to – and those who still do – say that you should be ashamed of being gay; but the society I am lucky enough to live in has moved on in that respect, fortunately.)

  9. I like being gay and I would not have it any otherway. Some men are wonderful :-)

  10. Being gay is a abomination to God get you facts straight. I don’t hate you, but with love I say change your ways.

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