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Video: Anti-gay Harlem Shake video urges Jamaica to ‘keep the buggery law’

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Reader comments

  1. These funny-old former colonials. Hahaha. They have such short memories. It’s not so long ago that THEY were treated in a dispicable discriminatory way by their white oppressors. As soon as they gain the human rights thery absolutely deserve, they discriminate against some other monority group. How hypocritical and disgusting is that? Do they get UK aid? It should be stopped.

    1. The question I would ask were you also so adamant against racism? Many people forget all to easily that which does not effect them. I am of Jamaican descent and I too am disgusted with Jamaica as a whole. But please let us not blame just them fro homophobia.

      1. Hassia,

        Are you saying that they are so stupid they cannot decide for themselves? I usderstand that peer pressure plays a part but lets not blame “master” anymore

  2. Good for Jamaica, I wouldn’t travel to this crime ridden piece of shit place anyway.

    1. I bet you wouldn’t say that about a European country would you?

      It amazes me how vociferous the replies are when it comes to African and Caribbean countries, yet all your responses to European homophobia are always so measured. Why is that, I wonder?

      1. You don’t know any Africans and you don’t know anything about Africa or the Caribbean, except for the reports from Pink News, so how can you make such claims?

        Maybe you need to educate yourself a little and spell check your posts?

  3. Ok I’m no fan of jamaica but this is a bit skewed. I googled Jamaican harlem shuffle and found some good ones. They are not all idiots

  4. Why have they all got their faces covered?

    1. because they are so proud of their hateful beliefs

  5. So a few mindless backward people post a video showing their ignorance.

  6. Why is life so cheap in Jamaica?

    Everyone knows that Jamaica’s buggery law means more straight Jamaican’s will die of Aids.

    But I guess some more deaths are not as important as keeping this antiquated law.

  7. Who told you that? Pink News?

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