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US: Religious think tank behind controversial study on same-sex parenting

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Reader comments

  1. GulliverUK 11 Mar 2013, 6:47pm

    This is significant because although there have been reams written about how defective the study is, and debunking it in great detail, religious nuts are starting to quote it. It was even quoted on The Big Questions last Sunday, and it’s now being used in the US Supreme Court.

    The debunking is a little complicated, so I hope the lawyers spend time clearly showing how the study was manipulated, comparing married heterosexual parents, with non-equivalent family structures, and this new revelation shows clearly how the study was commissioned purposely to slate gay families. However, there was one area where the study actually reinforced the need for equal marriage ! Will have to go away and find that.

  2. Liam the God 11 Mar 2013, 6:47pm

    Neo-Fascist Religious Group Creates Facts To Suit Their Agenda…… AGAIN!

    Not a shock in sight :/

  3. Give them enough rope …….

    PS They would never pick out my son from a group of kids for having 2 Mums & I’d love to see them try!

  4. Can these findings be submitted to the Supreme Court?
    Even if the Court already knows one side is trying to act inappropriately to influence their decision, the facts need to be made public in the Court where those who fabricated the study not only have to listen for once, but would be compelled to answer the counterpoints.

  5. This is a badly flawed study. From Huffington Post: “Critics have pointed out that the story (of the study) is mostly one of collapsed heterosexual families, not “same-sex parenting”: The great majority of the kids were born to male-female couples, most of the presumedly gay dads and many of the moms didn’t get custody of their kids (until) after their (heterosexual parents’) relationships dissolved, and few of the kids were actually raised through long periods by gay couples.” The study’s “sample” hints at manipulated sample error on a large scale.

  6. Added to which, has anyone spotted the face that Social Science Research editor Brad Wilcox is currently a keynote speaker at the World Congress of Families, an international Christian Right antigay, antiabortion and antifeminist bigotfest in Sydney in May 2013. And Mark Regnerus also has connections to that organisation, acting as a’consultant’ on a recent propagaanda video

  7. Incidentally, the New Zealand Christian Right group Family First pressure group “Family First” has been citing the Regnerus study in our current legislative debate about marriage equality. What about your homophobes?

  8. When they can no longer win the argument they resort to cheating.

    These people have no shame with regard to how low they will go.

  9. One of the documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act requests shows Wilcox referring Regnerus to Social Science Research editor James Wright and telling him that they will do a special issue themed to Regnerus’s study, even before the study was done! That violates every ethic of science publishing. Wilcox not only recruited Regnerus to do the study for Witherspoon; he is also on the editorial board of Social Science Research. The journal editor, James Wright obviously understands that social science is regularly used in the courts. He enabled a corrupt peer review for the Regnerus paper. He is perhaps the worst of the malefactors in this, because without publication through peer review, the study is nothing. Wright is evil and dishonest. The study should be retracted and Wright should be fired. He knew exactly what he was doing. He has told the media many lies.

  10. David Cary Hart 12 Mar 2013, 2:20am

    Witherspoon is an Opus Dei organization. There is much more to this. Check my blog for two stories related to this today.

  11. Tarantino should do a film about it
    called ‘The ungodly bastards’…

  12. Don’t forget to read also this article of TAI:

    Also these two amicus briefs, from the American Sociological Association (Feb. 28) and American Psychological Association & al. (March 1), opposing Regnerus’ “findings”:

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