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US Radio Host: Churches should fight to ‘abolish’ homosexuality as they did slavery

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Reader comments

  1. Would be better to abolish homophobia which also leads to second class citizens without equal rights as slavery did?…

    1. these are exactly the same breed of xtians who justified slavery as per the bible. And justified bans on inter-racial marriage to protect the sancitty of the white race.

      They should be sent to the gulag of Russia, where they will deal with similar kinds of people.

  2. Robert A. Cuthbertson, M.D. 11 Mar 2013, 5:40pm

    Where do these people get their history? The religious right..were against the abolishonists….They fought tooth and nail to keep the slaves as they were…slaves…
    Now…they beiieve they know social sciences….these people actually get away with this stuff….they are sick, vile, hateful, liars…..They read the garbage written by Sheldon and Sears/Osten and they have the answers….
    BTW…the Romans had the answers as well…feed all you christians to the lions…

    1. Nixi Otemba 11 Mar 2013, 5:44pm

      do we have enough lions?

      1. Christopher Hobe Morrison 12 Mar 2013, 1:45am

        We might have to raise a few but it’s a good cause.

    2. I was thinking of a tree limb grinder.

  3. Robert in S. Kensington 11 Mar 2013, 5:45pm

    Perhaps there should be a call for the abolition of the Linda Harvey ilk. We have enough of them in the UK to go around. Sharon James and Anne Widdecombe for starters.

  4. Kerry Hollowell 11 Mar 2013, 5:50pm

    Linda Harvey is clearly a nasty vicious misguided cretin and should not be given any kind of platform where she can spout her vile vitriol

  5. Was this woman, and I use that term losely, dropped on her head once too many times when she was a baby?
    You cannot ban sexuality, anymore than you can ban an hair colour. Homosexuality will exist as long as mankind. It will far outlast Christianity and other such cults.
    As for the church fighting to abolish slavery? Now it’s clear to see that she must be deluded. It was the liberals, religious and non-religious who fought against slavery. The typical religious bigot, like the snake in question, were all for slavery.

  6. What a sick, twisted, vile, bigoted woman.

  7. barriejohn 11 Mar 2013, 6:10pm

    Oh, yes, they will rewrite history, just as they always have. When women are accepted in the church and homosexuality is fully accepted in society they will be telling everyone how it was the Church, with its “social conscience”, that showed everyone else the way. Sorry, but I can see it coming!

  8. Crazy old broad, I expect her great grandparents fought Lincoln.

  9. Hahaha it’s like she’s a f**king five year old.

  10. The only destructive thing about being a homosexual is people like you dear. We would be quite happy and healthy if we were allowed to be. The problem is very clearly YOURS not ours.

  11. WTF?
    The only way I can wrap my head around this tortured slavery analogy she’s using is if she found some hardcore gay BDSM porn somewhere and figured that the whips and chains were non-consentual.
    Does she really cast herself in the role of Abe Lincoln here to offer LGBT people the emancipation proclaimation?
    If so she’s living in some bizarro cloud cuckoo world which exists solely between her ears.

    1. Well, there’s bugger-all else between her ears.

  12. GulliverUK 11 Mar 2013, 6:35pm

    If I set up my own one-man-band operation, set up a web site, do a few podcasts, write a few silly leaflets and choose a title like “Ban Linda Harvey F-Wit” …. will Pinknews give me loads of coverage ? I only ask because, according to the filings I’ve seen she’s a one-man (ok, women) band, with her husband actually being the most significant single donor !

    My advice is .. when you see the name Linda Harvey .. ignore her. And would you please, please please PN, stop using pictures which are a decade old !

    1. Christopher Hobe Morrison 12 Mar 2013, 1:49am

      “according to the filings I’ve seen she’s a one-man (ok, women) band, with her husband actually being the most significant single donor !”

      Probably if he doesn’t give enough she beats him. The question is, does he like it.

      1. the ohter question is whether she uses her arse hold for a secong vagina

  13. “Opposing” homosexuality is like opposing blue eyes. It makes no sense.


    This woman.. /sigh… hahahaha…. oh lord…

    most of the churches that fought to abolish slavery are the very same churches which this day are fighting FOR LGBT rights.

    almost ALL of the churches that are anti-LGBT at this time, were ACTIVELY lobbying the government of the time to not abolish slavery, as it was a Bible-given right to own slaves.

  15. Why are you even bothering to keep on reporting this obnoxious woman’s homophobic pronouncements?

    After all- its not as though they are relevant or of any consequence at all to anyone.

    Just ignore the stupid homophobic b****!!

  16. From the title, I almost assumed she was wanting chuches to come out in favor of homosexuality. Just goes to show how ignorant she is of history.

    Homosexual people do not tear families apart, the families tear themselves apart when ordered to do so by the local priesthood.

  17. douglas in canada 11 Mar 2013, 7:02pm

    Thanks for the pic. I always wondered what “Stupid” actually looked like.

    Based on what she’s saying about “how to get rid of a ‘problem,'” if she and her kind had a chance to do away with slavery, her solution would have been to do away with blacks.

    1. GulliverUK 11 Mar 2013, 8:04pm

      There’s a nice article here;

      which gives a more up-to-date and realistic picture.

      1. right on… that pic is worth a million words, all of them equivalent to psychopath.

  18. I notice PN , that you’re still using an old photo where she’s wearing all her granny’s teeth and mommas big hyaar (sic). A more up to date photo of her where she is now looking like an alky from cell block H refused her morning Buckfast would be more appropriate.

  19. Only one thing on our planet needs to be not only abolished but forcefully removed, by all means necessary : the Catholic Church … and religion to a larger extent. It’s the single most dangerous virus in existence. We’re a long way from a cure, but in the meantime anything that helps is welcome.

  20. Master Adrian 11 Mar 2013, 7:46pm

    Churches fighting homophobia like they fought slavery?
    Then it will be a disaster, as churches did NOT fight slavery, they supported it, and so do 2013 churches… supporting oppression, exclusion and feeding hate and hatred!

  21. GulliverUK 11 Mar 2013, 7:59pm

    Oh lord !!!! Get Benjamin;

    that link was from a tweet on @HarveyLinda

    He’s hit the big time – religious nutters in the US :)

    1. Terrible acne, by the looks of it.

  22. GulliverUK 11 Mar 2013, 8:09pm

    It wasn’t that long ago she was say;

    gays aren’t “people”.

    I’m not sure if these articles should be files under News or Entertainment.

  23. Please stop reporting on this woman’s weekly speil PN. She does not deserve the coverage.

  24. Nurse! Quick!

  25. US Radio Host….

    Yawn. :-(

    Give us a break PN, we don’t need a PN daily bulletin about her daily bulletin.

    It would only be news if she DIDN’T speak out against gay rights.

    You don’t have a quota to fill – if it’s a slow news day, just have fewer stories rather than recycling this rubbish !

    1. Totally agree.
      Never heard of this American woman.
      Don’t care what this American woman thinks or says.

      If sites like this ignored her she’d be less relevant.

  26. nick stanik 11 Mar 2013, 9:31pm

    another nut job misslead christian she is a flake

  27. 50 years ago her kind were saying the same things about mixed marriages…
    She was definitely dropped on her head when she was a baby!

  28. Paul Essex/London 11 Mar 2013, 11:53pm

    Well this is just priceless! Yes, William Wilberforce was an extremist. He stood up against the status quo in the face of the majority of christians who used hundreds of bible verses which were seen as pro-slavery (there are but a handful of bible verses found used for anit-gay arguments). If Linda Harvey had been around at that time she’d have been right up there brandishing the Bible, opposing the abolition of slavery because it wouldn’t have fitted in with her narrow view of the world.

    Either way, why is PN publishing articles on this woman now on an almost weekly basis? Who is she?! Why is what this woman has got to say (who is at best a blip to the majority of the public in the US, let alone anywhere else) in any way newsworthy?

  29. Aren’t there any pies around – two for every time this “buzzardine” opens her trashy mouth? Pies, please!

  30. johnny33308 12 Mar 2013, 1:13am

    Uh, no…..churches in the US fought AGAINST abolishing slavery, hence the KKK had it’s meetings often in churches….white ONLY churches. They wanted to keep slavery; their bible allows and even encourages slavery and even selling one’s daughter into sexual slavery is allowed….no wonder they stand in the way of Human Progress, always! They do not know what “human” means….

  31. She said: “the same way they fought to abolish slavery.”

    Doesn’t she realize the most zealous supporters of slavery were religious nuts?


    Oh god I think I burst a blood vessel…

    Christians worked to abolish slavery did they? In much the same way as they were in favour of letting black people marry white people.

    Oh yeah, christians have *always* been on the moral side….

    Hehehehehehhee. No, I think I need to go get stitches…

  33. Well, of course, she’s going to continue to make outrageous comments. The wilder and more polarizing her comments are, the higher the ratings, and the greater the revenue for the station. Her employer, by the way, is Salem Communications, the largest owner of commercially-funded (“for profit”) Christian radio stations in the US.

  34. What a bloody idiot…
    Everyone should watch this; it sums up their position quite nicely!

  35. Keith Francis Farrell 12 Mar 2013, 12:42pm

    Thisstupid woman, she also goes on to say two men kissing is not right, well I have friends who are straight, their dad is in his 60s and they are late 20s early 30s, they kiss their dad on the lips when ever they greet, nothing wrong with that, but according to her they are men kissing which is wrong. For me it was wonderful seeing grown men that love their dad and mom so much that they kiss when they meet. Mom and dad are sill married.
    I think this woman does not know anything apart from the fairy tail she reads and preaches about, there is nothig that she can prove about that book. it is all based on magic and superstion

  36. DAVID KNIGHT 12 Mar 2013, 3:09pm


  37. Which Church is she talking about? Last I checked my history, churches had used the bible to prove why slavery was “right”, not to fight against it.

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