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Poland: New poll contradicts former President’s claims that 95% of people agree that gay MPs should ‘sit behind a wall’

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Reader comments

  1. But still a high number agreed with the old git’s outrageous remarks . Sad

    1. well it is a lot better progress than here in the UK…just remember they had a small matter of 50 years of totalitarian occupation to sort out with all the social and economic consequences to unscramble and so these kinds of conversations didnt *start* until the mid 80’s. In a comparison with the UK, Poland is moving much more *quickly*.

  2. Dave North 11 Mar 2013, 4:06pm

    We usually find this with these homophobes.

    They tend to project their own homophobia onto others in the misguided belief that everyone shares their bigotry.

    “I think this way, therefore so does everyone else”…..

    They are ALWAYS proven wrong.

  3. Dave North 11 Mar 2013, 4:54pm

    New poll contradicts Poles perceived poll of the Poles.


    1. Liam the God 11 Mar 2013, 5:45pm

      Do you mind, it’s giving me a headache. I must have been Pole-Axed.
      *I’m here all week, try the steak; I’m pretty sure it didn’t neigh!*

  4. Surprising the Polish side of my family says his Polish is so ungrammatical that it is amazing anyone could make any sense of what he was saying in the first place. I am delighted to inform Pink News readers that my mother-out-law, no rampant radical was embarrassed by his statements and hoped they werent being reported to widely abroad. There are plenty of decent Polish people who are not in the least prejudiced.

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