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MEP Michael Cashman: Compassion for Cardinal O’Brien should be saved for victims of Catholic anti-gay discrimation

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Reader comments

  1. Jock S. Trap 11 Mar 2013, 12:10pm

    Indeed, Ex-Cardinol O’Bigot deserves no compassion and it is shameful that people would rather talk of these bigots than the victims they abused or covered up abuse for!

  2. My fave was the Daily Mash “Cardinal O’Brien’s hatred for equal marriage verging on poignant” piece – In a sense I have compassion for him, he’s a shining example of why we need equality, of what becomes of you when you try to repress. And I do feel a little sorry for him, I mean, I’d hate to be outed like that…

    But, sticking my other hat on for a moment, he brought it on himself, and I spent a good half-hour laughing so hard my lungs sloughed their tarry lining.

  3. Cant agree. Its such a small minded way of looking at the world that is expressed far too often. We dont have a limited amount of compassion. Its not like we’re gonna run out so have to create a list of people who are most ‘deserving’ of it. You can have compassion for the victims of sexual misconduct AND compassion for the wrong doer.
    I think many people mistake showing compassion as saying whatever the person has done is alright, its forgiven, its allowed or whatever. Im not saying that. He did wrong. And should face the consequences of that.
    But to promote a more enlightened way of thinking, we have to show it and say that although he is fully responsible for his actions, as we all are, we can also see how homophobia can lead to internalised suppression, which in turn can lead to horrific outcomes like this.

    1. You’re right, of course, but wrong too. Helena Kennedy could have expressed compassion for anyone and everyone, but as a power-Catholic she picked out O’Brien for special treatment. This is what was so wrong here, and what Mr Cashman, I think, is addressing.

    2. Jock S. Trap 11 Mar 2013, 2:02pm

      Yet too often it’s your compassion for the ‘wrong doer’ that makes them offend again and again because your said compassion lets them off.

      And yet again it’s all down to the victim of abuse not the criminal.

      Innocent people and children suffer directly at the hands of abusing priests, suffer a life of torment and yet somehow we should give those abusers ‘compassion’?

      What nonsense. Lock em up out of harms way. Give the victims some justice. Not the Catholics way of covering up and moving on to re-offend, discriminate…

      1. I didnt say that he should go unpunished. In fact I clearly stated that he should! And your post highlights something else I said to be true. That people confuse the showing of compassion for ‘being soft’ or ‘letting them off’. And thats not what it is. Thats not what im talking about. Im talking about quashing hate and distructive behaviour with compassion and contructive behaviour. THATS how to combat behaviour like this. All too often, with comments like wanting them to rot in hell, people seem to want to exacerbate it. Its just more hate disfunction!

    3. those who are shown compassion by others are far less likely to hold onto shame about themselves.

  4. Why should we have compassion for the self-hating, hypocritical former representative of an organisation whose despicable anti-gay rhetoric has been the cause of untold mysery and suicide? I have absolutely NO compassion for a him. He could have left his cushy job at any time. Personally, I hope he rots in hell for the harm he’s done.

    1. Spiritbody 11 Mar 2013, 1:58pm

      Theres no ‘should’ about it. In my opinion theres no ‘should’ about anything. Ever! I dont ever feel that I SHOULD do this or that, or that I SHOULD feel this way or that way about something. I CHOOSE. I CHOOSE to feel compassionate towards wrong doers because A) it makes me a more compassionate person, and B) I accept the recognition that I myself have the capacity for evil deeds. And Im much less likely to act upon evil thoughts if I develop my compassion. You hoping that he ‘rots in hell’, what does that way of thinking achieve? He takes advantage of young priests and you hope he rots in hell. Its just all very . . .negative and nasty. Surely we all wanna bring more beauty and compassion to the the world we live in. And we have to BE that, in order to see that happen. Thats my point. YOUR way of thinking sounds like a never ending spiral of hate and dysfunction.

      1. But with your way O’Brien never has to break the denial in which he consoles himself. Let’s have a genuine and complete mea culpa for his whole sham adult life, then we can start to think about compassion for him. But that mea culpa won’t be coming any time soon, I guarantee.

      2. If a teacher has sexual contact with a pupil (regardless of the genders of the two parties) he / she is sacked. End of story. Even if a female teacher has sex with an 18 year old man (and school pupils over 18 are adults in all aspects of the law), it is goodbye career.
        So if your boss is God, and you say the rules set by Him are inviolable, when you break that rule, how can human Church leaders turn a blind eye?
        Or, indeed, the rest of society, including the Police. If DJ’s and radio presenters can be arrested for “historic” crimes, why not O’ Brien?

  5. Poor cardinal O’Brien…Oh wait….Give me a break !!!!

  6. CH Brighton 11 Mar 2013, 1:36pm

    Claudia the Cardinale needs to come out of the secret closet where he’s gone into hiding and talk to the world openly about his life. It might well enlighten his co-religionists as well as us.

  7. Please, PinkNews, stop hyperlinking entire paragraphs.

  8. George Broadhead 11 Mar 2013, 3:58pm

    Quite right Michael!

    Sentiments only to be expected from a rational-thinking Humanist.

  9. I’ll have compassion for Bigot O’Brien when he publicly renounces every gay hating statement he made . Begs apology individually from those he has sexually abused and actively campaigns for the equal treatment of gays within the RCC . He was quite content to accept the RC church’s “thirty pieces of silver” and carry out their work by shitting on gays at every opportunity . He did that willingly and knowingly and still would have kept on doing it but he was found out; and now he’s gone in to hiding -so Baroness whatsyername don’t give me that – “puir tortured wee mannie ” crap

    1. Exactly! Spiritbody – read and understand this!

  10. Isa Kocher 12 Mar 2013, 7:39am

    full and complete responsibility for all the lives he knowingly chose to destroy in the most ignominious he could get away with in order to deal with his own selfish desires for power and privilege is all the compassion he deserves. if he some where some time some how really repents his terrible vicious heartless soulless merciless crimes, than god’s forgiveness or judgement should be enough for him who denied it to everyone else. IMHO.

    1. Whatever Cardinal O’Brien has done or not done, he has not committed any crime. The Church’s view of active homosexuality is, and will always be, that it is un-natural and consequently considered sinful. This position will not change so homosexuals, lesbians and the rest will just have to live with it.
      Similarly, same-sex marriage (a ludicrous oxymoron) is absolutely never going to be countenanced by the Catholic Church. Again, if you disagree, don’t get upset. Just don’t become a Catholic.
      Additionally, one of the other issues which some groups have suggested should be looked at by the new Pope is abortion. It will rightly always be considered as murder.
      Women’s rights ? What about the rights of the child ?
      I hope I have made a useful contribution to this discussion.

      1. Sexual assault IS a crime. Not just thrusting a hand up a woman’s skirt, but any unwanted and forced sexual contact. That includes fondling a man’s crotch.

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