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Former Westboro Baptist Church member poses for pro-same-sex marriage NOH8 campaign

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Reader comments

  1. I am glad that she has seen sense and is now making a stand against what the WBC stand for, good on her.

    Just a shame that many others don’t see religion as a personal choice.

  2. Absolutely brilliant, supremely defiant, and one in both eyes for that deplorable outfit.

    Amazed that this hasn’t attracted a tidal wave of euphoric comments (yet!).

    1. And I should add congratulations to this inspirational young woman for liberating her mind and getting on with enjoying life! :)

  3. Hate-mongers never last long. People eventually see it for what it is: 1: A money-making scam and 2: a smoke-screen for self-hatred. “Show me a homophobe, I’ll show you a closet case”.

  4. Little choice when she was a minor, and courage when she got older. Good for her.

  5. Can’t be easy to break away from a cult like that and be cut off from your family.
    Got to applaud her bravery for seeing sense and telling those hateful zealots where to go.

  6. Thanks Lauren for your support & courage , welcome to the real world .

  7. Bill Cameron 11 Mar 2013, 8:57pm

    It shows just how evil these cults are, with parents dragging children across the country to further their own obsessions and more damagingly inculcating them into taking part in the activities of such an unwholesome bunch of weirdos.

    It is wonderful this young woman has had the strength and the courage to reject not only the Phelps evil, but it is sad that she has had to separate herself from her own family and just shows what a brave and clear-thinking young woman she is.

    I wish her much success in whatever she chooses to do in the future.

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