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Australia: Video footage emerges of new angle on Sydney Mardi Gras alleged police brutality

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Reader comments

  1. Master Adrian 11 Mar 2013, 7:50pm

    I would fight arrest when I would be protesting peacefully! And yes, I would kick the policeman who would grab me by the throat and would limit my breathing! Defending yourself against an attack is legal, even when it comes from a policeman!

  2. Unfortunately, police forces everywhere expect you to always obey anything they say, even if it’s silly, illogical or outright wrong. Far too often, police officers behave is if they ARE the law, not an arm of the law. It’s a fine line, but wearing a uniform and a cap seems to infer them some sort of godly power over other citizens. The macho culture of the police needs a lot of work on!

    And yes it is perfectly human AND legitimate to resist excessive use of force by anyone, even a police officer. Wether while being “arrested” or not. But “reason” is always on the side of the police, unfortunately, and it is THAT very culture people are complaining about, understandably.

    1. Having experienced the aggressive tactics used by the Sydney police at last years Mardis Gras, they are the last people I would go to for help. Their aggressive tactics of treating all revellers at the event as suspicious appear to be escalating year on year and its only a matter a time before there is a tradgedy. My partner and I vowed never to visit Sydney again given the oppressive police actio s we witnessed which included a full scale police raid on the gay Stonewall Bar – the irony washer on the docile Aussie gay boys

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