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Update: Vote on removal of pro-same-sex marriage Illinois Republican chairman cancelled

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Reader comments

  1. Christopher 9 Mar 2013, 8:37pm

    Thank you Pat Brady for your bravery.

    1. And for his sanity and common sense, something which seems to have disappeared among the lines of the Republicans. I am all for equality and for the representation of all kinds and classes of the population in the political body, but I don’t think giving the mentally insane, the mad, the crazy, the lunatics and the mental hospital population a place in politics would be a wise decision. Thanks once again for Pat Brady for showing you don’t count among these people I just listed.

  2. They know what the future is, so why not be part of it?

  3. Interesting development.
    Even the Republicans recognize where the American public opinion is heading. While they may still have an unhealthy fixation on gay people and their sex lives. Most of them aren’t that blind that, down the road, history won’t look too kindly on them ‘ousting’ a politician because he supported human rights for homosexuals.

  4. GulliverUK 9 Mar 2013, 10:20pm

    Apparently National Organisation for Marriage was behind whipping up his ousting, and they were sure they had the votes to do it, but then they got very scared when it appeared they hadn’t, so several high-profile Republicans told them to call it off or it would be a humiliating defeat.

    Mike is right, the Republicans are starting their journey, or more precisely half of them are, the others are still saying they aren’t moving.

    Consider that the same-sex marriage bill passed its first hurdle in Illinois. If it hadn’t Republicans would probably have had enough on their side to oust him, but it passed, and they don’t have the numbers to get rid of him now. Even the ones who want to oust him for other reasons don’t want it to look like they ousted him on this issue, because it’s incredibly sensitive now, and they know it could easily backfire on them.

  5. The far right wing of the Republican party has never been that popular in Illinois. Jim Oberweis, who was leading the move to oust Brady, is a fringer who’s run for governor a couple of times and couldn’t even win the Republican primaries. And Jim Edgar is not the only one who told them to back off — our junior Senator, Mark Kirk, said it would be a mistake, and a couple of other former officials were not thrilled with the idea.

  6. ...rational thinker 10 Mar 2013, 7:51am

    To try ousting a future leader of the Republican Party would be Electoral suicide for the GOP in Illinois. After the disastrous recent past experienced by the GOP nationally, really since Reagan and his Thatcherite economic policies, the idiotic George W Bush who just about bankrupted America with his tax cuts for the rich, and his illegal wars to benefit his cronies, and the moronic Mitt Romney’s deluded run for the Presidency, the Republicans should be seen to be rebuilding a more centrist Party if they ever hope to get back in power. Besides nurturing the likes of Pat Brady they should also be seen to be distancing themselves from the far right crazies like the Tea Baggers and the likes of Palin, O’Donnell and Beck et al and all the religious nut jobs now associated with the Republican party. Pat Brady has proven himself to be a courageous politician and along with Christie of New Jersey would be a formidable opponent to the Democrats in 2016.

  7. Jock S. Trap 10 Mar 2013, 11:29am

    Good though I fear he still might be pushed out.

    The Republicans, whilst say they work against communism, behave very much like a dictatorship by not allowing anyone to falter in their own beliefs.

    It seems like the British UKip party all must conform and do as they’re told. Hardly democratic but more like dinosaurs…. well we hope they become extinct too!

  8. Wow, they seriously cogitated publicly shunning a sane candidate who expressed public support for LGBT rights and for more equality in society as if he had committed a heinous crime. The GOP has gone crazy, they lost contact with reality and can’t be helped anymore. And they still wonder why they lost the election and why people don’t buy the sh*t the Tea Party offers anymore.

  9. This is another instance which shows that the Republican party is about to split. After the last election and their collapsing numbers, many in the Republican party see that the US public has evolved, and the “Guns and God” BS they preach is no longer relevant.

    This is leading to a split in the party, with Christian extremists being forced out, and the remaining party becoming more moderate.

    The US is becoming more like the UK politically, with a Democratic party based on rights and practical national management, a Republican party much like the Tories, with a focus on economical conservatism, and then finally a fringe group of right-wing Christian fanatics working on a moral and dictatorial platform – which will constantly fail.

    This is all great news for Americans. The right-wing crazies will continue to pump their cash into their religiously extreme party, ineffective and unable to force their extremist views.

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