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Influential Christian blogger defends PinkNews founder Benjamin Cohen against accusations of blasphemy

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Reader comments

  1. I know Cranmer may mean well.

    But if it believes in the concept of b’lasphemy then it is written by idiots.

    There is no ‘god’ therefore it blasphemy is utterly meaningless.

    Insulting ‘god’ is as meaningless as insulting Harry Potter.

  2. Working hard there to generate some controversial headlines, Benjamin!

    1. Jock S. Trap 8 Mar 2013, 2:28pm

      Actually I think you’ll find that as per usual it’s the extreme Christians that are pushing for “controversial headlines” Wingby, not Benjamin.

      1. Both at it, I’d say (based on the nuber of self-referential stories here)

  3. Michael Barber 8 Mar 2013, 1:51pm

    Pffft. The entire conversation does nothing to advance society and is a waste of time,energy and money. Get over your superstition, get up off your ass, and go do something of value for your fellows.

    1. Jock S. Trap 8 Mar 2013, 2:30pm

      After reading that comment one could think the same of you Michael but hey all should be entitled to there opinion and be heard sharing it.

    2. Hear, hear!

  4. Good to see the dear old Inspector has managed to find his marbles :P

  5. Couldn’t provide a direct link to Cranmer, eh?

    1. If you think it’s important, why don’t you do it? This is an interactive site.

  6. Why should we care what a deluded religious blogger has to say? Anyone who uses the phrase “aggressive secularism” as anything but a ringing endorsement is so far beneath contempt as to warrant nothing more than summary dismissal.

    1. how very human of you …

  7. George Broadhead 8 Mar 2013, 6:32pm

    Mr Cohen is Jewish, I presume, but is he a Judaist, I wonder?

  8. Benjamin Cohen’s broadcast was superb. Moderate, eloquent and inoffensive to all sane people. He would not have been unaware that comparing Jesus and Gayness is controversial but I do not believe that was his goal. The programme has certainly brought lots of intolerant freaks out into the open.
    I thought Cranmer’s defence of Cohen was dignified and warm.

  9. So who is this anonymous blogger, Crammer? Why is he hiding?

    1. Sue De Nimes 10 Mar 2013, 9:59am

      Who are you Stodge? What is your real name? What are YOU hiding?

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