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Comment: Benjamin Cohen’s Lent Talk wasn’t blasphemous, we should celebrate its broadcast by the BBC

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Reader comments

  1. Ian Bower 8 Mar 2013, 7:46pm

    I agree with every word :)

  2. Benjamin Cohen’s Lent Talk was excellent

  3. GulliverUK 8 Mar 2013, 10:03pm

    Great talk. Not in the least bit blasphemous.

    In addition, the term blasphemy is somewhat meaningless – it’s effectively objective and there is absolutely no law against free speech with regard to religious matters.

    I have, and I will, say whatever I like, whenever I like, to whomever I like. Some religious folk seem to think they can speak evil about me 24×7, I am happy to repay the kindness, in bucket loads. When they leave us alone, I suspect we’ll leave them alone. Live and let live !

    The Christian Institute need to very seriously take that last line to heart because they’re spiraling out of control and before long they’re going to be in very serious trouble. MPs already ripped in to them both in Committee submissions, and during the original debate before the vote.

    1. Harlequin 9 Mar 2013, 5:03am

      The legal offence blasphemy was apparently abolished in England and Wales by Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008. It still stands in Northern Ireland and Scotland although its status in the latter seems to be debatable.

    2. Harlequin 9 Mar 2013, 5:05am

      *offence of blasphemy
      *by the Criminal

      Damned uneditable comment system :)

  4. Spanner1960 9 Mar 2013, 1:22am

    As usual, it’s all so much doublespeak.
    The Church complain that they are being called bigots for their homophobic attitudes, and claim they are being suppressed and denied free speech, yet when the tables are turned they squeal like stuck pigs about ‘taking the Lord’s name in vain’ and dredging up this antiquated old law about blasphemy.

    Somebody needs to tell these people you cannot have you wafer and eat it.

  5. Terry Stewart 9 Mar 2013, 1:48am

    I also thought the Lent talk was excellent. If the Christian Institute were seriously interested in the matter of Abandonment, then perhaps they should start with the abandonment felt by their own congregations.

    The real abandonment is that felt by the Roman Catholic Communion. Their Cardinals Bishops and Priests have been disgusting and on the very people who trusted them implicitly.

    My childhood was also quite similar to Ben’s. Being an Irish Catholic Gay, brought with it a lot of trouble, particularly when becoming a young man. I also was pleased to hear Ben mention the impact this has on young people with the outcome, sometimes being suicide.

    I think the Christian Institute needs to put its own house in order. “Let he that has not sinned, cast the first stone” might be a good start, if they truly believe we are sinners. I suspect they just hate.

  6. This is all good stuff of course. But There is no need to be on the defensive and every need to go on the offensive against the Christian Institute, an organisation obsessed with bashing LGBT people and stirring up hate, for the last 23 years. An obscene organisation run by the fanatic Colin Hart. What does HE know about loving, committed relationships? This is a truly evil organisation, despised by a great many Christians. That they should claim to act in the name of that faith is a massive slap in the face to a great many sincere and well-meaning believers.

  7. Maeve Kennedy 9 Mar 2013, 1:41pm

    I was listening in Dublin as a (recovering) Roman Catholic who always finds the Lent Talks worthwhile and I thought it was a marvellous piece of broadcasting. It was wise, touching and funny. I haven’t read the ‘Christian Whatsit’ claiming ‘blasphemy’ and I don’t intend to. Why spoil my day?

  8. Personally I was disappointed that the owner of this website gave the impression in his talk that he is an adherent of one of the world’s many different religions.

    On the other hand, the owner of this website clearly allows us freedom of expression, most of the commenters on these pages clearly being either non-religious or anti-religious.

  9. The Christian Institute can take a chill pill and respect politely-put difference of opinion, just as they have in the past suggested others should do following cases of Christians publically making offensive/ questionable remarks about homosexuals.

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