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Bill Clinton: I signed it, but now the Defense of Marriage Act must be overturned

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Reader comments

  1. vversatile 8 Mar 2013, 6:24am

    He should be utterly ashamed at signing this piece of discrimination in the first place.
    It was a complete betrayal of the people who voted for him.

    1. Hold up vversatile , When it came to gay rights he was in favor from the beginning in 1993 when elected to a degree , What stood against him at the time “1993” was 2 parties republican and Democrats who did not support gay rights “AT ALL !! “, then he would of been a black sheep and nothing would of got done in America. He did a lot of good during his time as president, You cant judge a man for folding on gay rights when America was not ready for it. And with the power he had he didn’t push gay rights backwards either. I always say any type of civil rights is about law and to win rights you need to play your cards right. And as of right now Americas LGBT has the upper hand.

      1. So, being a weathervane is as good as being a sognpost? He caved in, he had no principle after he tok all the money from the LGBT community to get elected.

        1. Being a grove of bamboo is better than being a giant oak if you want to survive a hurricane….It’s obvious that Clinton wasn’t by nature anti-gay, and wityh both Clinton and Obama we’ve seen how the Republicans can paralyse a president for the least thing when they set their vicious minds to the task….His statement is well written and likely to be all the more influential because he signed the original DOMA….

          1. He wasn’t anti-gay by nature.

            But he signed more damaging and bigoted laws than anything George W. Bush did,

            He is no friend of the LGBT community.

          2. He did 700 hours of Christian radio selling his vile DOMA deal to Christian fundamentalists after caving in on gays in the military. A failure. A ‘summer soldier and sunshine patriot’ who shrank from service to his country when the going got tough. A spineless slippery weasel lacking of leadership qualities and moral fibre who gave in to those who shouted the loudest.

  2. Amazing how politicians change their mind about gay rights AFTER they have left positions in which they could actually do something useful.
    I have lost count of the number who have done this in Australia. Gillard will undoubtedly join their ranks after she loses the next Federal Election.

  3. GulliverUK 8 Mar 2013, 7:56am

    The only thing which has changed is that people have now realised they were wrong all along. The public were misled by dark religious forces, through very considerable anti-gay campaigning in to believing we .. well, choose your term .. that our relationships were based only on sex, not love, that everyone hopped in and out of different beds daily, that it was a “lifestyle choice”, etc. People have woken up to truth. The biggest change is probably anti-discrimination measures, which allowed us to be open, to allow people to see us, to see we’re good too, that our relationships are based on love and just as long-term as anyone else, that we’re not the threat they said we were.

    But it should have never been in doubt, people were misled, we were targeted and vilified and denomised and oppressed by those with money, power and aberrant religious beliefs, like the LDS.

    Good on Clinton for admitting it was a mistake.

    1. Sex, hopping in and out of bed, lifestyle choice…I am confused…are you talking about us or Clinton.

    2. It was a mistake yes.

      But he should NEVER have introduced it.

      He was williing to damage the lives of millions of GLBT Americans for his own political gain.

      For that he deserves contempt.

  4. Adrian’s recollections are quite different than mine. Clinton only took a stand on gays in the military because he was questioned about it on MTV. He knew that audience wanted to hear that he supported equality, so he said he would open the military to gay people. Once in office, he allowed the homophobes (starting with Colin Powell who should have been relieved of duty for violating the policies of his CIC) to dictate the terms. His actions resulted in an increase in harassment of queers inside and outside the military.

    After being burnt once he didn’t even fight on DOMA. An Amendment would have taken decades and probably failed anyway. So, that is a bogus excuse. He did it for his own personal political gain and he doesn’t even have the balls to admit it now.

  5. ‘He should have known better’ , but it’s good that he has learned from his mistakes !

    1. And the lifes of millions of LGBT Americans have been damaged because of him.

      If he had any character he should spend the rest of his days trying to undo the damage he has caused.

      1. Harlequin 9 Mar 2013, 4:47am

        Is that not what he is doing, at least today?

  6. If you have real principles, you stick to them. This man didn’t!!

  7. It pains me that, though an adult, I can’t recall being aware of DOMA when it was signed in by Clinton. I am more politically savvy these days but I also put my ignorance down to the lower expectations we had back then. Most of us, I’m sure, found equal marriage unimaginable. Marriage was not politicised among the vast majority of us. It is a positive sign that we, as well as Clinton, have changed our minds.

  8. Broken promises, infidelity, perjury…the only thing that surprises me is that Clinton actually recalls it.
    “No, I didn’t have sex with that piece of paper” …sorry… I meant sign.

  9. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 8 Mar 2013, 10:21am

    He is a prick and I hope he dies!

    He is a Conman;
    He is a Adulterer and a Cheater;
    He is a person who practices Misogyny;
    He is a fraud; and
    He signed that piece of legislation back in 1996 called DOMA – knowing full well that the law is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

    I hope he dies!

    He is nothing more that bigoted scum!

    He was “pretending” to be a Democrat on the outside, while he was really a Christian Taliban Republican President on the inside!

    Men like that should be sent straight to the gas chambers!

    I hate is guts, he is noting but a waste of space, the stupid bigoted old fool!

    Stupid dumb old fart, I hope he dies!

    1. You really come across as quite a hateful person.

      And advocating that anyone be sent to gas chambers is just horrible. What part of ‘never again’ have you not been able to grasp?

      1. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 8 Mar 2013, 2:41pm

        I am NOT a hateful person, I am SICK AND TIRED of bigoted pricks who have for far too long been getting away with treating us like a piece of dirt and political pawns!

        I am fighting back anyway I can. I am so sick and tired of the Christian Taliban dictating all the time that what we domas gays are sick and that we are a threat to the family, etc

        I am sick and tired of gay people not having the right to marry there partners, when stupid heterosexual couples (Britney Spears marriage for example lasting only 2 days – when you get gay couples that have been together for over 40 years and we are still denied a marriage licence).

        I am sick and tired of bigotry

        Tell me is that fair?

        What about 76 countries (9 of those worse than jail and giving the death penalty) that still to this very day put gay men and lesbians in jails for private consensual adult same sex relations!

        That is why I am a full pledged gay activist here in Australia and have been a gay activist since 2009!

  10. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 8 Mar 2013, 10:29am

    Come to think of it, this 1996 law that he signed called DOMA was nothing more than a welcome distraction away from the adulterous affair he had with Monica Luinski.

    He used us as political pawns as a distraction away from the adulterous affair and we still today pay the price. He can go to hell and I hope he dies a horrible death abandoned in a nursing home!

    Stupid scumbag prick!

    I will NEVER forgive him for what he has done to millions of gay couples who are unequal in the eyes of the law. In fact gay couples miss out on 1,157 rights, benefits, privileges and obligations because of this stupid and unconstitutional federal law called DOMA!

    1. So true GAPM,

      He is much worse than Hitler!

      1. Of course he isn’t.

        He is merely a bigoted enemy in ally’s clothing.

    2. Excellent comment Paul. Why your comment is being given the thumbs down, I cannot understand. Some amnesia going on here.

  11. Shame on Clinton.

    His legacy is one of bigotry – DOMA and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

    For a so-called ally the laws he signed were worse than anything George W Bush signed.

    Clinton is a disgrace

  12. Those who are criticising this former president now should think back to the 1990s and ask themselves whether they believed then that marriage for same sex couples was anything more than a pipe dream.

    A handful of particularly optimistic LGBT activists were seriously striving for equal marriage back then, it’s true. They were the forerunners of the subsequent whirlwind of change. But for most of us, the attitude back then was “marriage is for straights”.

    1. Indeed. But In that case why did Bill Clinton go to all the trouble to sign a poisonous piece of bigotry like DOMA into law.

      He signed this poisonous bigotry into law to appease bigots.

      Throwing the LGBT community under the bus for his personal benefit is the reason he did this.

      Bill Clinton is no friend of the LGBT community.

  13. Clinton is a Quisling, a dyed in the wool politician who said and did whatever it took to advance his political career, aims and wallet.

    But then, almost 100% of all politicians are this way. Make no mistake, you are not getting a politicians personal POV while they are still in office, you are getting what they think their constituents and voters want. Only after they leave office do any personal POV or truths come out.

    1. Clinton is no quisling as that would indicate that he is one of ours who sided with the enemy.

      Clinton is actually the real enemy as he is the one who introduced these laws to remove our civil rights for his own political gain.

  14. Has Clinton ever apologised for Don’t Ask Don’t Tell or the Defence of Marriage Act?

    Does he acknowledge that the laws passed during his presidency were more homophobic and damaging than anything George W. Bush signed into law?

    1. I agree with you that an apology for signing DOMA is in order. But not Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. DADT was the best Clinton could finally achieve after trying very very hard, as one of the first concerted actions he took after becoming president, to overturn the previous blanket ban on all lesbians and gays in the military. Clinton was trying to do something which Obama only finally succeeded in doing almost 20 years later.

  15. What’s worse than a popular silver-tongued rogue?
    A popular silver-tongued rogue who’s not on your side.
    Welcome aboard, Bill. Keep talking the talk to millions of Americans who will listen to you. Your sincerity is, as ever, a secondary issue.

  16. Well done for President Clinton for taking a stand.

  17. In my opinion it takes a great deal of courage to admit when you’re wrong.

  18. I’m surprised at the amount of vitriol directed at Clinton. Ten years ago in Australia Howard amended the Marriage Act to exclude same-sex couples. Many people supported the amendment then who have since changed their mind – and for this I don’t blame them. Even four years ago in Australia marriage equality was unthinkable. Times change, and people’s opinions change too. We should celebrate this.

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