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US: Professional mixed martial arts fighter forced to come out as trans woman

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Reader comments

  1. I sucks to be outed like that, but I love how strong she is about this. I only hope they don’t try to take her out of the sport. Not that they should be able to, she is physically female now.

    1. They can’t. The IOC issued guidance about this in 2005. She’s a woman and she rocks.

      1. They are not required to follow IOC guidelines, although most athletic associations have. It would also be legally foolish because they’d open themselves up to a law suit. And the IOC guidelines came out in 2004, prior to the games in Athens.

        The unfortunate thing is that was her private medical history was made public without her permission. Anything for ratings/to sensationalize a story. I can’t wait for the day that reporters no longer feel it’s necessary to do to trans people.

  2. It’s horrible this happened. She’s very lucky that everyone seems to have accepted her being trans. Some people have lost jobs, friends, family, homes and everything from being forced to disclose their trans status. That reporter could have ruined someone’s whole life. This is why outing anyone or blackmailing people with stuff like this is nasty and just downright despicable.

    1. Could have? While it hasn’t ruined her life, it has had a profound impact. In a perfect world it shouldn’t matter, but ignorance still surrounds trans issues in much of the media today.

  3. Beautiful she is. Looks slightly South Asian. It’s just a pity Wikipedia hasn’t an article on her yet.

  4. Kate Griffiths 8 Mar 2013, 9:49am

    Unfortunately there is a long way to go in regard to trans sports competitors. I am shoot air pistols and want to compete. But the international governing body ISSF ban trans shooters from their competitions until 2 years after final surgery to minimise gender advantage in line with IOC rules. The thing is that shooting was a mixed sport in the Olympics from 1968-1992 so gender advantage doesn’t come in to the sport yet trans shooters are still banned by the ISSF.

    How many more sports where there is no gender advantage ban trans athelets because of the IOC rules. This is internationally sanctioned discrimination

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