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US: Florist refused to provide flowers for gay couple’s wedding because of her ‘relationship with Jesus Christ’

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Reader comments

  1. “…my relationship with Jesus Christ” Does her husband know she’s having an affair with an imaginary man? Another homophobic religious nutter.

    1. I think technically that could be classed as a polygamous relationship with a guy who’s been dead for the last 2000 years.
      And they call us disordered!

      1. Adultery and necrophilia all in one! What a delightful woman she is!

  2. She believes that jesus would want us to go and ‘sit at the back of the bus’. Bigoted idiot.

  3. “The issue is that I just didn’t want to participate in the marriage.”

    I am sure that is not part of the job. You make the flower displays and deliver them. Just another bigot, mindbent by the fantasy lord above. I hope she loses a lot more business than she gains.

    Love the “some of my best friends are gay” line. Don’t they always have to use that one.

  4. Darren Theoret 7 Mar 2013, 6:44pm

    So, I guess she doesn’t let her precious panzies attend weddings where alcohol is being served.

  5. Her loss, business-wise. If she’s stupid enough to miss out on a sale because she’s religious, she might as well close the shop and become a nun!

  6. “I have friends that are gay”
    If I had a penny for every time that was said.

  7. She didn’t want to participate in the wedding. News flash you weren’t invited, the business on the other hand had a job to do and no good reason not to perform its task.

  8. Jesus lol.

  9. I think ALL Gay florists should deny selling flowers to the weddings of Christian marriages… That probably wouldn’t do any good, but it would certainly make a point.

    1. MerlynHerne 8 Mar 2013, 8:23am

      Naaah. They’d probably just scream “ersecution”, like they always do.

      1. MerlynHerne 8 Mar 2013, 8:24am

        Sorry, meant “persecution”.

  10. Just be careful that she does not become a martyr.
    The best way to tackle these florists and Christian B/B wallahs is to hit them at the till.
    The sudden drying up of her income will work wonders.

  11. I for one hope she goes out of business as fast and as painfully as possible. We need to teach a lesson to the bigots that they never will forget.
    Wars cannot happen without casualties…they should know better

  12. I hope the couple press charges against Baronelle Stuzman for this kind of discrimination should no longer be tolerated. The state law clearly prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation. What she is doing is imposing her religious beliefs on other. And her relationship with Jesus Christ is thinly veiled excuse for being bigot. Arlene´s Flowers FB page has turned into circus – with religious nutters coming to defend her illegal discrimination. Many gays and lesbians have voiced their opinions;

  13. Har Davids 7 Mar 2013, 10:48pm

    Had Jesus been a florist, would he have sold the gay couple their flowers? Every Christian always praises the guy for being such a good bloke, so I guess yes.

    And even if gay people are destined to go to hell, can’t they have a nice party beforehand?

  14. That There Other David 7 Mar 2013, 10:50pm

    Silly woman. Why can’t these religious types understand that they aren’t committing any “sin” by allowing others to live their own lives? All she’s doing is imposing her “relationship with Jesus Christ” onto others, and the sad thing is she’s so brainwashed she genuinely can’t see it.

  15. Hey! Look deep enough and you can use the bible to justify all kinds of bigotry. I’ve never liked shellfish since I got food poisoning from an oyster … and HATE wearing clothes made of two materials. When these religious nut jobs start abiding by ALL biblical rules and stop being so slective over their obsession with ‘gay’ issues, I may lend them an ear. Until then, I wish they’d all just take their hatred and sit on it!

  16. Whenever a bigot mentions that they have friends that are gay, we all know that they don’t. They’re lying and I thought Christians weren’t supposed to lie.

  17. Christopher in Canada 7 Mar 2013, 11:52pm

    He relationship with Jesus?

    He doesn’t call, he doesn’t write…

    1. In truth she’s more of a stalker.

  18. ‘Because of my relationship with Jesus’ seems like a pretty vague reason for denying someone their legal rights….Hopefully she will be obliged to expand on this and clarify how ‘Jesus made her do it’ in the law courts…..I imagine ‘Arlene’s Flowers’ are about to wilt….

  19. Arlene?
    ’nuff said.

  20. douglas in canada 8 Mar 2013, 2:00pm

    I would like to know what else is on her list of events or people for whom she won’t provide flowers.

    If gay marriage is the only thing, let’s just make a big banner that says “Bigot and Liar” and hang it across her store.

    If there are other things, I’d like to know what they are, and whether people would tolerate her discrimination in those areas, too.

    Personal relationship with Jesus? Perhaps he’s whispering sweet nothings in her ear — emphasis on “nothings”.

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