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US: FBI to investigate killing of Mississippi gay mayoral candidate Marco McMillian as a possible hate crime

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  1. Whites used to burn black in Mississippi. Now it’s the straights that burn the gays. Sounds like a lovely place :(

    1. When it comes to black-on-black crime (involving gays or straights or whatever..), any town in Mississippi isn’t any worse than Chicago or Detroit or D.C. or…(but funny how quickly most gays have run from this case once they learned the culprit was black too). Go look at the earlier posts on this subject.

      1. Although I have as little time as anyone for the nasty stereotypes and writing off of states like (above all) Mississippi, I suspect that rather than “running” from this issue, people are just not bothering to comment every time an update comes up – this is like the 5th article about it on this website already.

        1. It’s a pretty important update for a case they were all sinking their teeth into, when…they thought….

  2. GulliverUK 7 Mar 2013, 8:48pm

    Good for the FBI, after local police decided it wouldn’t be dealt with as a hate crime.

    You cannot be in the mind of the perp, you don’t know the ins and outs of any relationship they may or may not have had, and it if’s internalised homophobia, self-loathing and hatred — all of which is caused by homophobia in society which is derived from religion.

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