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UK: MPs hear of Christian teacher disciplined for refusing to read pro-gay Penguin book to class

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Reader comments

  1. “The school policy will soon be to promote homosexuality”

    I call bulls- on this Christian’s version of events.

    1. Ooops, incorrect use of words. It should say “The school policy will soon be to promote perversion and sodomy”!!

  2. If reading a book about gay penguins leads her to a breakdown, she should not be a teacher. Nice example to the kids.

  3. I wonder what the Christian Institute would say if a teacher refused to teach about Christianity by claiming that it went against their moral convictions.

  4. Mrs A felt “as a Christian she could not read such books because she would then be promoting homosexual relationships as morally acceptable.”

    They were two very naughty penguins, weren’t they, children?

    1. It could have been worse. Some people feel that as christians, nobody should read any book other than a foreign language edition of the bible.

      1. Religion has always had a problem with the facts of life. This was a true story, the bible is fantasy.

        1. Joseph oz 9 Mar 2013, 9:06am

          You hit the nail on the head… that’s what I was thinking…

          I mean to say, this is a true… documented story, people have seen it, it has been photographed and filmed. It happened, people know about it… it is true and it is fact!
          So the stupid bitch has a problem reading a story about two gay penguins but…
          she has no problem reading and talking about, things such as… a poor woman who
          ate an apple after listening to a talking snake! So where are the photographs and film
          of that talking snake? It seems that this poor school ma’am can’t teach facts nor truth
          but… relies on a book of fairy tales and myths as her moral compass! This woman
          should not be a teacher… perhaps she could become a writer of fiction?

  5. So what do other schooling institutes sanctioned with teaching children do about adhering to the law? I can only guess that at best they say nothing and at worst teach harmful ideas, not just to the LGBT community but also to the children in their “care”.

  6. nodaybuttoday 7 Mar 2013, 5:31pm

    Good, a teachers beliefs should be kept out of the classroom.

    P.s there would be outrage if a teacher was racist…and openly so in the class. This is no different.

  7. Katie Kool-eyes 7 Mar 2013, 5:33pm

    She better not read Fantastic Mr Fox then. the poor guy gets his tail blown off!

  8. If your superstitious beliefs conflict with your teaching abilities, then the answer is simple. One of them has to go.
    If your personal opinions infringe on your professional duties as a teacher to remain neutral and unbiased in such situations, then you will have to find another profession.

  9. GingerlyColors 7 Mar 2013, 5:55pm

    Children need to learn about the birds and the bees. Even if they happen to be gay and live at the South Pole.

    1. They live in Central Park Zoo actually lol. I love this book, I cry everytime.

  10. I think you should rather say that Mrs A *claims* the Headteacher said: “The school policy will soon be to promote homosexuality”. I highly doubt that’s what they said. It may be how she interpreted it, but then she would do, wouldn’t she?

  11. bobbleobble 7 Mar 2013, 6:14pm

    Both this story and the previous one about the break down show yet again that some Christians simply cannot be trusted to do their jobs when it comes to people like us. It isn’t acceptable to hide behind your religion and ignore gay issues and it isn’t acceptable to bring your prejudice into the classroom. These people are professional teachers not professional Christians and it’s time to start acting like it or get out of the profession.

  12. Wiki tells me that Year Five is 9 to 11 year olds. I’m sure that some of them could tell her sex tales that would make this poor frightened christianist woman faint! Let me try to understand this: it’s against her religion to read out loud a book about real penguins in a zoo?

    1. ChrisMorley 7 Mar 2013, 7:34pm

      That’s it.
      Two male zoo penquins hatching an egg and raising the chick. They weren’t married; doesn’t seem this was an officially approved adoption and somewhere in Leviticus or somewhere she found a previously unknown Bible passage that says that’s an abomination to the Lord.

      It seems there’s no real evidence of her being disciplined. I think this is the Christian Institute making things up.

      – She seems to have been a ‘support assistant’ rather than a year or support teacher and took this class while its normal teacher was absent, presumably sick.

      – She failed to finish reading the book because “she would then be promoting homosexual relationships as morally acceptable” and this is clearly unacceptable even for zoo penquins

      – we are told she was ‘disciplined’ by not being given her own class in the following school year

      – but there’s no automatic entitlement to be given her own year group the following year

      – and she did become a support teacher at the school.

    2. Staircase2 8 Mar 2013, 1:05am

      Year 5 would be 9ish no?

      Year 7 is the first year of secondary school ie 11 ish

  13. Teacher refuses to read ‘to kill a mockingbord’ because they are racist.

    I think we all know how that would end up if it were true.

  14. Robert in S. Kensington 7 Mar 2013, 6:24pm

    2009 and now this comes out in 2013 conveniently now that the equal marriage legislation is advancing. I assume this wasn’t a faith-based primary school?

    What if pupil asked an atheist teacher if he or she believed in God and the response was no saying that it was an absurd notion and the pupil then asked for further discussion and the teacher proceeded to explain in detail the reasons for those beliefs?

  15. Har Davids 7 Mar 2013, 6:27pm

    Oh damn, it’s not as if these pervy penguins claimed to be christian. To most kids, this would have been just a story, a bit like the jewish carpenter’s son who did a conjuring trick with loaves and fishes.

  16. Kids need books like this because they can’t always rely on adults to teach them acceptance – clearly.

    My son is nearly 2 & isn’t interested in this book at all but he loves his books with 2 Mum’s in, it reflects his life & he knows this already. If that silly woman wasn’t so self obsessed she might have thought about what the kids themselves want/need.

  17. As a Christian, would she refuse to read a book explaining what Islam is or a book about a different culture that she doesn’t like. Disingenuous rubbish.

  18. johnny33308 7 Mar 2013, 7:25pm

    There is nothing in this book about sex, or penguins getting ‘married’ so this teachers personal values could not have been violated. Besides, it is a true story, a wonderful story in fact, about sharing, responsibility and caring, not about sex. What a poor excuse for a teacher this ‘religious’ person makes! Keep your idiotic religious beliefs to yourself….

  19. Do these hateful christians also refuse to read other books that talk about other religions, couples who are not married and etc? Or is just books where gay people are featured that are unacceptable to these homophobes? They do like to pick and choose as we all know…

  20. And Tango Makes Three is a charming little book, and it makes no mention of the word ‘gay’ nor ‘homosexual’ in its contents. The ‘worst’ the book promotes is the fact the two penguins love each other and want to raise a chick together. The only thing the book teaches is sometimes nature takes a surprising turn and even two daddies can raise a baby. This book would also do good for a child who maybe has a father and a step father or a father and an uncle raising him or her.

  21. Paul Essex/London 7 Mar 2013, 8:02pm

    From the submission itself she handled the situation (which she’d created i.e. stopping the story), reasonably – she gave both sides of opinion and did not explicitly say what hers was. However, the fact is she stopped reading it because it ‘promotes’ gay relationships and families. I’ve always had an issue with this description r.e. LGBT issues in education, that you’re somehow promoting homosexuality. You’re not, you’re merely covering the real life situations of our society. S.28 is gone, you can’t hide behind it anymore to airbrush the existence of possibly some of your pupil’s lives out of existence. I also doubt very much that her head teacher used the word promoting when telling her about the school’s position on equality. When sex ed became mandatory in schools back in the 60/70s there were a lot of middle aged religious teachers (like Nuns in convent schools) who had to deal with it, it wasn’t easy for many but some facts of life aren’t, you’re an educator, deal with it.

    1. Staircase2 8 Mar 2013, 1:08am

      Well said

  22. “She replied that some people think that such relationships are okay. That’s their decision. However, others do not. ”

    She should have said that only the bigotted Christian penguins thought their relationship wasn’t ok.

    But seriously, this event took place in 2009, it’s got nothing to do with the same sex marriage bill so why on earth is this being put forward as evidence. Can’t the scrutinisers get their act together and filter out such irrelevant submissions instead of giving them free publicity on the govt website.

  23. So now the bloody christians want to control what sort of relationships penguins have.

    Watch out for an amendment to the SSM Bill from David Burrowes MP ……

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 7 Mar 2013, 10:28pm

      Bloody christian nutters want to control government, let along penguins’ relationships.

      Have you been following the Committee hearings? Burrowes, Loughton and Shannon, the three stooges as I call them, although Kwarteng could be the fourth, have all voted against virtually every part of the bill. They’re all in lock-step with one another. Everything they bring up is related to religion and in fact because of them, the entire hearing process has been roughly 75% about religious beliefs and protections over and above what is contained in the actual bill. The quadruple lock doesn’t satisfy them one iota.

      1. soapbubblequeen 7 Mar 2013, 11:53pm

        I wish someone could quadruple lock all of them Robert, with a giant padlock and chain, and then throw them all in the bloody Thames!

  24. She’s not really promoting homosexuality as being acceptable. She would just be disproving the Christian rhetoric that “homosexuality is unnatural” given that this was a story about two real penguins.
    If the head teacher did really say “The school policy will soon be to promote homosexuality” that would be worrying. But chances are it was more along the lines of “The school policy will soon be to promote equality” but she simply didn’t understand the difference.

  25. Considering there is a very strong probability that the bible writers had never seen a penguin, I can’t see her problem.

  26. “She was shocked because the book was clearly written to promote to children the idea that homosexual relationships are equivalent to traditional marriage.”

    Oh, no! She’s spotted our cunning plan to recruit wildlife in support of equal marriage!

    Stupid, stupid woman. This is a book based on a true story, which any Year 5/6 child would be able to deal with.

    And if she put forward the some people agree/some people don’t angle then why didn’t she finish the book and let the children decide for themselves? Or was she in fact trying to indoctrinate them with homophobia? Disgraceful!

    Imagine if she’d refused to read a book about interracial marriage. Keep your bigotry out of the classroom, and stop promoting prejudice, ‘christian’ teacher – or get a job with the church.

  27. GulliverUK 7 Mar 2013, 8:41pm

    You’re given a set of approved books, you do your job, it’s what you’re paid for.

    If you can’t do your job because you’re a nob, get out. You are required and always have been to promote equality, and not discrimination. Many of my teachers were great, inspirational, great mentors, whilst a few were absolutely sh1t, seems to hate children and young people, and didn’t appear to have any interest in teaching.

    As for the very un-Christian Christian Institute — I’ve never been interested in what they think – they’re complete nutters.

  28. Newsflash lady… our relationships ARE equivalent to yours. What you did in fact, is teach kids other than your own JUDGEMENT & BIGOTRY. Not your job or right, and why you were reprimanded.

    1. GulliverUK 7 Mar 2013, 9:07pm

      and that is incredibly unprofessional of her. When I was at school my teachers taught the curriculum, they very rarely gave their own personal opinions, and when they did they didn’t appear in any way controversial, because they explained both sides as an impartial advocate — which is exactly what you want in a teacher.

  29. “The committee heard that Mrs A felt annoyed that the school had not informed her that it had acquired ‘And Tango Makes Three’, written by Peter Parnell and Justin Richardson.”

    I don’t believe it! Mrs. A is so up her own Xian arse that she honestly believes that a state primary school has a duty to inform HER of any book it acquires which refers positively to homosexuality!

    Who the hell do these religious folk think they are?

    Oh, silly me! Yes, they think they are in touch with a Great Pixie in the Sky, and that makes them EXTRA SPECIAL!

  30. “The school policy will soon be to promote homosexuality”.
    Hey – why not? Christian’s have had free-reign to brainwash children for FAR too long.

  31. Why do these people always sound like two characters out of TV programme ‘Little Britain’ – the two old ladies in the village who, umm, have fits of projectile vomiting at the mere mention of people of other races – and how do they manage to get an audience in the Houses of Parliament? It’s like some sort of comedy-horror.

  32. What is it about these conservative christians and children’s books.

    What is so wrong about reading a book about two penguins taking care and helping to bring up new life that would have surely perished without their help ?

    Homosexuality and gay adoption happen in the animal kingdom, it has been known that members of a variety of different species have gay’s and raise newborns..

    I am not a christian but i know this…
    True Christans would not be homophobic they would accept that that is the way nature intended for gay, bi, transgener people to exist.

    Jesus never said anything bad about gay people and he spread the message that we should all have respect and treat eachother other fairly

  33. ...Paddyswurds 7 Mar 2013, 11:25pm

    Atheists and other non believers in the sky daddy fantasy should start complaining about the brainwashing of children by the xtians and other deluded idiots. What’s good for the Goose ought to be good for the Gander . … .. . .

    1. Quite right! Join with the National Secular Society and/or the British Humanist Association today. A lot of good work is being done by them for us.

  34. soapbubblequeen 7 Mar 2013, 11:50pm

    Stupid cow. She doesn’t deserve to be a teacher then if she can’t teach her pupils that people are different. I hope she gets the sack.

    1. Stupid pervert. I wish all teachers were like her telling pupils the truth. I hope all teachers will follow the example.

  35. Christopher in Canada 7 Mar 2013, 11:56pm

    Throw her to the penguins!

    1. I doubt the Penguins would want the silly old bag. :)

  36. “She replied that some people think that such relationships are okay. That’s their decision. However, others do not.” = I hope you all grow up to be prejudice and full if hatred like me!

  37. I thought die-hard Christians were supposed to be okay with homosexuals now. Just not the homosexual act. I must have missed the part where the Penguins got around to whipping out the KY Jelly and dogging on an iceberg in the Southern Ocean.

    I have so little sympathy for this person, it’s unreal.

  38. Look here, lady…..this is a story about nature. Nature is a wonderful thing and as a Christian you should rejoice in its God given beauty and diversity. Two loving male birds decide to hatch an egg and then raise the chick. It’s a lovely story for goodness sake. Get real and try, try very hard to drag yourself into the 21st century.

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