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TUC: Catholic gay teachers could be sacked by their schools for entering into same-sex marriages

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Reader comments

  1. “Vincent Nichols, said that teachers in Catholic schools should not marry divorcees, marry in registry offices or in other civil ceremonies (such as civil partnerships) that do not meet the Catholic Church’s approval.”

    Quite right! They should express their sexual needs by abusing children and theology students, like church leaders do. Open, honest, respectful and consensual behaviour is absolutely not the kind of thing teachers should be engaged in.

    1. Darren Theoret 7 Mar 2013, 12:45pm

      Well said Wingby, but the question, for me, remains, why would a sain person put themselves under the authority of these Catholics?

      1. Indeed, Darren

  2. Robert in S. Kensingtonr 7 Mar 2013, 12:31pm

    I still can’t get my head around the notion that faith based schools are religious establishments. They’re not churches even though they have a religious ethos. Since catholic gay teachers pay taxes and their schools subject to the rules and regulations governing employment in the UK, surely this would be illegal to dismiss those who enter into a civil marriage or partnership? This is something those bigots in committee, Loughton, Burrowes and Shannon want church schools to be able to do, sack anyone who doesn’t fall within the religious ethos.

    1. A very good point – exactly how far are ‘faith based schools’ allowed to go in indoctrinating children with, especially when it encourages discrimination and hatred……It’s especially ironic, of course, that the anti-ss marriage brigade have been claiming that religious teachers might be sacked by their school for their religious beliefs if they do not condone SS marriage, when the actual threat of being sacked is for teachers in religious schools being sacked if they act in accordance with the law and choose to marry someone of the same sex…Who is persecuting whom, I wonder?…

  3. bobbleobble 7 Mar 2013, 12:53pm

    If they actually stick to this then in my experience there’ll be no one left to teach in Catholic schools. What else are they going to do, start asking for a full sexual history of everyone who applies?

    Given that we are talking about state funded schools this is absolutely outrageous. And the response of the DoE was pathetic but not to be unexpected given who’s in charge there at the moment.

    1. Marco Luxe 12 Mar 2013, 9:48pm

      Disregarding state funding, let the Catholic schools enforce their own standards, just as long as they’re stridently enforced. Teachers MUST be fired for marrying a non Catholic, or if their spouse converts out, or if their spouse divorces them. Can you imagine: Mrs. O’Brien, you’ve been a respected teacher here for 20 years, but since your cheating, abusive husband finally divorced you, we have to let you go. Too bad you lose your job when you lose your husband.

      How very Christian!

  4. That There Other David 7 Mar 2013, 1:11pm

    Another reason why this infiltration of this country’s education system by snake-oil salesmen and bone-shakers needs to stop. Faith schools accepting funding from the state should be forced to meet the standards set by the state, not some repeatedly interpreted mumbo-jumbo from the Bronze Age

  5. Frank Boulton 7 Mar 2013, 1:30pm

    The danger isn’t just for gay Catholic teachers in same-sex marriages. Last year in New Zealand the pricipal of a Catholic school denounced our proposed same-sex marrage legslation. Pupils as the school protested and declared their support for same-sex marriage. One of the teachers declared his support for and solidarity with these pupils. He was dismissed for his stance on this ssue.

  6. More proof, as if it was needed, that LGBT catholics are nucking futs. Stop bloody collaborating, please.

    As for this? Debatable and likely to be tested in court. There is religious exemption in Equality Act 2010 but I think the test will come down to the schedule 9 statement that allows discrimination if the employment is for the purposes of organised religion. That is the clause that stops women suing the catholic church for being denied priesthood.

    But I don’t know that being a teacher would fall within that criteria as the employment would be for the purposes of teaching. And I suspect that is where the legal test comes from that they may well waste a pile of money on (but what do I know, just a layman)

  7. Kris Jones 7 Mar 2013, 3:53pm

    I think the Catholic Church needs to get some lawyers. The Sex Discrimination Act 1975 made it unlawful to discriminate against anyone because of their marital status (with an exemption for churches, not faith schools). Moreover, sInce only Christians and Jews are entitled to have religious marriage ceremonies recognised by law, refusing employment to those not married in churches could amount to unlawful indirect discrimination.

    1. ChrisMorley 7 Mar 2013, 6:48pm

      The same sex marriage bill will allow more “religious marriage ceremonies” including for LGBT couples.
      It will permit same sex marriages in religious buildings for religions that want to offer these – so far Unitarians, Society of Friends (Quakers) and Reform Jews have said they will offer these.

  8. Taking bets on how long it will be before catholics cry persecution.

  9. ChrisMorley 7 Mar 2013, 6:56pm

    Please don’t shout.

    It’s best not to boss people around – nobody ‘must’ sue unless they choose to.

    In fact married Catholic LGBT teachers wouldn’t sue if sacked, but complain to an Employment Tribunal about discrimination and unfair dismissal

  10. Nurse!

  11. teh big question is weather the state in any way provides any support for these schools., eg money or other things that save them money

    If the state does this the holy rapists of the church can just go to hell. End the brainwashing.

    Any of these teachers who end up jobless due to the church of RATZi the Nazi should be given preference in regular school hirings.

  12. Having checked with the TUC LGBT Committee, I would like to confirm that they did not state that Archbishop Vincent Nichols made the statement which Pink News attributes to him. The original news reports about this referred to the contents of a booklet published by the Catholic Truth Society, written by Monsignor Marcus Stock, who is not a bishop, but works for the Catholic Bishops Conference of England & Wales. This booklet is not an official statement of the Catholic Bishops and should not be treated as such. Mgr. Stocks views are his own and are certainly not shared by many Catholic educationalists and teachers.Pink News has confused submissions on equal marriage and other statements.

    1. Which just confirms the usual shoddy news reporting of pink news, this paper is nothing but a vicious ‘angry rant’ online newspaper. The writers of pink news need to learn some basic rules about journalism, otherwise they will continue to make the gay community look like a laughing stock and a bunch of right wing nutters. Also it seriously needs to get some women writers and stop writing stories that come from a place of attack, but show some positive stories about our lifestyle.

  13. Hmmm I thought discrimination was illegal?

    And the Catholic church are hardly the right people to talk about what is wrong or right now are they!

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