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Third claim of police brutality at Sydney Mardi Gras after man claims he was stripped naked in drugs search

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Reader comments

  1. This doesn’t surprise me in Australia, where both on state and federal levels BOTH main parties leaderships are fostering discriminations against GLBTQI people as a matter of form.

    And to bring in an extra 200 police from the more-violent far western suburbs of Sydney where police abuse of citizenry is endemic and is culturally accepted as ‘normal’ behaviour within the police forces was a recipe for disaster…don’t be surprised if more such storied surface.

    1. It’s more to do with anti-gay individuals being put in positions of ‘authority’ and thinking that they can use their power and prejudice to attack others.

  2. …or indeed PINK NEWS.

  3. Samuel B. 7 Mar 2013, 3:34pm

    Our western governments claim to support gay rights but at the end of the day we’ll still be routinely targeted for police brutality just as much as the next man.

    Ultimately, remote-controlled drones won’t discriminate when they rain down to strike against the people when the emerging tyranny of our elected representatives reaches its ultimate goal of total control.

    Which more or less goes to prove how gay rights is being used as a political football and a convenient device to bulldoze through many of the powers the state seizes when we surrender our ever diminishing freedoms by campaigning vigorously for the criminalisation of freedom of thought under the guise of stamping out hate speech.

    We need to wake up and realise that they don’t love us; they’re just using our minority status and giving weight to our voice for their own aims and one day we, just like everyone else, will feel the force of the jack boot stamping all over us…unless we shake off our cognitive dissonance

  4. David Couper 7 Mar 2013, 5:02pm

    Police use of excessive force, corruption and other misconduct hurts everyone – including the police — in terms of lost cooperation, support and trust – which, in turn, diminishes their effectiveness. And remember: policing in a democracy is best accomplished by those who are carefully selected, well-trained and led, controlled in their use of force, honest, courteous to every person, and closely in touch with the communities they serve. For more, follow one police reformer’s blog at and my new book on how to improve your police.

  5. Take off caps lock?

  6. As a police officer in the UK of 20 years I find this behaviour appalling. It shames the profession to which I belong and the vast majority of us who look at this with appall. I joined the job to help people, yep that includes helping the old lady across the road. I’ve never strived from that value and never once succumbed to violence. I’m not armed yet have faced the barrel of a gun. I had a baton but what use would that have been? Indeed in 20 years I’ve never drawn it. My job is the quell situations, calm them down. The best tool for that has always been my voice. Clearly some police officers need to learn some good ‘ole fashion’ policing and stop being total idiots and an embarrassment to those of us who are proper police officers, not thugs.

  7. Kill all poofters

    1. Gay Activists Paul Mitchell 8 Mar 2013, 10:56am

      Kill all bigots

  8. Time for the final solution. Put all homosexuals (poofters) in a camp and gas them.

    1. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 8 Mar 2013, 10:53am

      Time for a better solution. Put all assholes (bigots) in a camp and gas them!

  9. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 8 Mar 2013, 10:43am

    In Australia the year is 1913 and bigotry, racism, homophobia and xenophobia run rampant in the cities and in the country!

    Gay marriage is still banned, aboriginals are still treated like animals and migrants are bashed up and discriminated against everyday just for earning a living!

    Our country is a laughing stock, we are an complete joke and an embarrassment and we all as Australians should be ashamed of ourselves!

    Australia the land of Old Transportation of England’s Convicts [Book called: “The Fatal Shore”] – that even today, England do not want to know us!

    Australia has gone back in time to 100 years ago right under our noses that the Government being controlled by the Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott Christian Taliban Undemocratic Dictatorship Alliance through a 778 million dollar* time machine!

    * I get the $778 million figure from the cuts the Government made to single working mothers, who are now on new-start!

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