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Scotland: Christian teacher says being forced to teach about same-sex marriage contributed to a breakdown

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Reader comments

  1. But he’s all right with the bit in his depraved dogmatic document where the infant children of the enemy are to be dashed upon rocks? He’s OK with the genocidal psychopathy of his rancid little desert djinn? All right with the murders, the rapes, the mutilations…

    In short – typical lying christian filth. (Oh dear, will calling him out on his repugnant crap make the little snowflake have another little weep? Tosser).

    1. AS chris hitchens said – Religiion poisons everything

      Fortunately from everything I hear the churches in England are all but empty and 1100 people every day leave this curse of mankind

  2. We shouldn’t have people like him imposing their personal religious views on a class of children. I don’t know why teachers think it’s their job to share their religious beliefs with a captive audience.

  3. ha ha ha ha hah

  4. Boohoo! How many LGBT kids have killed themselves because of this freak’s religious bullshit?

  5. Teachers should leave whatever their religion is at home. Everyone should, in fact, if it conflicts with their job. What if instead of a teacher and gay marriage this was a Jehovah Witness doctor refusing to give someone a blood transfusion because of their personal beliefs? Geez…

  6. GingerlyColors 7 Mar 2013, 5:30pm

    How can teaching children about love, even when it involves two people of the same sex be stressful? What does he know about stress anyway? During the two World Wars people had no choice but be conscripted into the armed forces to fight these wars. Now that is what I call stressful. Furthermore these people did not have help or councilling when they were demobbed, they had to get on with their lives. We are fortunate to live in these times where we do not have compulsory military service, long working hours, lack of workplace rights and no welfare state or NHS. We are also fortunate to live in an age where not only do we no longer face imprisonment for being gay, we are now achieving full equal status in society. Don’t mention stress to me, you don’t know what it is unless you fought in war or were imprisoned in a concentration camp for being gay or Jewish. If you don’t like your job then I suggest that you seek alternative employment.

  7. ColinJones 7 Mar 2013, 5:32pm

    I suppose he must be fine with the concept of slavery, the bible says it’s OK so that means it must be OK ! Why are these morons always allowed to get away with this hypocrisy without being challenged?

  8. erm “his union has been supportive”. This implies that they were in agreement with his position but not one teaching union i know has policies which support homophobia!!!

  9. Once again, if you can’t do your job properly, without it your superstitious beliefs, then find another job.
    We wouldn’t be having this discussion if it was about marriage being equal between the black/asian people etc.
    I, as an atheist secularist, don’t send my child to school to be taught by a teacher who can’t get around their paranormal fantasies about the afterlife.

  10. “When Mr X spoke to the head teacher, he said that he had a problem because as a Christian he goes by what the Bible says and teaching about same-sex marriage would mean having to say something which goes against his beliefs.”

    Does Mr X actually go by everything the bible says? Or is he just playing pick-n-mix with it’s contents?

  11. Would this same allegedly ‘Christian’ teacher suffer stress if he had to teach about Hinduism, Judism, Spiritualism, Budhism, Sihk or Islam? These are all as equally valid religions as Christianity – never mind same sex relationships!!
    As far as I’m concerned, if one religious point of view is to be tauight, all of them should be, to give children a broad awareness of what the world is all about – and same sex relationships are part of that awareness.

  12. johnny33308 7 Mar 2013, 6:16pm

    So then following the stupid ‘logic’ of the KKKristian Institute I suppose teachers will now refuse to teach evolution in favor of their “flat earth” beliefs, as well as their belief that humans lived with dinosaurs…..buffoons! Religion is invariably used to make others suffer, so it needs to be banned, for the good of all. And in case anyone does not know, the bible promotes slavery, rape, murder, selling one’s children into sexual slavery, and many, many more evil disgusting inhuman things of this sort. If ‘god’ exists it obviously lives off the suffering of other living beings….just sayin’…..

    1. And incest

  13. I’m sure some KKK members had breakdowns after Obama got elected. So what?

  14. Just a taste of what it’s like to grow up gay in his world.

  15. I almost feel sorry for those who have “breakdowns”, now that they no longer have the right to impose their religious beliefs on others. We can only hope a cure will be found for religious bigots, before they break down.

  16. So much stress! Wonder whether his ancestors were papists murdering protestants or vice versa (or maybe both!). They must have declared the “Thou shalt not kill” part invalid…

  17. Leaving aside the merits of Mr X’s complaint, I note that it was resolved to his satisfaction.

    So what is he complaining about? He had an employment dispute, received support from his union, and reached an acceptable solution.

    It is a worrying trend that cases such as this and that of Adrian Smith (the housing officer demoted because of his anti-marriage-equality views) are used by equality opponents to demand additional legislation.

    In both cases an employee was allowed to express disapproval of same-sex marriage and keep their job.

    So why are these being brought up as if they demonstrate a gap in the legislation?

    The antis seem aggrieved that anyone might think opposition to equality could be a problem for someone serving the public.

    Pro-equality groups have been accused of acting like “thought police” but the antis are acting like thought police. It is not enough that the employers’ actions were unlawful – the antis want them to be unthinkable.

  18. Robert in S. Kensington 7 Mar 2013, 6:38pm

    Whatever way the CI skews it, a so called ‘christian’ teacher teaching in state school has NO business allowing his personal beliefs to come into play. There has been far too much accommodation for these nutters. Why don’t they teach in a church school, an approrpriate place for that sort of thing?

  19. Teachers regularly have to teach something they don’t personally agree with, if he is that unprofessional he should be sacked anyway.

  20. Mary Hona 7 Mar 2013, 8:11pm

    I agree, his religion of hatred and bigotry did cause a conflict of interest in his job. I think he is blaming the wrong group. Maybe he should have changed his religion before taking the job of treating everyone equally.

  21. Yet he accepts am imaginary genocidal deity of choice as fact. If teaching about love caused him to have a breakdown, I would suggest the problem is not with the curriculum, but with the system that allowed such an obviously deranged and unstable person to teach children.

  22. Yeah right. But he’s OK teaching about biblical murder, biblical slavery, extreme forms of execution (crucifixion). Teaching about a subject does not imply that you approve, condone or promoted it.

  23. I just don’t believe this story. I don’t believe he was ‘made’ to affirm values in which he didn’t believe. That he had to teach the existence of such values dispassionately and that they could be debated, yes – it’s called education. But I just don’t believe he was made to avow beliefs that weren’t his. I call Christian BS.

  24. “Been in an accident that wasn’t your fault?”. Smell like a claim for compensation to you? If this person was so distressed, why didn’t they just find a different job? If I had a nut alergy and was asked to make marzipan icing all day, I’d leave. I sincerely hope this case fails so that other pathetic, bigoted whingers will be discouraged from thaking similar action. Disgraceful.

  25. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if such prejudiced teachers ‘overlooked’ incidents of homophobic abuse in their schools, abuse which can cause the victims to have breakdowns. Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if such prejudiced teachers took part in the abuse. I know from my own past experience that it can happen in a school.

  26. Jock S. Trap 8 Mar 2013, 11:14am

    Christians… renowned for lying to gain anything they can as religious propaganda. They have no shame, just discrimination.

  27. dorset bob 9 Mar 2013, 5:57pm

    what the hell is a committee of MP’s doing listening to the warped views of a bunch of nutters like the christian institute ???? Cant they find anybody sensible to talk to ?

  28. Aw dear, someone is a sensitive little flower. What a pathetic loser, really? Had to teach about homosexuality and had a breakdown? Too close to home huh? Started to have sweaty dreams of erect organs or something?

    Imagine of these shrinking violets had to live gay in a straight world and have heterosexuality shoved down their throats 24/ 7… it would be bedlam for them, I expect. Poor dears…

  29. In school they are obliged to teach facts and not personal views. Imagine everyone was teaching his personal views about gravity.

  30. If you’re a teacher in a state-funded school and refuse to leave your religion at the doorstep, then in my view you should find a new job.

  31. amy sutton 22 Mar 2013, 1:32pm

    “Oh my goodness! I’m no longer allowed to pretend some relationships don’t exist or to condition children to believe their normal bodies and minds are shameful and disgusting or that their relationships must be not be acknowledged in society, leading to millions of suicides and breakdowns every year…!! I’m going to breakdown!” …Oh please, I weep, I weep for you.

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