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Massachusetts: School faces backlash and accusations of ‘blasphemy’ for staging gay biblical play

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Reader comments

  1. The American Taliban can get very tiresome. :(

  2. blasphemy? Are these people trapped in the 1700’s

    Perhaps we should go out hunting witches as well.

    1. Hey, I’m a witch and I definitely know it’s not witch hunting season – got it marked clearly on my calendar.

  3. johnny33308 7 Mar 2013, 7:16pm

    As Massachusetts is my home, I feel able to speak about this matter with some reason. Since this is the first state in the US (actually, Massachusetts is a Commonwealth, not a state…) to allow LGBT access to Equal Marriage, we do not allow the religious to force themselves into our lives, and we also disallow them to force us to believe as they do. Massachusetts has stood for freedom for all citizens since before the Revolution, and we will continue to promote social issues that further this reasoning as it is in our nature to ‘live and let live’. New England as a whole is more “liberal” than the rest of this fascist country in which we unfortunately find ourselves. Personally, I’d be quite pleased if we would Secede from the rest of the US! Evil kkkristians control most of this country, sadly….

  4. please someone what changes did they make does anyone know??

  5. There are countries where the performance of such a play would automatically bring blasphemy charges, and people would be arrested. In a so-called civilized country like Greece, the actors, producer and director of a gay-themed play (“Corpus Christie”) were arrested on the complaint of a Greek Orthodox bishop. This won’t happen in Massachusetts, thank goodness.

  6. Just bought a copy of the play, looking forward to reading it.

  7. Vera Ellen Rich 7 Mar 2013, 9:00pm

    The uproar over this is ridiculous. Those who dislike the program can vote with their feet- and wallets- and simply not go. Enough of ‘hate’ already!

  8. I say they wait to see if god SMITES the “blasphemers” or not… and NO human intervention allowed in the smiting.

    Let god alone, take care of his/her/it’s interests.

  9. Blasphemy:

    • Pretending to speak for God
    • Pretending to know what God wants/expects
    • Taking it upon yourself to judge
    • Playing God’s executioner
    • Threatening God’s wrath
    • Second guessing God
    • Criticising God’s creation(s)
    • Finding fault with God’s work
    • Using God as a weapon or a wedge

    1. my dear when ever God moves in Christendom to bring us liberty someone somewhere says blasphemy. True even with Jesus when He came to bring us liberty and said who He was – the Son of God the “authorities” then said BLASPHEMY, when the reformation happened in Church history they said …you get the drift!

      1. Dave North 8 Mar 2013, 11:30am

        Its all a pile of shite.

  10. Daniel Moreau 7 Mar 2013, 10:44pm

    ok…if this is blasphemy…so what? You do not live in Iran…it is not against the law…you will not be hanged…so shut up!

    1. Im so turned on by Daniel right now !! :)

  11. Oh dear. The ‘thought police’ are at it again. The religious lobby has some very strange ideas about how people should exist in ‘The Land of the Free’. And America has the nerve to lecture the rest of the world about ‘democracy’. Pah!

  12. As an alum of the school, I can attest to the talent and careful consideration put into every production. This is no exception. Art is is satirical sometimes and religious a lot of the time. Get over it.

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