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Lady Gaga fan group claims Madonna has ‘encouraged gay men to have unprotected sex’

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Reader comments

  1. Liam the God 7 Mar 2013, 1:23pm

    SO, we have a bunch of people that probably weren’t even ALIVE in the 1980’s telling us about history they know nothing about. I see a great future in Politics for these “little monsters”.

    1. Gaga fans are like their fading idol: fake, ignorant, hypocritical and aggressive.

  2. This is NOT NEWS!

  3. PantoHorse 7 Mar 2013, 1:49pm

    Who remembers her on stage saying “come on boys, don’t be silly, put a condom on you willy”? I can’t be the only one…. Wasn’t that 80’s?

    1. PantoHorse 7 Mar 2013, 1:54pm

      Or maybe it was a t-shirt she was wearing?

      Anyway, was definitely Madge. Those Little Monsters sound like a right bunch of headcases – threatening, judgmental…

    2. I think so, yeah. I know that in 1989 I bought my copy of Like a Prayer (on cassette…I feel so old) and it having a safer sex document tucked into the inlay as standard and that being controversial.

      She has always been an advocate, demonstrable in her activities. These “fans” are projecting their own narrative in the face of evidence to the contrary.

      1. I’m 24 and I have several of Madonna’s CDs including Like A Prayer, I brought it when I was ten along with the Ray of Light album. I think she has more fans of different age groups than people realise, like Michael Jackson. The true “icons” transcend generations in my opinion, Gaga doesn’t and never will.

        1. *bought

        2. Don’t dis Gaga because some of her fans are idiots. I think she has much of a shot at being a transcendent artist as Madonna.

          1. Really? Do you think that she will have a back catalogue like Madonna’s? Five years into her career Madonna had already over 15 classic hit singles to her name, songs that are still played between 25-30 years later and she had already matured as a performer. Gaga doesn’t have the momentum that Madonna had at the same stage in her career. I’m not “dissing” anyone, I don’t care to use such juvenile terms.

    3. Richard the Big Bunny 7 Mar 2013, 3:32pm

      Indeed. She & the backing singers sang that at every stop on the BLONDE AMBITION tour. I have it recorded! :-)

  4. One thing you can say about Madonna is that she has been pretty consistent in her support of gay rights over the last 30 years. Although Madonna has had many sexual themes in her work I don’t think she’s any more immoral than any male rock star, I’ve never heard of Madonna sleeping with teenage groupies for example. Prince’s music was just as sexually provocative as Madonna’s yet he was never criticised or received the backlash Madonna did around the time of the Sex Book. She also made it very clear on numerous occasions that safe sex is essential. It’s a notorious double standard, if a woman talks openly about sex she’s a calculating whore, if a man does it he’s proudly displaying his virility.

    You could blame plenty of other entertainers out there for promoting “immoral” behaviour besides Madonna.

  5. ColinJones 7 Mar 2013, 2:53pm

    My favourite 80’s Madonna song was La Isla Bonita, no mention of gay sex in that one as I recall.

    1. john lyttle 7 Mar 2013, 3:56pm

      “Last night I dreamt of some dago…”

      1. Suddenly Last Bummer 7 Mar 2013, 8:40pm

        “…..young guy with ass like the desert”

  6. john lyttle 7 Mar 2013, 3:55pm

    Now we know why they’re called Little Monsters

  7. Lady Gaga has a lot to answer for. Rather than be content with being a popular singer and performer with a healthy fan base, she quite deliberately set about creating a ‘cult of Gaga’, right down to naming her fans ‘Little Monsters’, implying they were in some way the followers of somthing greater than them (i.e. her). She has, under the guise of loving everybody, encouraged these ‘monsters’ (many of whom are impressionable teenagers who previously felt like outcasts and were therefore vulnerable to this marketing tactic) via twitter and her blog, to attack anything that criticises her. The way she dealt with Kelly Osborne is a prime example, and Madonna became a target after she implied Gaga copied her. What was a clever marketing ploy is suddenly looking very ugly.

  8. Little idiots.

    1. We don’t really need to defend Madonna because everyone knows none of this is true nor any of their earlier attacks. . One must pity them I suppose, since they are consumed with jealousy, bitterness and hate which is fast eating into their brains. The most worrying fact is that I, for one, and I know of many others, have tweeted Lady Gaga to ask what she proposes to do about these ‘monsters’ she has created and who are now out of control!! I am GLAD that GLAAD removed the letter and I have asked LG to now for once, copy Madonna with my blessing and walk the walk!!! needless to say she has find nothing. Madonna’s proactive involvement with Aids goes well back to the mid eighties when to be involved was a danger to one’s career . This bunch of no-hopers seriously need help with their homework which is based on fantasy fiction and not fact!! Wonder where they get it from!!!!?

  9. johnny33308 7 Mar 2013, 6:24pm

    Why, oh why is what a jealous small person says to us any reason it should be news? Really? Why report what trolls say anyway? Please stop. This story is too trashy for Pink News, IMHO…..

  10. Whoever wrote that letter needs help. Maybe rename the group ‘Lilttle Idiots’?

  11. I can assure the Little Monsters that Madonna was the last thing on my mind when I got HIV. Come to think of it, she hadn’t even released her first single then…

  12. Suddenly Last Bummer 7 Mar 2013, 8:22pm

    Gaga fans are as unbalanced and deluded as Gaga herself. Her fans seem to spend their time slating every other female act, pathetic Stans.

  13. I am a big Lady Gaga fan; a Little Monster. And if I am being honest, I do not like Madonna, personally. HOWEVER I would NEVER say anything as pathetic and ridiculous as this. Lady Gaga Artpop has forever been a blog made by a group of pathetic fans, and NOT and overall representation of the fan base. And it’s sad that people like this give us Little Monsters a bad name.

    1. Well said Liam :) I myself am also a little monster and I feel deeply saddened and angry at this ARTPOP group. Unfortunately I think I may have joined this group in the past or liked it on facebook so I will be removing myself promptly if so as I have no desire to be involved in such childish rubbish! True lady gaga fans would not write such bollocks, we have respect for people and the main thing gaga promotes is anti bullying. She may have had her own personal issues with Madonna in the past but thats up to her at the end of the day.I absolutely worship Mother Monster (Gaga) but that does not mean I have to hate Madonna, in fact I love her!. With every celebrity fan base unfortunately you are going to get a nasty bunch that make the rest look shit too ;( I would like to say on behalf of Gaga she would not agree with this groups comments at all, it would devastate her.

  14. strange that my comment got deleted… I am also a little monster and completely agree with Liam. I think with every celebrity comes a small minority of “fans” that give a bad reputation and ruin it for the true fans. I myself absolutely adore lady gaga but I also love Madonna. If they have issues thats their personal business. Its a bit pathetic and sad that these people have not got anything better to do with their lives them try and actually cause problems for Lady Gaga especially as shes just come out of surgery! If they were true fans like the rest of us they wouldn’t do it! On behalf of Mother Monster (Gaga) I would like to apologise as I know she would be extremely disappointed, sad and embarrassed to read this. Being a true lady gaga fan means being true to yourself, equality to all, no prejudice and anti bullying. She would hate this ;(

  15. i am apart of the little monster community and disappointed in the way this person has acted.Because he she has said that it was from little monsters has made it seem like all of us believe this and respect him for doing it.however i do not. As much as i do not like Maddona because of the things she has said about lady gaga who idolized Maddona from a young age,she is a pop legend and a gay icon and i do not think she would promote unsafe sex.This person who thinks he is a little monster does not speak for the whole little monster community,we all have our own voices

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