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Video: Girl performs homophobic rap which claims homosexuality is a choice

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Reader comments

  1. What planet does this girl live on?

    1. Planet Hate – where pseudo religion is used to lock down hearts and minds and make them impervious to any logic, compassion or free thinking.

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 6 Mar 2013, 6:18pm

      Planet America, where else!

  2. See that tree sitting just behind your stupid grinning face and idiotic video, a good friend of mine hung himself from one just like that as he couldn’t accept who he was, and he certainly couldn’t change who he was.

    Shame on you you grinning fiasco of a human being.

  3. Ian Bower 6 Mar 2013, 5:54pm

    Another ‘Born Again Idiot’

  4. Pinknews, why give a link to this brainless idiots youtube video? She just gets even more youtube hits and thinks she’s popular. Stupid f*cking cow.

    I wonder if she’s going to give up all her material possessions like her precious jesus told her to – she should make a start with her f*cking computer so she can’t post any more bigoted videos.

  5. Robert in S. Kensington 6 Mar 2013, 6:17pm

    I would suspect her answer would be that she doesn’t have to think about it because she’s ‘normal’. That’s what a lot of hetero bigoted homophobes say apparently, a new one too.

    1. She might also reply that she doesn’t have to think about anything very much as it’s all in the good book.

  6. Robert in S. Kensington 6 Mar 2013, 6:20pm

    I wonder where she obtained her psychology degree from? Brigham Young University perhaps?

  7. It sounds like it was written by an indoctrinated toddler.

    On balance though, less homophobic than Azeala Banks.

  8. Talentless. Utterly.

  9. And what did the man say who she claims is the son of God? Judge not lest ye be judged. And he spoke not a word of condemnation for homosexual behavior, so far as we know, despite living in a society and time where it was common-place. I guess propagating her own purely personal values is more important for her than listening to the voice of her God.

  10. I have an answer for her. God doesn’t exist, the rest of your argument is invalid.

  11. Also, I’d believe the history in Psychology. Well, to the point that she’s probably been sectioned before, or is due to be sectioned. She’s obviously not very well educated in health sciences. Probably believes that prayer cures everything.

    She is the sound of a single religious fanatic clapping.

  12. Ciaran McHale 6 Mar 2013, 7:44pm

    She cannot claim that homosexuality is a choice for herself unless she is bisexual and has chosen to not act on any same-sex attractions. As such, we know that, by her own admission, she is bisexual. I congratulate her on coming out as bisexual on YouTube ;-)

    But she is incorrect to generalise from her own experience to assume that homosexuality is a choice for everyone. There are lots of non-homophobic straight people who will say that they don’t feel any sex-sex atractions, so their sexuality is not a choice. Likewise, there are lots of Kinsey 6s who have no mixed-sex attractions, so their sexuality is not a choice.

    So, all I can conclude from watching the video is that she has inadvertently outed herself as bisexual, and also outed herself as somebody who can’t reason logically. I’m glad to see the video go viral on her stupidity.

    1. bisexuality is not a choice but the nature of it is that you are not limited just to one sex

  13. Spitibody 6 Mar 2013, 8:11pm

    Well . . . . it rhymes pretty well.

  14. When I was a boy I was told that trolls live in forrests. This girl chose a perfect background setting.

  15. Aunty Batty Betty 6 Mar 2013, 8:52pm

    So brave and right is she that she knew very well to disable the comments on the vid. I reported it, trouble is, if I reported it under copyright infringement it probably would be taken down quicker than for hateful content. Pah, Miss Simon Cow (:P) may well sign her up!

  16. some people’s ignorance knows no bounds.

  17. Colin *M* 6 Mar 2013, 9:14pm

    Towards the end of the video a bible quote is shown that says “Everyone who does evil HATES the light, and will not coming in to the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed”…. And the comments for the video have been turned off and it cannot be rated. I guess someone turned off the light.

  18. evangelical trailer trash made in usa

  19. Was that meant to be “rap”? When I see these kind of articles on PN I can’t help but wonder if we really have to report on everyone who makes a stupid YouTube video. What she’s saying is idiotic. What’s the value of reporting on it? It just seems to lend validity to what she’s saying. We don’t need to know about every single idiot who says something dumb anywhere in the world. I think it also skews our perception of the world in believing these opinions are more widespread than they actually are. This girl belongs in the abyss of “unreportedness”.

  20. ...Paddyswurds 6 Mar 2013, 11:55pm

    It has got to be painful to carry so much hatred around all day every day. This ugly bint must have been rejected by a Gay man to hold such hatred. It will surely destroy her life and those around her. Imagine If this ugly hearted woman gets married (although one wonders who would marry such rabid hatred) and has a child who is gay … !!

  21. Christopher in Canada 7 Mar 2013, 12:09am

    I don’t care what she says, I’m still never gonna sleep with her!

  22. I got to 48 seconds and stopped it! I couldn’t make myself listen to the whole 2.23!!!…and who the hell told her she could rap!!!?

    I love how she keeps saying she doesn’t want to dictate…..Wow girl you are doing a mighty poor job of it because you are telling me who I am and what I am…And I believe fake and counterfeit were two words I picked up!

    My love for any woman is as true as any love you may have for a man…only my conscious is clean of the fact I except people for who they are…regardless!!! And I don’t make a crappy piss poor rap video tell you how utterly wrong you love for him is wrong and you are wrong and everyone and your mother are wrong!!!

    ok rant over!!!

    1. Dave North 7 Mar 2013, 9:19am

      And with a bit of luck given the viral nature of this video, she will NEVER be able to work in any psychological field.

      Other than for NOM or the FRC of course.

      Then she will spend a lifetime hating gays as she will blame them for ruining her career prospects.

      Vacuous bitch.

  23. Shes abit out of time with the music dont you think?!? – Lol this girl needs a abit of mommas good old humble pie!! – Or a slap! xx

  24. Har Davids 7 Mar 2013, 7:18am

    She may have a background in psychology, it doesn’t seem to stop her from being a judgemental bigot. Why all those idiots so obsessed by other peoples’ lives, can’t they handle their own?

  25. matthew Peter Leeper 7 Mar 2013, 10:26am

    YOU CALL THAT RAPPING bitch please
    SHUT up
    Honestly usual hate filled garbage
    how can anyone find this naff video entertaining

  26. What a stupid little girl. Homosexuality is not a ‘choice’ but something that is defined before we are born. Homosexuality is found throughout nature and has been documented through the ages. It is not something new nor is it solely a human thing. I pity people like this girl who have been so blinded by religious hatred and intolerance. What ever happened to ‘love thy neighbour’. At the end of the day only God can judge and the constant judgment from Religious bigots goes aaginst everything the Bible has tried to teach us. Love and Understanding.

  27. I get the sense this is being read from cue cards held up and not a rap and yes, her metre is all over the place.

    The religious indoctrination of this young women is obvious, a blankness around the eyes and sadly, between her ears.

    The lake of fire she talks about has never been seen nor is there a sound basis for how big gates can somehow shape shift through the ether to appear for people who have died or for there being a world eternal beyond that.

    She is entitled to her views but these are not *her* views but words spewed verbatim from an old book of superstitious claptrap and fairytales.

  28. My moma said, stupid is as stupid does. and this girl certainly does. who needs facts, the world is still flat isn’t it.

    How sad to be that brainwashed at 16, I fear there is no hope for her in the new world where people have rights.

    If she really believes in god, isn’t she a little worried that she is questioning one of his creations, according to them, no human can question god yet they do all the time. Guess those golden gates won’t be there for you dear.

  29. johnny33308 7 Mar 2013, 7:06pm

    Obviously this person does not know anyone LGBT! Aren’t you tired of hearing people who do not even know of one single LGBT person in their lives “explaining” homosexuality to the rest of us? All of these sorts of people are so very qualified to speak about LGBT issues…..NOT! One cannot speak with authority about issues one knows nothing about….to attempt to do so shows only ignorance and bigotry, as in this case, obviously. Ah, religion…..

  30. … and how exactly does she (or anyone) KNOW it’s a choice … unless she’s made one herself?
    You cannot say something is a ‘choice’ by guessing what other people do. You can ONLY say ‘it’s a choice’ from personal experience. So sweetie. Just accept who you are … and be happy with yourself.

  31. … and how exactly does she (or anyone) KNOW it’s a choice … unless she’s made one herself?
    You cannot say something is a ‘choice’ by guessing what other people do. You can ONLY say ‘it’s a choice’ from personal experience. So sweetie. Just accept who you are … and be happy with yourself.

    1. ThinkBeforeYouSpeak 25 Mar 2013, 7:52pm

      For anyone that hates “gay people” watch ‘Prayer’s for Bobby’ and see if you feel the same.
      If you do, you are just plain vile.

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