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US: Kiss-in protest planned against mall which ejected gay couple for kissing on the cheek

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Reader comments

  1. If I lived there I’d be joining them!!

  2. Garry Cassell 6 Mar 2013, 1:22pm

    So much for those fun loving right wing religious nut cases…

  3. I’ve had some sad gay men of the self-loathing kind, as well as some heterosexuals, ask me why we homosexuals don’t show some guts and show affection to each other in public, like heterosexual couples do! They claim that the reason is that we are deeply ashamed of our sexuality.

    But this is further proof that the reason why we choose not to do it is because the moment we do we will be vilified and taken to task by the still-homophobic society in which we live!

    1. Harlequin 6 Mar 2013, 4:30pm

      On no occasion when I’ve chosen to do so have I been aware of being vilified or taken to task by any society or, indeed, by any individual persons.

      1. You are luck Harlequin. Sometimes i have and sometimes i haven’t. I have been spat at. Shouted at. Ridiculed. This is in central London. It is a sad fact that these things still happen and i am sure you would chose to fight it if it were to happen to you. Peace :)

        1. Harlequin 7 Mar 2013, 2:34am

          Some people have had such experiences and some haven’t, which demonstrates that Eddy’s generalised “proof” is not universal.

          I have been spat at, shouted at and beaten up, but for being of mixed race or for being generally eccentric (in Soho, other parts of London and Kent, mostly in my schooldays). I’m afraid that I chose not to fight it but to endure and not react (which eventually tended to gain me the respect of previous attackers). I do have friends who have been abused for their displays of sexuality, though, and my way of fighting for them is, similarly, to not let fear or hatred dictate or censor my actions but to continue to publicly express myself as I feel fit.

  4. What a weird old place the USA is. Show Arnie Swartznegger blowing people’s heads off with an automatic weapon on Sunday afternoon TV and no-one batts an eyelid. But show too men kissing … or a nipple during the superbowl … and all hell breaks loose! Bizzarre! The good folk of America really should start questioning the religious conditioning to which they are clearly slave.

    1. Patricia McLaughlin 6 Mar 2013, 3:59pm

      All too true! I am surrounded by idiots studying to be morons or homophic nuts! The failure of puof public education saw the election of Bush.

    2. davidjohng 6 Mar 2013, 6:32pm

      That “weirdness” is not limited to the US by longshot. Religious conditioning is everywhere in the world, some more, some less. Stop generalizing.

  5. A kiss-in is a good idea but it’s not by nice little gestures that we will EVR teach the bigots a lesson. A better stance would have been to call let’s say for a month-long complete boycott of all businesses associated with the mall…that surely would have jolted people into thinking twice about attacking our community. But hey they can keep doing it because the only way we retaliate is with a kiss-in! And some of us still wonder WHY we kept being bullied, villified and abused !? When we are slapped we should punch back, when push, kick back. Isn’t it time we learned some proper lessons in survival from the black or jewish communities ??

    1. David Myers 7 Mar 2013, 8:24am

      You are advocating a secondary boycott which is not fair to businesses in the mall who welcome their GLBTQ customers.

  6. I live in Roseville,just a few miles from the mall. This is a predominately white,upper middle class, conservative lot. They voted for Romney 59% vs Obama 39%- lots of Evangelicals,Mormons & Catholics. We live here due to my husband’s job otherwise no way. There are lots of gays & lesbians here though most are very low key. I’ve had a few weird instances as well,I can absolutely believe the guard singled them out. We’ll be at the protest Sat!

    1. Bruce Laidlaw 6 Mar 2013, 10:55pm

      Great, Mike! I wish I could be there too!

    2. David Myers 7 Mar 2013, 8:25am

      Thank Mike from those of us who don’t live near there and can’t be there.

  7. Smooches all around!!

  8. Beverly Kearney 6 Mar 2013, 6:29pm

    Thank you so much for your support from across the pond!!!! My mum is english and my sibs are all in the UK!! Makes me all warm and fuzzy!

  9. Isn’t this protest going too militant on the demand for LGBT equality? The security guard probably acted out of his/her belief system. Now if the shopping center’s manager, who is supposed to represent the establishment, were to have done that, I’d call it discrimination.

    1. David Myers 7 Mar 2013, 8:28am

      Are you kidding? So if the security guard didn’t think muslims or blacks should be allowed in the mall because their presence was against his belief system, that would be alright? Come-on! Have some sense.

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