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US: Kentucky Senate committee to hear ‘legalised discrimination’ anti-gay bill

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Reader comments

  1. Well in that case, I believe that people shouldn’t work on Sundays in Kentucky, otherwise I’d have to kill them. Nice logic.

    1. And it’s my sincerely held religious belief that the Sabbath is a Saturday, so death to all Sunday-infidels!

      We might end up with all the religionistas killing each other. Now THAT’S nice logic :)

      1. Har Davids 7 Mar 2013, 7:07am

        And don’t forget: death to the wearers of mixed fibres, disobedient kids, witches etc.

  2. Religion poisons everything.

    Simple truth – Unless everyone has freedom, no one does.

  3. Robert White 6 Mar 2013, 11:49pm

    Well back to Stoning, Honor Killings, and Hand Choppings it is then…

  4. And what beggars belief is that there still are gays and lesbians who do not understand that religion is our mortal enemy. What more do they need as proof that we haven’t already had? More bullying, more teenage suicides, more beatings, more discriminatory laws ?

  5. I agree with the previous authors who wrote of killing those who work on Sundays (or Saturdays) – it is an absurdly ill thought out piece of legislation which will only be brought into disrepute when the one on the receiving end of the unfair action is an evangelical. Are there any thuggees in Kentucky? (Thuggees regarded their killing of their victims as a form of workship of Kali.)

  6. So under this bill terrorist (like 9/11) can’t be prosecuted and are protected cause they have a strong sincere religious belief for their actions…

  7. Ok, nice non-Christians of Kentucky, I propose a new Anti-Christian religion where all followers are obligated by their God(s) (whichever way you guys like it) to TP all Christian houses, churches, cars, bikes, cemeteries, schools and the like, and also to scream loudly in horror pointing at churches whenever they pass by it, preferably WHILE TP’ing it.

    What, it’s gonna be LEGAL!

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