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US: DC Comics artist pulls out of illustrating Superman comic due to anti-gay author furore

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Reader comments

  1. the artist did NOT quit “due to anti-gay author”.

    had he actually taken a principled stand and SAID that was why he was quitting it would be a completely different story.

    what he said was:
    “The media surrounding this story reached the point where it took away from the actual work, and that’s something I wasn’t comfortable with.”

    In other words, he blames the media attention for his leaving.

    Unless he specifies that he disagrees with O.S.C and his homophobic rants, and that THAT is why he quit, then Mr. Sprouse deserves no praise from the LGBT community.

    Please find a journalist willing to ask the “tough” questions and get a straight (no pun intended) answer from the artist. Otherwise, Sprouse is just someone who is trying to avoid the media attention. For all we know, he also holds views in line with OSC, but simply doesn’t want to be confronted about them by the media.

  2. Well, whatever the reason, it would make sense for DC to ditch the bigot.
    I mean, It’s fine to hold bigoted views in private, I believe people are entitled to hold such views, even though I strongly disagree with them. I don’t want to go into penalizing people for ‘thought crimes’ alone. However, when someone ‘publicly speaks out their bigoted views, respectable companies like DC should think long and hard about employing such people.

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