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Study: HIV linked to greater risk of heart attacks

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  1. So people with HIV need to take extra care to keep their hearts in the best condition. Heart attacks usually strike when the heart’s arteries are blocked, severely reducing or stopping blood from reaching part of the heart muscle. Attacks are usually preceded by the buildup inside the artery walls of fatty deposits or plaque, which can rupture, causing a blood clot to form and block the artery. So when the blood supply is cut off for more than a few minutes the result can be deadly.

    Good diet and regular vigorous exercise are key for anybody who wants to keep the heart in the best condition and reduce the chances of a heart attack.

    And the other thing to remember is: heart attacks can strike at ANY age, though of course they’re more likely as one gets older!

    1. I agree we all have to be mindful of the effects of lifestyle on heart health & what this study confirms is that having a +ve diagnosis is an independent risk factor. The particular paper that this article is based on, was originally presented back in 2011 & has helped confirm the link HIV & some ARV’s have on the body, particularly within an older age group. The original study itself did have some limitations which included the absence of data relating to inflammatory makers in the study participants. This is critical as we know that low level HIV replication causes inflammation which can cause the development of atherosclerosis as you describe above.

      We should also remember that cardio-vascular risk assessment is routinely carried out annually for +ve patients here in the UK – this is not the case in the States. My most recent QRisk score suggests I am at a 7.5% risk of having a heart attack or stroke in the next 10 yrs, this is because my cholesterol is higher than it should be.

      1. As a population group +ve individuals are very well monitored for underlying health risks & very often these can be mitigated against, possibly a change of ARV’s, or adding in a statin in the case of high cholesterol. I have been offered a statin but I believe my diet can be modified sufficiently to help keep my cholesterol in check, hopefully in the next 3 months this is bear fruit.

        The point here is that clinicians in the UK are very good at picking up these sort of risks – a good GP should be regularly assessing heart attack risk in men over 45, but given men are very often are adverse to going to their GP then often these things are not picked up early enough. In a perverse way because of my +ve diagnosis I am probably in better shape because of all the monitoring that goes with the condition – it is much more than viral load & CD4 counts – sadly many patients & some Dr’s only focus on these two results.

  2. Samuel B. 6 Mar 2013, 9:12pm

    So perhaps this study’s alarming findings could form the basis of one of many *HIV deterrent* campaigns with similar impacting themes that are needed right now to make gay men pause to take stock before routinely abandoning condoms?

    *Note I no longer use the term “HIV prevention”, since the HIV sector/industry has now twisted and subverted that term’s true meaning and is pushing testing and early treatment under the guise of so-called “HIV prevention”.

    1. Do you know your heart attack / stroke 10 year risk score? Do you smoke? What is your blood pressure & cholesterol? When were they last checked? Do you have abdominal obesity? Do you have a sedentary lifestyle? Should you be alarmed? Some perspective is much needed Samuel!

      No organisation is going to base a public health campaign on the findings of one study. The risk smoking poses to people living with HIV is much much greater than the independent risk associated with an HIV diagnosis – simplistic & knee jerk reaction as always!

      1. Samuel B. 7 Mar 2013, 3:45pm

        So even when the science which you claim to be driven by confirms our worst fears, you then set out to debunk its findings?

        I think that tells us all we need to know:- whatever the weather W6 is here to push the wonders and marvels of these ultimately lethal treatments onto those both with HIV and as a preventive tool for those without.

        You have even set yourself up as an ambassador for the pharma industry to push your one-sided “all-is-rosy-in-the-garden” deception about these toxic compounds while denying the science the debunking science.

        Shameless is one word that springs to mind here.

        1. If you took the time to read (and more importantly understand) my postings you would recognise that I acknowledge that having HIV is an independent risk factor of heart attack – it is you who is “debunking the science” because you don’t understand it & rather than admit that you make interpretations that are clearly wrong.

          This study is a out HIV not the drugs used to treat it, but in your usual way you have to bring in your warped view on the Pharma Co’s. #broken record

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