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Florida: 12 charged in connection with the hazing death of gay student Robert Champion

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Reader comments

  1. The herd mentality encouraged at many American universities turns a lot of kids into little monsters thanks to organised sports, fraternities, etc…and surprise, surprise, most go on to become Republicans

      1. Patricia McLaughlin 6 Mar 2013, 4:06pm

        But they are in Boston at a liberal college.

  2. Because beating someone to death is an accident? These animals meant to kill this guy, it’s murder and more than likely a hate crime.

    1. Yes, why manslaughter? Seems to me that this was not an accident. Don’t they have second degree murder in the US if they’re not sure it was premeditated?

      1. Yes finn we do and they should have probably sought it in this case.

  3. Garry Cassell 6 Mar 2013, 3:32pm

    This is simply intentional murder and should be convicted as such and they should get nothing less than the death sentence for such crimes…but again the religious right nuts will say they were just going by what God instructed them to do…

    1. So awful. How can you beat someone to death?

  4. You know, this is the first time that I’ve even heard or read that he was gay. But, I am pretty sure that if it was a hate crime, his family would have made sure to let the world know what is just what it was.

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