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Comment: PinkNews founder Benjamin Cohen’s Radio 4 broadcast is not blasphemous

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Reader comments

  1. Thank god ….

  2. ColinJones 6 Mar 2013, 2:24pm

    Although I’m an atheist I listen to most of BBC radio’s religious programmes (?!) including Lent Talks,so I’ll certainly be tuning in tonight.I only discovered this website in December but now I can’t imagine life without it, you’re a hero Mr C.

  3. The “blasphemy” accusation is so medieval and anyone still using it in 21st Century UK needs to be treated as a laughing stock.

  4. Chester666666 6 Mar 2013, 2:40pm

    As it’s homophobes who are claiming this then (of course) there’s no blasphemy, I can see what parallels that are there.

  5. Robert in S. Kensington 6 Mar 2013, 5:28pm

    I’m surprised we haven’t heard from Sharon James and Anne Widdecombe.

    James just said recently that because she opposes civil marriage equality doesn’t maker her homophobic or a bigot and that she has 4 gay people who agree with her. 4, is that all and are they really gay or just pretending? Where are those”many” gays both she and Widdecombe claimed were opposed to equal marriage during the consultation.

  6. Who cares whether it was blasphemous or not?

    Blasphemy is an empty accusation made by the feeble-minded.

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