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US: Pastor sentenced for kidnap of girl doesn’t regret keeping her from her lesbian mother

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Reader comments

  1. Disgusting, but then religion is more important than the rule of law in america.

    1. Actually, it’s not. That’s why the jackass was convicted…but thanks for the overgeneralization.

      1. Ninth Sphere 5 Mar 2013, 7:57pm

        Actually, it is…Most judges in the U.S. are implementing extreme conservatism in their judgements. This judge just happened to be one of the few that has not yet lost his mind!

  2. Your “Christian convictions” do not justify violating human rights, mister reverend. I hope they can get the girl safely back to her home. Growing up in such a closely constricting environment is more damaging than allowing her to grow up with her mother.

    1. Jonathan Wright 5 Mar 2013, 8:15pm

      Just like in this country, further ‘proof’ that religion see’s itself above ‘human rights’ and that the former shouldn’t be trumped when it wishes to ‘express’ itself.

  3. “Attorney Christina Nolan argued that Rev Miller’s actions were, in fact, far removed from Christian ideals of love”

    Quite right. And to see how christians whine on about ‘thinking of the children’ – yet they’re quite happy to deprive this little girl of her mother for no reason whatsoever. What an evil thing to do.

    I bet the little girl’s being fed lies about her other mother too. For her sake I hope she’s found. How horrible to use a child in such a way and pretend it’s ‘christian’. It’s not, it’s hateful and selfish.

  4. All the obvious arguments aside, I can’t help but feel just how sad this case is. No-one wins in this situation, certainly not the child, now in a strange country away from all she knows… And for what? The selfish needs of a parent who is trying to run from something she cannot run from, which is who she is.

    Self hate seems to be the most destructive kind

  5. This happens all the time in straight divorces. The mother moves to another town, making it hard for the child to have contact with his/her father. It seems the judge ruled well in this case (though we don’t know all the facts). I don’t know why he bothered to admire the cretinous pastor’s convictions before he ruled against him. They sound pretty warped to me.

  6. Now a scared little American child who had a whole future ahead is going to have to be raised in a third-world country where almost half of the population live below the poverty line among a group of fanatical religious people. Thanks Christianity for once again showing how unnecessary and harmful you are in the world of the 21th century and that the only place you deserve to be is in the trash of greatest plagues of the history of mankind !!

  7. Admired the strength of his convictions…

    They should say that next time somebody kills a family member because they hear voices telling them to. Or next time somebody plans an attack on the US because they think it’s what Allah wants.

  8. er actually he should regret it – the bible states that kidnapping is a sin and kidnappers cant inherit eternal life.

    the pastor aided the repentant lesbian? LOL Actually the child belongs to the mother who gave the seed .true., even if the seed giver is a lesbian the lesbian mother is the true mother not any partner that may have married the seed giving mother.

    This needs to be gotten right

    1. I disagree – I may be the ‘birth’ mother of my son but he is OUR son – equally. This woman has acted in an appalling manner though & needs to be arrested. The next time some fundie cries ‘think of the children’ in relation to same sex parenting – I may just explode.

  9. Lisa Miller’s ‘renouncement’ of her sexual identity as gay is the very fodder bigoted Christians use as examples that LGBT people as not born gay.

    Ms Miller is probably bisexual and her renouncing her lesbian past does not make her straight. She’ll probably still bisexual but not wanting to experience the same-sex attraction part of her that is still within her.

  10. Captain Proton 6 Mar 2013, 6:45am

    Since he obeys the law of god above government law, I wonder if he pays taxes.
    A nice tax investigation could tie him up in court for years and years, well beyond 27 months.

  11. We have gone down a very sorry road, where the law allows homosexuals to adopt children, and defends them, while criminalising those who act to prevent it. It’s a terrible tragedy.

    1. Children deserve GOOD parents. The parents’ sexuality or race has no bearing whatsoever on their ability to be a good parent. I’d presume you’d pick a bad straight parent over a good gay one then?? Nice…

      The only ‘sorry road’ humanity has gone down is the one that seeks to pick out a group of human beings to discriminate against and denigrate for no reason whatsoever other than their sexuality, the colour of their skin, etc.

      1. I certainly wouldn’t wish a bad parent on any child, nor can it be inferred from my disapproval of homosexual adoption that I would. I would say it is right to wait for suitable heterosexual parents to come along, rather than give them to two homosexuals – of either sex.

        Since I became an adult, I have not picked on homosexuals as a group to denigrate them, nor picked on any individual to denigrate him/her on the grounds of their sexuality. In general I think of them and treat them as equal, fellow human beings. But I do not agree with homosexual adoption (I’m sorry, I thoroughly dislike the use of the word ‘gay’ in this context) because it is not natural; it denies a child the basic human right to be brought up in an environment of sexual parity, with a mother and a father whose inputs are complementary. For the same reason I disagree with allowing single people – of either sex – to adopt. (Contd)

        1. And the fact that some children, by some tragic circumstance, are unfortunately left with only one natural parent, cannot be used as an argument to justify this practice.

    2. It’s a terrible tragedy that you have nothing better to do than post s**t like this on a gay news site. Bored much?

      1. I read Pink News, and other ‘gay’ sites, because I am interested to hear homosexuals’ opinions on issues such as this (and homosexual marriage, Christian attitudes to homosexuality, etc.). As equal, fellow human beings, your opinions are to be valued. I certainly don’t make posts such as these out of boredom. And I am no troll (I know you didn’t use the word, but in case you or anyone else thinks it).

        My comments are not motivated by hatred, but by sincere belief.

  12. Rev. Miller has no idea the long lasting harm he and her mother are doing to this child. She will suffer for the rest of her life not knowing or thinking that her other mother a: abandoned her b: does not want her or c: is dead, as this is what many abducting parents tell their child. she may grow up and look fine on the outside but inside she will have trouble trusting ANYONE ever again, she will have either no ability to maintain a relationship or go after those who will abandon her. The child thinks its their fault the other parent is not there, or there fault they had to move so far away to a difficult country. The child internalizes everything even if her mother tries to convince her it’s not her fault. Brainwashing also occurs in hostage events even with a parental abduction. In some ways parental abduction is worse than stranger abduction because the person you most trust in the world has taken you from everything you know. How could you ever trust again?

  13. friday jones 6 Mar 2013, 10:21pm

    Put him in general population in a regular prison instead of a county jail and let’s see just how mush of a “spiritual retreat” he finds it when he’s been tattooed as property.

    1. Your hatred of this man really shines through. So you prefer vindictiveness and revenge over justice, do you?

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