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US: Gay solider Bradley Manning nominated for 2013 Nobel Peace Prize

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Reader comments

  1. do i detect a hint of ciswashing?

    1. In the absence of a statement by Manning (or his lawyer) that he is trans, you could be accused of transwashing for claiming that he is trans

      1. The lack of a statement doesn’t change the fact that there is a lot more evidence for them being trans then gay…

        Why is this article default to gay?

        1. There is no ‘evidence’ that he is trans – there is speculation and allegation that he is trans.

          But zero evidence.

          Outing people against their will is wrong, unless that person it harming their community. Manning has not harmed the trans community

          He allegedly told his superiors that he is trans. Fine. But his superiors are the ones who have jailed him without charge for years. You believe them?

          He has not come out as trans, so to assign a trans identity to him, without either he or his lawyer confirming it, is the very essence of trans cisphobia (and perhaps a touch of homophobia to boot.)

  2. I’m sorrry, but I find nominating anyone in the military for such a prize to be extremely reprhensible, regardless of what he may have done for gay rights. As a gay person myself, I am offended by this action.

  3. He’s a traitor.

    1. Whistleblowing is not traitorous.

      It is necessary.

      If the US Army has engaged in torture; warcrimes or illegal activities in warzones then it absolutely should be exposed.

  4. How many years has Manning been held without trial already.

    Hopefully this nomination will bring publicity to the fact that he has been jailed without charge or trial for years.

  5. I hope they award Manning the Peace Prize, not just because his courageous action has done much to promote world peace by showing up the Americans and their allies – including the British – as murderous, bullying warmongering hypocrites, but also to balance the absurdity of Obama being given it when he was first elected….

  6. Mr. Manning should be considered a zero not a hero.

    While some of his criminal actions may have contributed to peace, others did not.

    For example, leaking confidential diplomatic information of the Palestinian Authority undermined the ability of the Palestinians to make a territorial compromise with Israel.

    Compromise and Diplomatic secrecy are crucial to more peace in the world.

    The Nobel prize should never be awarded to someone who has undermined diplomacy.

    1. You speak as if ‘diplomacy’ is something amazing and brilliant.

      It is not – it is merely political maneuvering. Nothing more, nothing less.

      Diplomacy is merely trading.

      Undermining political maneuvering is perfectly acceptable,.

      1. JesseBecker 6 Mar 2013, 8:45pm

        Going against a code that you agreed to is not acceptable.

        He is a traitor. Pure and simple.

  7. Helge Vladimir Tiller 5 Mar 2013, 7:12pm

    Seems like a good and positive person this Manning ! But he will never receive the Peace Prize.The Committee is extremely USA-friendly, amounting to absurdity. ( from Norway )

  8. Long overdue!

  9. Harlequin 6 Mar 2013, 2:31pm

    I just wonder what a ‘solider’ is supposed to be. Someone who has become more solid?

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