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UK: Lawyer calls for police investigation into the sexual conduct of Cardinal O’Brien

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Reader comments

  1. Craig Denney 5 Mar 2013, 11:42am

    Let him burn (in hell)!

  2. casparthegood 5 Mar 2013, 11:43am

    Good luck with that but I suspect it will get nowhere. Might make O’brien sweat for a bit tho

  3. Under Canon Law Catholic Priests are allowed to lie – to protect the Church. Tens of thousands of children abused by catholic priests and nuns and their families have experienced that.

    And the wictims have been ignored, silenced and frozen out from their congregations .. and even seen vicious wictim blaming from all levels of leaders in Catholic Church. I can see it happening in this case too. Former Cardinal O’Brien sure doesn’t have a history of practising what he preached. But his vile homophobic attacks on LGBTQ people all makes sense now …

    1. casparthegood 5 Mar 2013, 12:07pm

      Scottish Law rightly trumps their canon law and it should not be regarded as a “get out of jail free card” for any crime commited by a priest . Anyone found lying to a court is done for perjury or the equivalent regardless of motive/intent.

    2. Do you have a speech impediment?,

      1. Are you taking the micky out of peolpe with disabilities? It is a crime you know now..

      2. Thanks jenia for adding so much to our discussion.

  4. Just goes to show ,never trust a homosexual.

    1. or a heterosexual either as supposedly he made the stupid f*** rules to do with church in th first place not God….

    2. More like never trust a serious self-hating closet case.

  5. Cardinal Keith O’Brien is now in hiding in a safe house in England. I take that this move was made on legal advice given that English Law and Scot’s Law are discrete entities (they are not connected simply because both countries are in the UK), and this move may be a way of trying to evade any upcoming criminal investigation by the Scot’s police and courts. But as the saying goes: ‘You can run, but you can’t hide.’

    1. Fascinating, Mike! And disgusting. But also revealing. If it is true that the disgraced ex-cardinal has chosen to hide in England in order to evade Scottish law, then we have evidence that his sorrow and pleas for “forgiveness” two days ago were totally insincere – not that I thought they were otherwise.

      The man may not be sorry at all.

      All the more reason to bring him to justice for the sexual harassment of juniors in his care!

      A parliamentary committee should summon the new head of Catholic Church PLC to Westminster and subject him to the most testing scrutiny re. the activities of his employees on British soil!

    2. This safe house. Who is safe? Him or his victims?

      1. By the crazy logic of the Catholic Church he is now safe from the devious seduction and temptation those priest made on him, the only reason why he did those things. But if you are not mentally insane like most Catholics and your brain works with the healthy standard of logics and reason his victims now are the ones safe, now that everyone knows what he is and what he has done.

    3. The Scottish police would still be able to arrest O’Brien even if he was England. There was a story in the paper today about a man who comitted murder in Scotland and got on a train to London. The Scottish police found out and had their counterparts in London arrest the man as he got off the train.

      But I have read in the news that the police can’t do anything about this complaint because the complaint diesn’t include details of any criminal act.

  6. Am I wrong after all this time of fighting against him to have a small amount of pity? Having been a Roman Catholic knowing what the hierachy is like knowing what they put you through, keepingin the closet the laws the endless shit… the endless dogma, reading that he has been an obvious homosexual for all his life and obviously trying to run from it and fainly dismally and ending up commiting crime its just awful.. so yes I pity him.. I feel anger and he should be punished by law (although I can’t see it happening)….but the pity is still there… if the Catholic church had married, women and gay priests openly there probably would not be half this stuff going on , its not an excuse for his behaviour but it is a reason.

    1. No you are not wrong; but, there is a timing factor: processing through and healing of open wounds. Truly, the lashing out is against the actions and thought system that exist in religion, and this man is the face and hand of it in the UK. We are dealing with thousands of years of hate and fear against us. Victims are entitled to there feelings, anger, process, and healing before they need to deal with healing or rehabiliting an abuser, if they need to be involved with that process at all.

    2. No, I wouldn’t pity him, Fenric, all along he has been responsible for his own behaviour, as we all are. At any point in his long career in the church he could have walked away from it. He may have been tempted to many times in fact, but he CHOSE not to. He chose to stay, and while staying to sexually harass junior employees of the church who were in his care, in his power. Feel no pity for him. Pity the poor child born HIV+ through no choice of his or her own: but feel no pity for the deliberate choices of disgraced ex-cardinal Keith O’Brien of the Roman Cult.

      1. I was trying to but I couldn’t have said more right. Thanks Eddy.

    3. We all face temptation and deal with it in different ways. Many priests struggle with their vows. Some end up in consensual relationships and good luck to them. But this powerful career cleric abused vulnerable youngsters and has led a vicious campaign against homosexual people. I feel no more pity for him than I do for Hitler, who also met a sticky end. Amen.

    4. The only pity is that he didn’t end up becoming Pope…then being found out…..But even if he hadn’t become pope, but had voted for the next one, it would have been wonderful timing to expose him just as the new Pope was being consecrated (or whatever they do)…such a wasted opportunity…

  7. Robert in S. Kensington 5 Mar 2013, 12:25pm

    The fact that the church conducts its own investigations and doesn’t make its findings known to the public proves that it always has something to hide. I thought honesty and telling the truth were chrisitan tenets but obviously in the case of this cult, they aren’t. Lie as much as you can, deny the truth and cover up the facts as long as the good name of the catholic cult is maintained at all costs. Four of those five priests who came forward will probably face retribution or some form of discipline from their bishops. Vile, disgusting, evil.

  8. It is absolutely right that the police investigate the claims that have been made.

    They were quick enough to investigate in the Jimmy Saville case and this should not be treated any differently because it is the church.

    1. In fact they only investigated Jimmy Saville after he died. Let’s hoped they’ve learned from that case.

  9. Well done, Mr. Nick Freeman! This is exactly what I and my partner, and I am sure thousands of other LGBTs, have been hoping for.

    I only hope you succeed. We shall be watching and waiting. Proceed carefully and don’t let the blighter get away without civil examination.

    Catholic Church PLC must be held accountable for its conduct on British soil, just like every other organization and institution! It cannot be above the law. It cannot be treated as if “other”, as if immune from prosecution.

  10. Will he borrow Ubergruppenfuhrer Raztis’ pink dancing shoes for his coming out parade and will his first dance be with Alex Salmond, who bitched Stonewall so much? WHERE has he legged it to? Why does the poperty machine at the Vatican refuse an investigation and refuse to say when they were informed of O’Brien’s alleged assaults? Will he lash himself before appearing on “Strictly Come dancing”? will he get away with the alleged assaults? will he be jailed for preaching hatred and provoking legitimacy of gaybashings to drunked druggies who bash queers at night? Will the Scottish legislature now ask coroners for info in gay suicide cases as to whether the deceased spoke of the effects of religious hate crimes before death?

    1. We don’t have coroners in Scotland.

  11. He should dragged from his lair and probed.

  12. Paul (Canada) 9 Mar 2013, 4:27pm

    I’m confused. If he’s not a pedo or rapist, no crime has been committed.

    1. Paul, here in the UK the sexual harassment of people in your care or in your employ is a serious offence. Right now Lord Rennard of the Liberal Democrat Party is to be the subject of two enquiries due to claims by women that he sexually harassed them while they were in his employ. People here in the UK quite freqently take cases to tribunals because of having been sexually harassed at work. It appears that O’Brien sexually harassed young men in his power and care, young men training to become priests. That means, effectively, that he abused his authority. Seminarians aren’t paid by their religious superiors. The church doesn’t operate in exactly the same way as companies with regard to the rewards it provides. But the principle is the same: whether you work for points in heaven or for a salary, you are entitled to work unharassed by those above you.

    2. But he is a rapist, he confessed himself.

  13. attanasio66 11 Mar 2013, 5:56pm

    “Could end up facing a criminal enquiry”. COULD? It would be a disgrace if a proper investigation is not carried out. As it would be a disgrace if Ratzinger was not brought to The Hague…

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