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Survey: 338 LGBT Brazilians murdered in 2012 a rise of 26%

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Reader comments

  1. andrew howard-williams 5 Mar 2013, 10:22pm

    My husband and I read this article and although we cannot do much about what is happening to our fellow LGBT their what we all can do is to refuse to buy any products which come from Brazil such as Corned Beef. Maybe if the country was losing finance they might take notice.
    Our Coalition Government should also make its position clear to Brazil concerning LGBT people. Too many LGBT are dying there.

    1. ChrisMorley 5 Mar 2013, 11:28pm

      Great to be taking action, these figures are truly shocking.

      ‘There’s an awful lot of coffee in Brazil’ so boycotting Brazilian coffee is much more relevant to most people than skipping corned beef.

      Where do Starbucks and other chain coffeeshops source their coffee? If you search for Brazilian on their website there are 64 results. I’d never use Starbucks as a matter of principle but they did get some gay brownie points recently for publicly supporting equal marriage.

      You need to tell Brazil what you are doing – write to the Embassy,
      and write to your MP and ask them what the UK is doing about this.

    2. Boycotting Brazilian goods will do nothing to help improve the situation of LGBT people there. This is a childish proposal. It’s through cooperation via trade, culture, etc., that we can influence Brazilian society.

  2. On the other hand 6 Mar 2013, 12:52am

    These figures are terrible, but it would be helpful to know the overall murder figures for the population, so we can see what percentage of murders are attributable to homophobia, and how violent the society is generally.

    1. My thoughts exactly. If you look at world murder rates, Brazil is up there not far from the top. Put that together with a society where LGBT people are a lot more visible than say anywhere in Africa for example, and this may not be proof of greater homophobia in Brazil than anywhere else.

      It is dangerous to take statistics out of context and then start proposing boycotts.

  3. Very sad statistics! Brazil has a total population of 194 million, I wonder if the 338 murders are all related to homophobic killings or if a percentage of these murders have anything to do with domestic violence between gay couples where one is a murder victim?

    I can understand the terrible figure for the trans community because the nature of the work that many of them do unfortunately puts them at great risk.

    1. They only do that sort of work because it’s the only work they can do. Most trans people, especially trans women and especially in a place like Brazil, would never be able to get a normal job because of fierce discrimination.

  4. Brazil is more Gay friendly than the United States

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