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Mississippi: Family of gay murdered mayoral candidate say he was ‘beaten, dragged and burned’

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Reader comments

  1. Pure evil so disgusting :(

  2. Liam the God 5 Mar 2013, 1:24pm

    Mississippi Burning, anyone? Back to 1860.

    1. The guy being charged with the murder is African-American too. As is the sheriff of that town, the mayor, and most of the citizens. So you can all shush-up with your liberal “Mississippi Burning” fantasies.

  3. That poor man. My heart goes out to him for what he went through and for his family. And when he was fighting to make such wonderful changes.

    1. christophern 5 Mar 2013, 9:44pm

      What’s new? It’s no secret that the embers of a once very hot racism still glow warm underneath Mississippi’s mask of smiles and “all’s well”. McMillan —like Harvey Milk— must have surely understood the risks he was taking, *especially* in Mississippi (which doesn’t excuse this heinous crime!).
      However, if his life shall not have been taken in vain —and moreover, if his life should serve for substantial change in Mississippi— this event.. this crime… would first have to become regarded as a watershed event, not unlike the assassination of Milk or even Medgar Evers…NOT an “ordinary crime”.

      For anyone —especially those of who are shocked and repulsed by this animalistic barbary — to treat
      this as an ordinary crime does disservice not only to the memory of this man, but to humanity as well.
      Law enforcement agencies who
      do this are guilty of the same level cynicism as Hitler’s nazis … or Bull Connor’s deputies.

      Don’t let up on ’em, Mississippi LGBT. Ever.

      1. And with all that high-falutin’ talk, you couldn’t even bother to look up a photo of the alleged murderer ? Do you know that most murders in the U.S., including in Mississippi (38 percent black) are intra-racial? Yet you assumed, automatically, a WHITE person did it..??

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