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LGBT Catholics displaced by cancelled Soho masses welcomed into Jesuit church

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Reader comments

  1. Well done Jesuits, I was educated by them in the far west of Ireland and they were nothing but the most understanding people I have met, my love of art and all that goes with it is down to them. (and they never even tried to touch me!!)

    1. (and they never even tried to touch me!!)

      That will be a first.

      1. Well, I had a 65-year-old Jesuit professor of philosophy touch me up when I was 14 years old! He talked my parents into letting him take me off to a beach one sunny summer’s afternoon, and he got us snuggled down in the sand dunes, and then he started on about puberty, as if taking on the role of kindly father figure, and then when he came to informing me of the all the bodily changes I would be noticing, he asked if I was developing pubic hairs and hair in my armpits. At the very same moment he reached forth, put one hand on my leg and shoved the other under my arm and started feeling around. I froze, shocked at the intrusion, he withdrew and he thankfully never tried it on again. And, sadly, like a good boy I failed to report the incident to my parents.

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 5 Mar 2013, 12:17pm

      Yes, they are construed as the intellectuals of the church, the more reasoned kind which can hardly be said of the hierarchy at home and in Rome. That said, I still had to renounce my faith which was and remains in conflict with who I am as a gay man. Catholicism is totally incompatible, far too judgmental, rigid and unyielding.

      1. Yes, they are construed as the intellectuals of the church, but do you know, Robert, that they have also a reputation for being horrifyingly disciplined? My brother dutifully went off to become a Jesuit priest, the creme de la creme of all forms of priest. When he came home each year for a brief holiday we saw he had marks on his back and on the back of his legs. He explained that each Jesuit seminarian had been given a special whip, to keep under the pillow at night, to administer to himself in the event of “unwholesome thoughts”, to “quell the desires of the flesh”.

        Sick! Totally sick! Perverted actually. After two years my brother left, toured the world, found a girl, got married, had kids, dropped religion entirely. But many of his fellow seminarians went on to become furtherers of sick and perverted Jesuit practices.

  2. On the other hand 5 Mar 2013, 12:25am

    Nice to see a happy ending for these people after the shameful way they were treated by the hierarchy.

  3. The one to watch now – and not let off the hook on iota- is that Vincent Nichols.

  4. dorset bob 5 Mar 2013, 7:33am

    Out of the frying pan………….Please dont imagine that welcoming equals approval. tears will follow. Remember its still the Catholic Church

    1. Dorset Bob, you speak wisely. The cunning and crafty manipulators who run the Catholic Church have moved their queer Catholics from the middle of queer Soho for a very “good” reason. They have moved them into the heart of possible the most conservative and backward localities in Britain: Mayfair.

      I challenge the LGBT Catholics who have been forced to traipse into the heart of Tory Mayfair to “celebrate” “Holy Mass”, to speak up and challenge the clergy there and to see just how accommodating those clergy will be towards an LGBT form of the Catholic cult.

      That’s when, as you say, there’ll be tears. (Unless of course the LGBTs who migrate to the heart of Mayfair are of the complete-sucker/complete-loser/total-masochist variety who just love to be treated as second-raters!)

      1. You know Mayfair and soho are only opposite sides of Regent Street? And that they share Westminster City Councillors?

        It’s not like they’ve been exiled to the outer Hebrides.

  5. There are no doubt good people in the Catholic Church, including amongst the clergy; and there are clearly some very devout LGBT Catholics. I wish them well but they surely realise that the message communicated by their church is often nothing short of malevolent. Their continued membership endorses it even whilst they petition for change within it. I hope that their efforts succeed even whilst I cannot share their theism.

    1. I do not wish them well. These Quislings should wake up and realise that they are doing the gay cause no favours by trying to integrate with our number one enemy. the word “traitor” is not too strong for them. If they must be Christians, there are plenty of gay friendly churches they can attend.

      and apart from all that how they reconcile themselves intellectually to a church fundamentally opposed to any monogamous gay relationship is beyond me.

  6. This will end badly.
    The Jesuits will be told to kick them out.
    That’s Catholicism for you

    LGBT catholics are masochistic inn their love of rejection

    1. I don’t think the Jesuits will be told to kick them out. I think the plan is to assimilate them, meaning in this case to shut them up, by stopping them mentioning anything to do with LGBT issues, women Priests, etc. Perhaps they will also hand out little whips, like to their seminarians, as mentioned in another of the comments here.

  7. malcanoid 5 Mar 2013, 1:52pm

    Would some please explain to me how LGTB people can be kicked out of one church and welcomed in another. Does Nicholls writ not run with the Jesuits? Are they defying him? I don’t understand it at all!

    1. Malconoid, I’m not sure of exactly what has gone on but an LGBT Catholic stated in a thread last week that the Jesuits had taken on the role of ministering to Soho’s LGBT by arrangement with the diocese of Westminster, by arrangement with homophobe Vincent Nichols. See my posting above for my theory as to what is actually going on. Clue: when considering the motives of the Catholic Church, try to think like member of the Italian mafia, or a sly old witch in rural Ireland of years gone by. Let no cunning, devious, or sinister motive be dismissed. The Catholic Church has demonstrated it is capable of most extraordinary skullduggery: all in the cause of perpetuating the myth of “God’s Kingdom Here on Earth”!

    2. The difference is that the church they’ve moved to doesn’t come under the Diocese of Westminster, but is directly under the Order of Jesuits. Before this, most of the Priests at the Soho Masses were also members of religious orders.

      1. The Church of the immaculate Conception, Farm Street is run by Jesuit priests, but it is a parish in the Catholic Diocese of Westminster and its Jesuit parish priest was formally installed there by one of Westminster’s assistant bishops in December 2012.

  8. So basically the catholic church wanted to quash any demand for change in the way lgbt people are treated by the catholic church by moving them out of a dedicated mass and into an apathatic one which one talk about these issues because it doesn’t effect them – i can see straight thru the catholic church here why can nobody else?

    1. Mark Dowd 5 Mar 2013, 6:11pm

      I am grateful that the PinkNews is interested in LGBT Catholics and Soho Masses members welcome coverage. One thing though, the report says that the masses at Warwick Street contravened church teaching. The Archbishop has never said that. In his statement of Jan 2, he merely stressed that he was making room for the Ordinariate of Anglican converts and asking us to practice our pastoral provision to LGBT Catholics, friends and family in Farm Street. If we had contravened teaching, he would not have asked us to do this, nor would he have come on Sunday to support us I suspect!!

      1. Mark, you are a believer. That means you can see nothing but good where there is unreality, delusion, lies, deceit, and manipulation. For heaven’s sake, you’re an adult, aren’t you? Surely it’s time to throw away believing that fairy tales and fantasy and science-fiction is actually true?

      2. Mark your little group does more harm to the LGBT cause than David Burrowes can do in a month of filibustering. How you cannot see the grotesque intellectual inconsistency you show in your desperation not to be kicked out of an organisation which campaigns virulently against the rights of ordinary gay people like us is quite beyond me and I thoroughly resent your disloyalty.

        dawkins characterised religious belief as a mild form of mental illness. That may go too far, but gay catholicism…..

  9. Patricia McLaughlin 5 Mar 2013, 11:27pm

    The thing I remember about the Jesuits is that Japan tossed them out because they had a better spy system than the Japanese government. The Japanese didn’t like that. 1600s somewhere. LOL. Always tickled my fancy.

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