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Iain Dale to takeover LBC 97.3 Drivetime show

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Reader comments

  1. LBC is the most hateful right wing trashy radio station in the Uk. Why the hell is this being presented as good news?

    1. RedDevil9 5 Mar 2013, 6:16pm

      It can be like that sometimes with some of the hosts, I’ve noticed some bad ones on it over the years, but the nighttime ones aren’t so bad, they have some gay presenters doing the late night chat sometimes and they’re pretty good. Cristo Foufas is excellent.

  2. Londinium 5 Mar 2013, 8:01pm

    “the most listened to speech radio broadcaster in London” I rather think not!

    BBC Radio 4: 2,726,000
    LBC 97.3: 809,000

  3. I listen to LBC a lot. It may be trashy and even right wing very often but I have never heard one single anti-Gay or even anti-Equal marriage spoken by any of the presenters. James O’Brien, while rather over-verbose, is fantastic at dealing with homophobic callers.

    1. Ok so as long as they are slagging off diabled people ,poorer people,muslims and black people that’s ok? You do realise gay people belong in all those groups too?

  4. LBC presenters in the main do deal with the homophobes well, could be a number of presenters are gay.

    Wonder what really behind James Whales departure

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