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Russia’s only lesbian glossy magazine goes on sale – but homophobes call it ‘filth’

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Reader comments

  1. There is one thing the homophobes can do abou this magazine.

    They can subscribe to it, and each time a new issue comes out, they can roll it up and suck it.

  2. Liam the God 4 Mar 2013, 10:57pm

    I wonder how many of those complaining have actually READ the publication?

    1. I would be surprised if they even knew how to read, since a recent survey in Russia revealed that one third of Russians still believe the Earth is the center of the Solar system and that the Sun spins around Earth. A land of ignorant, stupid and violent peasants ruled by their loved megalomaniac feudal lords, that’s what Russia was, is and will ever be.

  3. Helge Vladimir Tiller 4 Mar 2013, 11:08pm

    Dark clouds above the Russian LGBT community. Dear friends all around the world. Send your powerful protests to Russian embassies !

    1. More like eternal dark clouds above all Russia. Russia has never heard of equality and human rights for anyone in its history, not since the times of the Novgorod Republic, where apparently they still think they are living.

  4. smith4smith 5 Mar 2013, 1:35am

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  5. Russia is full of filth and dirt, its called heterosexuallism.

  6. Derek Williams 6 Mar 2013, 3:09pm

    It will be banned as Gay Propaganda

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