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James Franco: ‘It is partly my fault’ that people think I’m gay

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Reader comments

  1. Why would it be a “fault”

    1. He didnt say it was his ‘fault’.

  2. Let’s see, gets filmed giving a blow job, does a remake of a gay leather SM sex scene, constantly does things to suggest that he just might be gay…. and then he says that MAYBE he MIGHT have done something to feed the rumour mill?

    Wow, thanks for the update, Captain Obvious.

    And this is exactly why James Franco has completely fallen off my “to watch” list. This obsession of his with appropriating gay culture is on the verge of becoming offensive.

    Either be a straight dude, or come out and be gay. The whole gay-wannabe act is wearing thin.

    1. He is an actor. His job is TO ACT.

  3. I think the guy should be given a break. It seems to me that his contribution is positive. He can’t be short of job offers. His performance in Milk was superb.

  4. James Giraffe 5 Mar 2013, 3:27pm

    I think he is simply wonderful. Him and Daniel Radcliffe are great when it comes to gay issues and gay rights.

  5. James is not gay. Doesnt matter if he is or if he is not. He is a brilliant actor and seems like a good person. I really would love to get to know him and befriend. We need more people like him that really dont care what people think or say about someone. He is a class act. Thats why I love him so much. I will support him in anything that he do.

  6. johnny33308 5 Mar 2013, 7:32pm

    He looks a bit like Rock Hudson in this pic, IMHO. Anyway, the fact that he is playful about the gay rumors is actually funny and it does enhance LGBT people’s chances at gaining total equality the more people talk about this issue. Personally, I rather enjoy him and his roles, and the fact that he is quite positive towards equal rights is appreciated very much by myself, and I’m sure, many others, even if he is not gay….it would be nice if he were though….he is a friend to LGBT people, not an enemy…

  7. the thing about James Franco being gay is this. I would seriously worry about the sucide rate in the homosexual community. This is the gay modern equivelent of James Byron Dean please don’t deny him that aknowledgement but I insit.

    Could you picture the amount of accident deaths gay men would suffer if they knew James Franco was gay?

    First many many hearts would attack if he ever did a male male love scene in a movie, they’d need to give cinema attendacnce more warnings before entering the theatre because viewing could cause males to die from pleasure.

    Second if he even lost a finger through hostage negotiations between nationals many. many gay guys would burn themselves at the stack and start crucifiying each other at request until the eternal pearl that is J. Franc is returned unharmed.

    Finally, the death of James would spark the jumping from tall buildings with inaddequate landing equipment of many gay city guys.

    Jay Franco is celibate M’kay?

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