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Former Polish President refuses to apologise for saying gay people should sit ‘behind a wall’ in parliament

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Reader comments

  1. Walesa make a very good living from speech-making.

    Any group that pays him money to give a speech from now on, is endorsing his extremist views.

    1. Liam the God 4 Mar 2013, 4:43pm

      I think there are quite a few Right-Wing groups in central and eastern Europe; he’ll be making more than ever!

      1. Christopher in Canada 4 Mar 2013, 5:21pm

        Yes, but the Nazi’s HATE the Poles… they see them as sub-human.

        1. Liam the God 4 Mar 2013, 6:38pm

          That’s why I used the term “Right-Wing” instead of Nazi or Fascist.

          1. Christopher in Canada 4 Mar 2013, 11:55pm

            Potato, potato, tomato, tomato.

  2. I can think of another man that had strong views on what he considered worthy minorties and they’re place in the world, it cost some six million polish people there lives.

  3. His named should be scrubbed from the list of Nobel Peace Prize winners

  4. Their lives

  5. I have lived and worked in Poland and there is a great art scene, fresh ideas and the gay scene is friendly but many still live in fear and it is very underground and violence abounds, leading to murder,rape and suicides.Why do we let this inequality go on in an EU country?

  6. Spanner1960 4 Mar 2013, 5:04pm

    Who really cares about the opinions of a homophobic, leftie ex-electrician?

    The man is just like so many other Poles in power – a complete shitbag.

    1. ColinJones 4 Mar 2013, 5:39pm

      Leftie? Are you serious? He was a fan of Margaret Thatcher!

    2. Leftie?

      I hope you are joking.

      If not then I suggest you refrain from making comments if you are not aware of what or who are being discussed.

    3. Another pseudo intellectual comment front xenophobe spanner

  7. Walesa is a simpleton and a self-important person. He is not worth his own legend and usually overestimates his person and services. He is an unwise man.

  8. I’m sure the former Soviet authorities from the Kremlin would have said the same thing about annoying Polish seperatists, installing their minority views on the rest of the USSR.
    As he himself says: “They must know they are a minority and adapt themselves to smaller things, and not rise to the greatest heights”.

  9. OK how many guys has this particular biggot had sex with?

    1. Pope John Paul 2 (allegedly)

  10. Lukefromcanada 4 Mar 2013, 5:59pm

    flaunting what exactly?

    1. That There Other David 4 Mar 2013, 11:40pm

      Our right to exist I suspect? How very dare we!!!

  11. Just today he stated 70% of Poles were behind him and he would not apologize. It will be interesting to see his next audience. I bet the easy money from foreign appearances by this false hero is now a distant possibility.

    1. I feel very sorry for the aforesaid 70% of Poles behind him, considering the crap he puts out.

  12. I think we should concentrate on the fact that Polish political establishment condemned Mr Walensa’s comments rather then on what he has said

  13. Suddenly Last Bummer 4 Mar 2013, 7:13pm

    Interesting, he’s all for worker’s rights but not human rights.

  14. Pavlos Prince of Greece 4 Mar 2013, 8:16pm

    Characteristic reaction to this (and other forms of homophobia in Eastern Europe) in the West is: ‘how is this possible? They was so in favor of democracy and human rights 1989, an now … God, what is happen?’ Sad true is, that independence movements in this part of Europe in 80-es and 90-es was indeed never about democracy and human rights (at least in Western form), but about revival of old national-clerical paradigm, something like new Restauration, after failing experiment of leftist Revolution. Mr. Walesa was never Polish Mandela – indeed, he was and is more close to Pinochet. If he and very big part of Polish (Lithuanian, Hungarian, Slovakian) society must be choose between two words in the name of they state: “Republic” and “Poland”/’Lithuania”/”Hungary”/”Slovakia”, they decision will be second word, not first.

  15. how disapointing …! Human rights ha ha ha
    What is impressive is the fact that there members of the polish parliment critising him !!!

  16. With approximately 7% of the EU population (not far from the estimated percentage of LGBT people) the Polish are also a minority in Europe. Should they also sit behind a wall Mr W?

  17. I thought ‘walls’ in Europe had been torn down 25 years ago. And Walesa wants to build them up again? *sigh* But hey, I guess he has many gay friends etc etc.

  18. Master Adrian 5 Mar 2013, 9:56am

    Isn’t it strange that this man lives on the money that gays deliver by paying taxes in poland?
    As former President of Poland this man has a pension payed by the state!

    Also, why is this man überhaupt allowed to open his mouth to make political statements? He should be sitting behind the closed doors of a mental asylum, or better, a prison, he was thrown out of the Presidential palace for corruption!

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