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Carly Rae Jepsen still to answer gay rights group call to boycott Boy Scouts concert

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Reader comments

  1. Carley Rae, like Justin Bieber, is in tight with the anti-gay PM Stephen Harper. Both have posed for photo OPs with him. Don’t expect much from her.

    Harper has tried 5 times to reverse gay equality in Parliament.

  2. I’m really tired of people claiming to support LGBT people and then attending this sort of event on a regular basis. The time for empty words is over.

    1. This is why I love Lady GaGa. She supports LGBT people and will not attend any concerts, events, etc, if they show any sort of inequality or homophobia. People say she’s after the “Pink Pound”? How so? The LGBT percentage in American is something like 5%. Not a very good move is terms of business, is it? CRJ will do this concert. Gaurantee it. She is fame hungry and money hungry!

  3. Clyde day 6 Mar 2013, 5:16am

    She won’t cancel. She’s so desperate for someone to pay attention to her she will go on no matter the cause or group it’s helping. She is milking that one song for all it’s worth.

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