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Madonna to present Anderson Cooper with GLAAD award

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Reader comments

  1. YAWNNN…. celebrities congratulating other celebrities. Do we really need any more of that superficial nonsense? Well, don’t blame those who call us shallow. They are spot on! but I am digressing, that is a society issue…but we’re certainly not helping!

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  3. So he hasn’t attended ANYTHING LGBT in the past year, someone else outed him, and they’re giving him an award? I’m sorry, but no, he doesn’t deserve this. There are far more important people working on our rights in court right now.

  4. For years, Cooper reported on LGBT issues from inside his glass closet, thus giving the impression of gay shame or cowardice on his part. Dragged out of that posh closet, he fled to Europe on the day his coming out notice was blogged; a coward’s way of avoiding the media. There are many brave men and women who are out and have been fighting for equal rights for the LGBT community. Those are the people who deserve recognition. Shame on GLAAD for their plans to honor someone not deserving of any honor.

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