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UK: Catholic newspaper The Tablet says the Catholic Church needs to ‘make peace with the gay world’

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Reader comments

  1. I think he should say “take it off the burner and turn off the heat”

  2. Despite being a stern atheist, I’ve always liked The Tablet’s very British pragmatism. A “mustn’t grumble” sort of paper for the religious masses.

    1. Yeah well the Tablet they are as liberal as they come from a Catholic perspective, I wouldn’t jump up and down about it

  3. Nixi Otemba 1 Mar 2013, 12:05pm

    a bit late for a dying cult to ask forgiveness

    1. Let’s see—They’v been around for a 1000 years–they have followers around the world, and they have a PALACE. What exactly qualifies them as DYING?

      1. Ina word…?

  4. Some sense at last but I do wonder if – as many think – they vote in a ‘mad dog’ Pope just for the hell of it and we just see more pointless homophobic ranting to side track from more important issues.

    Times they are a changing but I fear that the intense fear and loathing that seems to be the basis of this and many other ‘faiths’ will hinders those more reasonable and realistic decision makers within the church who understand the need for change but fear for their own livelihood by trying to rock the boat.

    I watched amused and confused as grown men dressed in robes and sashes kissed the old Pope’s ring and ancient nuns ran around like schoolgirls at a One Direction concert and I thought WTF has this to do with the world we live in now.

    1. I am beginning to feel that the relentless homophobia does the church more harm than it does us. In which case: bring it on!

      1. It does harm not only that church but all religions. But that doesn’t mean they can’t still inspire hate–they still do—we’re not done yet.

  5. What are the rides like at GayWorld?

    [Ahem] See, this is part of the problem. They just seem challenged by the concept of seeing us as human beings. I don’t live in a gay world, I live in the same world as them and this degree of detachment probably makes it easier to wash their hands and overlook the harm that they have done.

    And yes, many Catholics do break the rules consistently. But so long as they cough up their cash, the powers that be don’t show any sign of giving a damn. It is a degree of apathy and complicity that has helped drive their church on a hateful and dangerous path.

    Put it this way – there are more women than there are LGBT people and women have been consistently stepped on by the RCC and yet despite their protests and cultural shifts for women, birth control etc has the official policy ever changed?

    Correlate women’s issues in/under the RCC to LGBT issues in/under the RCC and get your answer to how meaningful this actually is.

    1. The very things you say here (which I agree with) are the reason many gay people feel they have to live in a separate world from these people.

  6. Make peace! How can I as a gay woman make peace with such a vile organisation who have had centuries of persecuting, murdering, burning and controlling women; and of sustained attacks on Gay people in general.

    I shall never forgive any of the religious cults for their hate and abuse and shall, until the day I die, attack, ridicule and inflict as much damage as possible on all religions.

  7. Robert in S. Kensington 1 Mar 2013, 1:19pm

    This will send poor old Ann Widdecombe into a knicker-twist.

    Sadly, of the 115 cardinals meeting in conclave, the majority of them were hand-picked by Ratzinger, so we’ll be getting more of the same. It will never make peace with the gay community and will never move on.

  8. I will never as longer as I live be in peace with the Catholic Church – after it has spewed hate-speech – lies – campaigned against – discriminated against GLBTQ people for as long as I can remember. This hate spewing abominable organisation can not give us loved ones who chose to commit suicide back. It can not unrape all the children – raped by catholic priests and nuns. No peace – no way!

  9. Too late!

    The amount of damage the Catholic Church has done to gays over the generations, is too high for them to be allowed to just shut up and walk away.

  10. Kerry Hollowell 1 Mar 2013, 1:39pm

    isn’t it funny, the pope resigns under a cloud, a senior cardinal has 5 different priests complaining of inappropriate behaviour and now the catholic newspaper wants the catholic church to make peace with us gays. That’s because they have f*cked up and need all the help they can get to survive. Well as far as i am concerned the catholic church can start making amends by using its vast wealth to do some good in this world. Otherwise they can go f*ck themselves!

  11. Well its a step in the right direction but, I’m afraid there are to many self hating bigots at the top to stop the war they started.

  12. I think there is some debate from Catholics themselves on whether ‘The Tablet’ is even Catholic:

    1. Don I think you have hit on a good point, I have heard many Catholics say that The Tablet is not even truly Catholic, i.e. that is not representative of Catholics or doesn’t articulate the official church response. So I would take what the Tablet says with a pinch of salt.

  13. Lynda Yilmaz 1 Mar 2013, 2:27pm

    Well of course they want to make peace, especially since it becomes public that the good old Vatican is itself a hotbed of gay activity! I find the irony not just laughable, but hysterically laughable. Caught in the act of ‘don’t do what we do, do what we say’ LOL!

  14. After decades of trying to get their attention with a clue-by-four …

  15. Sense at last.

  16. I feel as if i’m reading a Catholic newspaper when i read pink….far too much….change the subject …please….

    1. They are our main enemies, John. We should know as much about our enemy as possible.

    2. John I am with you on this one – Pink News is bloody obsessed with Catholicism..For goodness folks chillax and get a life…..

  17. I would rather hug a rabid Rottweiler than have anything to do with the vile minded bastards thankyou very much

  18. Bullshit there gunna screw us !!

  19. Time the Churches got out of the bedroom. There are more important topics

  20. ‘Catholic’ newspaper – considered by my Catholics …eh not very Catholic ! There’s even a campaign to get this rag shut down .Active homosexuality will always remain a sin despite what these nutters write .

    1. Supernaturally-inspired taboos will always be destructive tosh no matter what you mad bigots write.

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 2 Mar 2013, 2:24pm

      Well, the majority of Catholic MPs voted for equal marriage. What will you do, where will you go if one day, your cult starts to accept it? For your information, active hetero serial adultery remains a sin. Having sex outside of marriage is a sin for many catholic heteros living together. Artificial contraception is another yet the vast majority of catholic women of child bearing age, use it. In the United States, it’s 98% of catholic women and it’s used not just for birth control. You’re on the losing side which explains why you keep coming here aside from prurient interest in men. Couldn’t find a nice man to to satisfy you? A woman certainly can’t because you wouldn’t be hear if you were that secure in your own sexuality. You’re another O’Brien, protesting the thing he craves the most.

  21. Translation –
    ‘More and more of the faithful are just not bothered about the leadership’s hostile obsessions, so it ought to belt up about them for its own good.’

  22. Won’t happen in my lifetime… and I’m 26. Maybe when they enter the 20th century?

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