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Scotland’s gay Tory leader Ruth Davidson splits from her partner

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Reader comments

  1. It’s sad to hear of a relationship breaking-up, though It is not exactly a ‘news’ topic that should be discussed.

    The article did however bring to my attention that she said it was wrong to use the term “bigot” and that it was important to “respect people who have a different view”.

    People who are respectful deserve respect in return, but bigots (and that IS what they are, Ruth) are most definitely NOT respectful.

    We should not be expected to tolerate the intolerant who view us with disgust. Never.

    1. Agreed. We don’t respect racists just because they “have a different view” so why the hell should we respect homophobic bigots? O’Brien didn’t win Bigot of the Year just because he was a Catholic and his religion didn’t support EM, he won it because of the vile, hateful things he said. That’s what made him a bigot.

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 1 Mar 2013, 5:24pm

      Yes, James. The fact that O’Brien has now been accused of inappropriate sexual behaviour by 5 priests while spewing hateful rhetoric against gay people and equal marriage, the StonewallUK award was richly deserved. StonewallUK stands vindicated.

      1. Hypocrite of the decade award goes to….

  2. Must be very difficult to balance any sort of personal life if you’re high profile politician.

    I hope all works out for her. Ruth Davidson should never have gotten booed at the Stonewall awards.

    I was disgusted at how she was treated.

    We have enough enemies, without booing or attacking our own.

  3. It’s a shame that her relationship ended but it is newsworthy in the same way that straights in the public eye have their splits publicised.

    If we want equality, then we have OUR splits reported just as straights have theirs. It’s all part of the legitimation and acceptance process.

    I don’t agree with her staements about bigots not being bigots and that their opinions should be respected…no bigotry should be respected.

    Just as our own people who say THIS story should not be reported because it should be a private matter (because it IS a gay break up) are bigoted because they NEVER say that about straights breaking up. Unless it is to mention that much-married Tories are against gay marriage equality.

    So when one of the few party leaders who ARE gay and are FOR marriage equality and WERE in a same-sex relationship end that relationship. NOT ignoring the end of the relationship IS relevant. And it accepts the relevancy and legitimacy of that relationship.

    1. Pretty offensive to call me a bigot for lacking any desire whatsoever in being furnished with this kind of info on anyone. An obsessive interest in gossipy magazines and their contents usually suggests someone that couldn’t tell you what war we’re currently fighting and what party is in power, but could recount all of Katie Price’s partners. I know which camp I’d rather be in, even if its the grumpier one.

      This isn’t a story being sold to every newspaper. This isn’t an individual who is known primarily for sex or her sexuality.

  4. Presumably she was not in one of those second-rate “marriages” called CPs?

    Otherwise, so what, lots of young couples split up.

    This article IS a bit “Daily Mail”, just by way of its reporting a romantic rift, but, thankfully, not by the way in which it has been reported.

  5. In other news, man paints door

  6. If I found that my partner voted conservative, he would be in deep trouble, even after 28 years. Some things are just not on! lol

  7. Worked with Ruth once briefly, and I can’t imagine she’d be delighted to know this has been written up on the biggest gay news site in the UK. Alongside the booing at the awards ceremony and the fact that barely any of her party will back her on equal marriage, I’m feeling downright sorry for the lady at the moment. The fairly braindead stories about a soap star doing a photoshoot for Attitude is light fluff, whereas this is just recounting a difficult and private moment in a politician’s love life. Unecessary.

    1. Fact. You go into any form of public life and you knowingly accept the risk that certain aspects of your private life are going to come under scrutiny. Personally, I don’t care if she’s delighted with this news coverage or not. I don’t care if she’s gay, straight, or whatever, the relevance here is surely the fact that she is a Tory who supports gay marriage. Whether she would or not were sure not lesbian is open to debate. In other news, Wonky the dog (who may or not be gay) is getting stronger with physiotherapy. Ahh!

  8. You have a point, Az. Ruth could cross the floor any day and join a far better party, even though her own is now supporting LGBTs much more that it used to.

  9. I am sorry for her, but at least the break up was friendly. I just hope she finds her soul-mate.

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