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Scotland: Police chaplain claims to have been forced from job over his anti-gay marriage views

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Reader comments

  1. Sounds sensible.

    I’d question why the Police should have a Christian chaplain. Surely police officers go to work to carry out police duties and religious devotion should be undertaken in their own time?

    1. Craig Denney 1 Mar 2013, 2:22pm

      The Church Times is full of opportunities for vicars and priests to get on the public payroll. Hospital chaplains (Milton Keynes Hospital £34,189 pa); university chaplains (University of Gloucester £22,970 + £15,000 housing allowance); prison chaplains, armed service chaplains, police chaplains, railway chaplains, port chaplains – the list is endless.

      The state is spending tens of millions of pounds on the salaries of clergypeople as well as funding religious discrimination and indoctrination in schools.

      1. Thanks for the information, Craig.

        I wonder how many of us knew this?

        I certainly didn’t.

        Easy to see why they’re so desperate to hold onto their position in Public Services.

      2. Keith Francis Farrell 1 Mar 2013, 4:04pm

        No wonder, this asshole is not upset aboutgay rights he is upset because he lost this income with his biggoted statement.
        I dont think the state should be spending any money on chaplins etc, this should be paid for by the church themselves.
        It is true what afriend of mine ays. Religion is jut another money making scam. there are no honest people involved in reigion.
        I had someone buy some property from me before I left South Africa (TV etc) he promised to pay, his family has their own church, his ather is the paster and he is the youth minister. It is not a lot of value about £250. that was 18 months ago, when I asked for y money I got the biggest run around possible. So I told him not to worry I will not die because I lost £250. It will be up to him to explain to his god, why he stole from me

    2. Craig Denney 1 Mar 2013, 9:38pm

      What really annoys me is when the LGBT community asks for money from these same authorities they say NO, but at the same time spending hundreds of millions on the church communities.

      You wouldn’t believe the huge sums they spend on them, Care homes, Nursing homes, specialist hospitals, disabled/special needs schools, the list is endless!

      These religious people are all in positions of authority and bump up spending on the church and at the same time discriminate against the LGBT community when we ask for any money.

      We need to separate church and state!!!

  2. Good! And Good Riddance!

  3. DCBrighton 1 Mar 2013, 1:13pm

    And the need for a police force to employ a Christian chaplain? Voluntary or otherwise?

    1. DCBrighton 1 Mar 2013, 1:17pm

      Do the police officers visit the chaplain on their own time, or during working hours? Does the chaplain use any facilities, including office space, computers, printing, telephone facilities owned by the force on a free* to use basis?

      *(taxpayer funded)

  4. Good.

    Let me find my violin to play this bigot a sad song. May take a while, it’s an awfully small violin

  5. Surely as it’s a Scottish matter then it’s an issue to raise up here rather than during the consultation for England/Wales no?

    Next pathetic excuse please!

  6. Why don’t they just invoke the wrath of God and be done with it, instead of making whinging complaints. Or has God gone into a coma due to Ratzinger’s complete alienation of humanity?

  7. Here we go again!!!

    Its an easy excuse now isn’t it?

    Express a few ‘anti-gay’ views-and then claim you are ‘being forced out of my job’- get the Christian Institute to take on the case and (hopefully) walk away with several thousand pounds ‘compensation’

  8. Well done, Strathcylde Police, for insisting that “such views cannot be expressed publicly if representing the force, as it is by law an apolitical organisation with firmly embedded policies which embrace diversity and equality.”

    That’s exactly right!

  9. Robert in S. Kensington 1 Mar 2013, 1:36pm

    The right decision. The police force aren’t supposed to be promoting or supporting religion. It’s a public body. The bigots will exploit this of course.

    Similar incidences were discussed by the three stooges, Jim Shannon, Tim Loughton and David Burrowes yesterday in committee. Ladele’s debacle was a constant theme throughout their tirade. Thankfully, their absurd amendments were voted down. They wanted every detail legislated but that was quickly shot down. The mumbling Burrowes was extremely irritating, running around in circles. You could see the frustration in the faces of Chris Bryant, Kate Green and Stephen Gilbert, among others who voted no to the amendments by a large majority. The meeting was adjourned until next tuesday, March 5th.

    1. It is very irritating that Jim Shannon is poking his nose as he is a Northern Ireland MP and the legislation applies to England and Wales only. He was extremely unintelligent during the Parliamentary debate when shouting about ‘Adam and Steve/Eve’. I seriously question the IQ of the electorate when people like him get elected.

      1. I meant: ‘poking his nose IN’ !! I don’t seem to be able to type today!

      2. Robert in S. Kensington 1 Mar 2013, 2:06pm

        I agree, James. Not a nice man at all. Him, Loughton and Burrowes were just exploiting the fear-mongering by their homophobic constituents. It was so very boring to hear them rant. The government minister in attendance didn’t back down and reminded them that the current bill is robust enough and addresses all of the points they wanted included in the legislation. They wanted every piece of minutia inserted into the bill above and beyond what is necessary. Loughton is a pompous, arrogant, nasty piece of work. All three of them contribute nothing positive and are only interested in so called christians getting special treatment even so far as not having to pay for legal representation should they have to defend themselves in court such as the Ladele case, among other public related issues. Loughton is a homophobe in my view, so are Burrowes and Shannon.

        1. This lot won’t get anything past Kate Green – she is proving to be a star.

          1. Robert in S. Kensington 1 Mar 2013, 5:40pm

            Totally agree, She is amazing to watch and listen to, a great orator. She is ineed a rising star. I loved how she reminded Shannon yesterday in committee that Ladele failed to prove to the court that she was discriminated against. That shut the old tosser up before he continued on defending religious bigotry in his usual mumbling fashion. The man is a damned fool.

          2. She is also a friend. I am so proud of her.

            And why does Mr Burrows think it is amusing to not only make cricketing metaphors but to extend the references so painfully.

  10. Does the Concerned Christian Andrea Williams need to worry about this? Ross wasn’t, strictly speaking, employed – he was a volunteer.

    (In passing I was going to remark on Christian chaplain being tautological, but apparently one can be a Muslim chaplain too these days!)

    1. Cardinal Capone 1 Mar 2013, 2:21pm

      Do Christian Concern/institute / Legal Centre allow its employees to express pro equal marriage views publicly?

      1. Don’t be daft!

        Good point, ask Andrea Minichiello Williams

  11. The fools are so blind to see that it is their hatred and war mongering against us that has resulted in laws protecting us. If they had been kind and accepting it would be a very different world we would be living in.

    I suspect this is just more bleeting from someone who was going to go anyway and has nothing to do with his views.

  12. Just read his blog in which he compares gay people being able to marry with dog s**t being mixed into an otherwise excellent cake.

    He links this lovely analogy to a video from C4M.

    1. Oh, so he’s comparing us to dog turd now. What a bastard.

    2. Definitely one of the love-thy-neighbour variety, then?

      It is truly amazing what religious professionals choose to focus on.

      1. Yes Rehan! It seems that their minds are focused on sex and in the case of this chaplain it’s sex and sh!t (excuse my language). He must be into scat, the dirty beggar.

      2. It is amazing Rehan. They are obsessed with sex and in the case of this chaplain it is sex and sh!t, from what CRW has said. Perhaps the chaplain is ‘into’ sc@t. Disgusting man.

        1. So many of them certainly do appear to have shit on the brains as well as a shit for brains! (I don’t know if you also recall one such deeply disturbed troll who used to make a pest of himself here a few months ago.)

    3. Actually, he should be prosecuted for inciting hatred rather than complaining about losing a gig.

  13. And he never thought to mention it before now? If I’d been forced out of my job for (to my mind) no reason, I wouldn’t be waiting for a piece of legislation (which didn’t exist at the time) to get to committee stage to raise my concerns. Sounds like bollocks to me.

  14. Anyone employed by the police is a public servant. Bigotry cannot be allowed to affect public servant’s duties due to the law outlawing discrimination in the provision of goods and services.

    Christian Concern and this chaplain can scream and stamp their feet as much as they want to, but they will just have to accept it.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 1 Mar 2013, 2:10pm

      James, listening to Burrowes, Loughton and Shannon yesterday, they believe that public employees with certain religious beliefs against equal marriage should be given added protection in the workplace including teachers. They wanted hypothetical special amendments included in the bill to that effect. The quadruple lock doesn’t satisfy them either.

      1. It’s obvious that they want Christians to have superior rights to anyone else. They think that Christians, even those employed as public servants, have a God-given right to discriminate against us. If they believe that teachers should have added protection so that they can have openly bigoted views in classrooms, then they have very dangerous beliefs. Young gay people in school becoming aware of their sexuality will easily become very depressed in a homophobic environment and sadly some of them will develop mental illness or commit suicide as a result. These ‘christian’ MPs must think that is acceptable.

        1. Robert in S. Kensington 1 Mar 2013, 5:43pm

          Absolutely. I can just hear them screaming if an atheist teacher expressed his or her views about the non-existence of god. They wouldn’t special protection for that now would they? In fact, they’d probably call for the teacher to be removed altogether.

  15. Robert A. Cuthbertson, M.D. 1 Mar 2013, 2:15pm

    Well, chaplain..seems you have the story wrong…again…that will be three rosaries, two hail maries and three acts of contrition….
    Now..the reality is it is not “god” is man created..around 750 AD when the RCC got all hissy…then in 1327 when Pierre La Palud made his famous speech that ultimately changed everything…
    Geesh..get it right..ok?

  16. The chaplain’s blog is extremely entertaining. This posting from the 11th Feb made me laugh..

    “There is now, of course, much speculation as to who will be the successor to Benedict when he reverts to being Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger. Many seem to expect that it will be someone from outside Europe – quite possibly an African. Personally, while not accepting all that is claimed for the Papacy, I would be delighted to see the Scottish cardinal Keith O’Brien elevated to that office.”

    More golden comedy from the “CrazyRev” at:

    1. The man is obviously beyond help. His written submission to the Commons committee should be filed away in the nearest shredder.

    2. Cardinal Fang 1 Mar 2013, 2:45pm


    3. Just read some and had to stop before my eyes bled, what a loon, he really has named his page correctly. He is crazy

  17. Samuel B. 1 Mar 2013, 2:46pm

    This is wrong, just plain wrong, on so many levels.

    Nuff said.

  18. “God-ordained institution”,please could someone direct me to the YouTube clip where an actual being came down and ordained marriage. If you say it’s in the bible then marriage then was very very different to now, it has completely changed. So therefore the Bibles version is obsolete.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 1 Mar 2013, 5:35pm

      Actually, there is no actual marriage ceremony or ritual performed by any individual in the bible, none that I’ve seen.

  19. Too bad the chaplain isn’t barred from any employment where gay tax payers money is spent on him to spread hate against them.
    People like this chaplain will disappear into history that we can look back with distain for their hatefulness.

  20. Keith Francis Farrell 1 Mar 2013, 3:55pm

    Aauw shame is Andrea Minichiello Williams feeling opressed. You illy person, we are all equal and should have the same rights. you need to be more of a christian (if that is what you claim to be) We are tired of being blamed for everything that goes wrong in tis world. It is no longer mother nature that has a problem when there is an earth quake but gay people or them getting the same righs as you enjoy. there is no more act of god, it is gods punishment on the world for gay people getting the same rights. Well If there is a God he is sitting up there watching stupid people like yourself blaming equal rights for everthing. He mst be rolling around the floor laughing his ass off. We have provd time and time again that all the people who shout out their gay hate have something to hide. So please stop being so nasty and get some loving. That is if you can find anyone that would love a biggot like you.

  21. If you are paid by the public, you should serve the public. Otherwise get your god to pay you.

  22. Personally, I find the story disturbing as it seems we have another instance of people with views that don’t go with the current flow are marginalized and. moreover, the views expressed are right ones.

    We all have views and we all are entitled to express these, providing we make it clear they are personal views (as seemed to have happened in this case).

    My experience in working in other fields is that the role of a chaplain can be a valuable and vital one (also this guy was not even paid, making his contribution even more valuable).

    Sadly, Strathclyde police will have lost a good man, sacrificed to the god of political correctness – outrageous imho!

    1. casparthegood 1 Mar 2013, 9:41pm

      Nope. He was open in his bigotry , How would he have dealt with for example ,a young gay PC needing support? The partner of a gay officer injured /killed ? If he couldn’t keep his views to himself he was not to be trusted. The Police are an equal opps employer ,he knew that when he took the job .The Police Service will be more neutral without him and the likes of him in any role.

      1. with respect I do some chaplaincy myself and engage with a complete diversity range, including gay folk. Never has this interfered with my offering an appropriate service. We all have views, who is to say which views are right ones? If honestly and respectfully made, I see no problem and am frankly miffed that some do.

        1. casparthegood 2 Mar 2013, 12:49am

          Maybe the people in need won’t see it that way if the chaplain or whoever has known anti -gay views tho.I certainly wouldn’t dream of going to talk to someone like him about anything sensitive. Word soon gets around as to who can or should be trusted.

    2. Hugh Flungdunghigh 2 Mar 2013, 5:38pm

      Of course you are disturbed because you have seen the “writing on the wall” and it is telling you that being delusional is no longer going to be acceptable in a modern society. I strongly suggest that you take up dancing naked painted head to foot in woad, do it in the privacy of your own garden and you should feel so much better in about ten or twenty years time. Do remember that dancing in woad has a long and well subscribed history in England and was quite acceptable for ever such a long time with people lacking in perspective and facts.

  23. H Johnson 1 Mar 2013, 6:45pm

    Equalities Minister Maria Miller said the proposal to legalise gay marriage “is about equality and giving those who want to get married the opportunity to do so whilst protecting the rights of those who don’t agree with same-sex marriage”.

    If folk don’t have that protection now, how on earth will they be protected if the legislation goes through?!

    And as for equality, one may wonder why didn’t the Archbishop of York didn’t also get the sack when he openly warned Cameron not to legalise gay marriage because of his belief that marriage is between a man and a woman.

    So where’s this lunacy going next? Personally, I don’t agree that sex before marriage is necessarily beneficial: will I get the sack for saying so at work?

    There is a time coming where we will no longer be able to express a personal opinion about anything for fear that someone may consider it ‘discriminatory’ or claim that their ‘human rights’ have been offended.

    The Tories are destroying society, period.

  24. GulliverUK 1 Mar 2013, 9:29pm

    I see no reason why there should be any chaplins either employed by the police force, the NHS, or any other public service — why don’t they employ imams, and clerics from all sorts of other religious groups – it’s discriminatory that they don’t, so better to now not have any at all, otherwise it’s pushing the Christian messages in to the faces of other faiths, as well as being offensive to the tax-payers, most of which don’t now have any religious affiliation.

    And before anyone says about the NHS needing people to comfort those dying — far better to use the properly trained counselors who are available and already paid for by the NHS. Can you honestly imagine any priest being able to be professional at the side of a person who is gay and dying? This chaplin would not have been able to do his job properly with a homophobic attitude like his – and then the police force would end up being sued by subjecting a prisoner or victim to his bigoted views.

  25. Mr Ross should have every right to voice his personal views on a personal blog, what he has no right to do is voice views such as these in his official capacity or speaking (or seen to be) on behalf of the constabulary.

  26. Well Done Deputies of Poland – carry on sending out the message that your country is in the dark ages with stupid primitative attitudes that make you look ridiculous.

  27. Craig Denney 2 Mar 2013, 3:27pm

    He maintains a blog called “CrazyRev” in which he posts Bible verses and his thoughts on current affairs from a traditionalist Christian point of view.

    Oh, yes he is in breach of equality laws :

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