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Poland: Deputies strike down three civil partnership bills

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Reader comments

  1. Any attempt to legalize such unions will most probably fail. In order to achieve this goal, appropriate politicians must have been elected. This is not the case and will not be even in a distant future. The courts are the sole and only hope.

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 1 Mar 2013, 8:25pm

    Maybe it’s time for the EU to start rethinking equality laws for membership. Italy too has no legal unions for gay couples, not just those mentioned in the article.

    1. Italy has Catholicism and that is it’s great curse.

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 2 Mar 2013, 1:04pm

        True, but so do Spain, Portugal and Argentina, all have equal marriage. The problem with Italy isn’t so much the church although it’s part of it but moreover the politicians. Homophobia is deeply ingrained in their psyche. Odd when you consider it never outlawed homosexuality. Catholicism was also disestablished in 1984.

  3. Let’s hope more and more of the younger generation will vote for parties like the Palikot Movement in Poland. The more repression, the more people will fight for their individual freedoms.

  4. Krystyna Pawłowicz said…”…propose a detrimental union…”
    “Homosexual relationships… at best are about pointless exploitation of the other person and treating them like an object.”

    What a charming lady…

  5. Poland is a very conservative country in its social attitudes and that’s reflected in its Parliament.

    The proposed Civil Partnership Bill was very basic – it was to provide minimal protections for both gay AND heterosexual couples. The argument by the Justice Minister – that the constitution states marriage to be for opposite sex couples – is completely irrelevant as civil partnerships are not marriages. Her argument is shameful.

    It is a great pity for the Polish LGBT community. They can see the progress made in other European countries, yet any progress in Poland appears to be remote. The EU needs to ensure that its citizens have equal rights, otherwise the European project of ‘unity’ is farcical.

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