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US: Man charged in killing of gay Mississippi mayoral candidate

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Reader comments

  1. Cue “gay-panic defense” in 3-2-1..

  2. As a Christian myself, I am deeply ashamed at the hateful preaching these so called “Christians” do. I’m 100% sure these people probably never went to church at all because if they did, they would’ve known that the bible NEVER in the holy name of The Lord condemns homosexuality and teaches to love one another no matter how much you dislike them. Also because of your false and hatred preaching, another brave man has died for your hateful sins. Happy now?

    RIP!! <3

    1. Also another thing, how many more people have to die before you realize what you are doing is wrong? Clearly you should be thrown in jail for verbal homicide…

  3. As I native Mississippian I can assure everyone of two things. 1) NOTHING more than the very LEAST law enforcement can get away with will happen in this case and 2) The victims name and reputation is getting ready to be dragged through the mud with vicious lies in the coming “gay-panic” defense.

    BET on it.

    After all this is the land of Emmett Till and in many ways very little has changed since his murder.

    1. Tons of things have changed since then. Mississippi has more elected African-American officials than ANY state. Including the sheriff and mayor of the town where this incident took place. Are you really from Mississippi ???

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