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Obama’s administration to file brief urging Supreme Court to strike down Proposition 8

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  1. I’d be so bold to say, are these issues really as controversial? With support for SSM in the USA growing by an average of 2-4% each year, I can’t really see any established opposition holding out for much longer. Yes, we have the predictable religious crackpots consistently squealing at full volume, but every statistic shows the average voter is beginning to tire of quasi-bullshit calls for Christian values. Especially when prop 8 is overturned, giving equal marriage a huge opportunity to progress further. With ever more Grade A shit being spouted, I’d make the claim that perhaps the biggest help for the equal rights movement, are the religious themselves.

  2. I love this man.

  3. I love how Obama plays his cards. There is an important aspect to democracy and how you have the upper hand, right now he has this upper had. 13 states filed a brief to overturn their states ban on equal marriage , 61% of california are in favor of equal marriage , mostly anybody under 35 is in favor of equal marriage….lists goes on. But this is great news. I LOVE OBAMA !!

  4. I’m extremely glad he got elected and not Romney, but that goes without saying, really.

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