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LGBT Catholic group blasts Pope Benedict XVI for ‘bigotry’ as he officially resigns as Catholic leader

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Reader comments

  1. “Pope Benedict XVI… “will simply be a pilgrim” starting his last journey on earth.”…God speed!….

  2. I’m gay man and was raised a Catholic and I cannot believe why any sane man would want to remain part of the Catholic Church.

    Personally, I’d prefer to nail my testicles to the table while listening to an endless loop of Ann Wydocombe speeches, and sniffing Benedict’s underwear, rather than have anything to do with this wretched, damaging institution.

    1. Me too.

      Westboro Widdecome is taking a break? Have not heard her make one comment about this. She must be bedside, on her knees, crying into her pillow between prayers to her illusion of a god.

  3. Abolition seems more promising than reform.

    But how about this idea – in the internet age, go virtual. Dispense with all the buildings and art and the rest of it. And spend the proceeds on genuinely helping the poor and oppressed. Now that would be a truely Christ-like move.

  4. Robert in S. Kensington 28 Feb 2013, 8:19pm

    Well intended message to send but in reality, the next pope won’t be supporting the realities of a changing 21st century world. They candidates are all cut from the Ratzinger mold. Nothing will change.

    1. My exact thoughts, Robert. The message of the Rainbow Sash Movement conveys its hope but it seriously cannot expect the next pope to be any different. The lapdogs of Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI will be responsible for choosing the next Pope from amongst themselves. There’s no prospect of change.

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 28 Feb 2013, 9:33pm

        Sad, but true, James. There are hardly any really young bishops, archbishops and definitely no young cardinals. Certainly none of them in their 30s or 40s to breath fresh air into a decaying establishment. As long as the status quo remains, expect nothing from them. Fine….it’s only going to hasten its demise.

    2. Exactly: Ratzinger appointed 67 of the 115 attending the conclave to elect a successor. The structure of the Church hierarchy prevents ANY possibility of change. The only certainty is that they will be blowing a fair bit of black smoke before a puff of white smoke signals yet another end to the round of Machiavellian politicking amongst a bunch of old me as to who wears the white dress and red shoes next. Then it’s business as usual.

      1. ‘old men’ I meant, sorry!

    3. If there ever WAS a truly reformist Pope who got through the selection process, how quickly do you think he would be deceased and a new ‘Old Guard’ put in to replace him? Anyone remember John Paul I?

  5. thelostdot 28 Feb 2013, 8:57pm

    Given the population trying to stop the Marie Stopes clinic in NI I think the Catholic church is getting quite dangerous. They appear to have startedtrying to tell the whole population what they can and can’t do rather than just catholics. Dangerous territory.

    1. casparthegood 28 Feb 2013, 9:26pm

      Don’t count on it being a solely Catholic crowd protesting about this. Judging by the people I have seen, both sides of the divide are equally well represented. Sex and Sexuality is about the only thing that you can guarantee those charmers are united about, and against needless to say. Although I loathe and detest the Roman Catholic church I am not blind to the failings of the Protestant brand particularly in N.Ireland

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 28 Feb 2013, 9:36pm

        You make an interesting point. It’s not just in N. Ireland but in England and Wales. The CoE is still light years behind although somewhat slightly ahead of the roman cult, but not by much. It’s just as bad in many ways, opposes female bishops, same-sex marriage, insists on celibacy for those in a CP. Not much difference really except it allows married hetero clergy but that’s it.

        1. so Cof E is 18/19th century rather than 16th?

    2. The whole population of N.I. isn’t trying to stop the Marie Stopes clinic in Belfast. It is a portion of the Catholic AND Protestant population and probably only those that are practicing Christians. Even amongst practicing Christians it is probably only the conservatives. Therefore, only a minority of the population – hopefully.

    3. oh yes trying to stop violence against infants in the womb, seeing them get butchered by abortionists, ‘screened’ ,disposed of as ‘medical waste’ and burnt in incinerators (going via the chimney) – 7 million murdered in this country ….dangerous to oppose this genocide – it’s only clumps of cells anyway is it not ?

      1. That There Other David 1 Mar 2013, 11:19am

        Actually Ray in the case of nearly all abortions it is just a clump of cells. There is no brain and no nervous system yet, and therefore the foetus does not feel. It isn’t a baby, so your equating it to an infant is nothing short of emotional blackmail and propaganda.

        Women are not just baby factories. They have every right to make this choice about their own circumstances and futures. Abortion clinics are necessary to help them should they choose not to continue with the pregnancy. Would you rather we return to the days when women used to visit unregulated backstreet abortionists or throw themselves down the stairs? Because that’s what getting rid of abortion clinics will lead to.

        1. Are you not a ‘clump’ of cells too ? So if someone can’t feel any pain it’s alright to kill them ? ‘They have every right to make this choice’ and the ‘choice’ being ending the unique unrepeatable life of an individual by slashing the baby with surgical instruments , crushing it’s skull , suctioning out the body and disposing of the remains in an incinerator OR letting the child live ….thats the choice .

          Killing a child in a back street or in a so-called ‘clinic’ is exactly the same .Is killing good or bad ? Raping a woman in a back street is just as bad as raping a woman in a controlled by the State environment (if it was ever legalised)- is rape bad ?

      2. Don’t kid yourself that he cares about foetuses or what happens to them once they’re born…just as long as they are born Catholic. Doesn’t matter if they were the result of rape, or incest or have congenital deformities or are vegetables, are born with HIV or other diseases, go blind from syphilis or gonorrhoeal infections passed to then during birth. or starve to death, or lose their mother’s and their own lives from being brought to term or near to term.

        He only cares that they are baptised as Catholic to die. So get off your high horse, you hypocrite.

        1. You sound like the kind of person who would work in places like Schloss Hartheim & Hadamar – with your distaste for those human beings you deem ‘vegetables’ and ‘congenital deformities’. You’d smother the baby in the neonatal ward simply because his/her father was a rapist ? No wonder homosexuality is part of the culture of death .You peddling Anti-Catholic hate fits in with your twisted ideology .

          Thank God the Church continues to speak out against abortion , infanticide , euthanasia and homosexuality .

  6. I suggest that “gay Catholics” should spend a little less time celebrating the departure of this homophobic pope, doubtless to be succeeded by one just as bad or worse, and instead quite a lot more time reflecting on their part in contributing to the Catholic church’s continued homophobia. “Gay Catholics” have been on notice for years that the Catholic church is an organisation dedicated to spreading hatred for gay people, oppression of women and protection of the rapers and torturers of children. Any gay person who has been part of the Catholic church for the past 10 years, attending services, paying tithes, going to church community events and contributing to the collection plates shouldn’t be celebrating the departure of this pope. They should be hanging their heads in shame at being knowing participants in funding and enabling the evils perpetrated by this criminal organisation. Glad to see the back of this bigot? THEY helped keep him there.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 28 Feb 2013, 9:40pm

      Gay catholics aren’t that much different than gay American republicans supporting a party that believes in inequality for LGBT people, supporting their oppressors. They have this delusion that they can change their church or party from within. No amount of dialogue with them will work and will never work. It’s their way or the highway as the saying goes.

      1. Here’s a LGBT perspective from a Canadian Catholic support group web page. It doesn’t give the impression that they are very deluded as much as it indicates they are disillusioned realist.

        Canada’s website states:

        “Most of us were raised in the Roman Catholic tradition and have come to feel betrayed by our church leaders, particularly the Canadian Conference of Canadian Bishops, who unceasingly denigrate us and oppose our efforts to achieve civil rights and protections.”

        “Our bishops have made numerous pronouncements about ‘homosexual persons’ in the third person, but none have ever addressed us directly, nor invited us to any dialogue. We believe that, in terms of our life experience, no one can, nor should, speak for us but ourselves.” 1

        1. “Our bishops have made numerous pronouncements about ‘homosexual persons’ in the third person…”
          Judging by recent revelations perhaps it would be too challenging for them if they made pronouncements about “homosexual persons” in the first person.
          They wear Prada shoes and gold silk frocks and have thinly veiled contempt for all well adjusted gay people but they’re honestly not in denial. No really.

  7. Wake up people the Catholic Church will never change their doctrines which considers the gay lifestyle ‘intrinsically disordered’. Since I have studied theology, I am aware that a Pope can have his own personal opinions but he can never change doctrines. So the homosexual lifestyle will never get the nod of approval by official Church Teaching. Thus I find a bit odd that there is a ‘LGBT Catholic Group’ – surely a bit of a misnomer? I mean come on you surely knew what you were signing up for when you joined the Catholic Church?

    1. Yep the hypocrisy of such groups never ceases to amaze me.

    2. CH Brighton 1 Mar 2013, 10:14am

      The catholic church, like many religious organisations, weighs on parents to have their children inducted into that religion at an early age. It then weighs on parents to have their children educated according to that religion’s view of the world. Thus, throughout their formative years, when children trust the adults they come into contact with, they are drawn into the world view of the powerful adults (priests, parents and teachers etc). If, by the time they enter their teens and young adulthood they realise their sexuality does not conform to the perverse view of human sexuality ordained by their religion, what are they to do? They are caught: on one hand they are catholic, which they’ve been trained to be. On the other they are gay, which their biology and psychology have made them. Your view, Michelle, and that of many churches, is cruel in the extreme.

    3. Sexuality and sexual orientation IS NOT a ‘lifestyle,’ but being in a Church Order IS!

  8. These peope are deluded. The only solution to religious beliefs and the catholic church is the complete destruction of both – and any system of fairytales.

  9. ‘anti-gay doctrine’ ? – you mean the belief that has remained the same through out all of the Church’s history (not something thought up by a Pope!)- that practicing homosexuality is a grave sin? This belief will never change so why don’t the so-called ‘LGBT’ activists pretending to be Catholics stop trying to distort the Truth and the Church?

    1. Dave North 1 Mar 2013, 9:57am

      If they are all “anti-gay” in the Vatican, why are they all mostly practitioners of it.

      Hypocrites all.

    2. Ray, it’s all a delusion. Read up on “delusions”. Here’s a start:

      “A delusion is anything that deceives the mind with a false impression; a deception; a fixed false opinion or belief with regard to objective things, esp. as a form of mental derangement.” Oxford English Dictionary.

      But, Ray, there are books and books and books on the subject of mental delusions out there. Just go read, study, think, and then liberate yourself!

    3. That There Other David 1 Mar 2013, 11:33am

      The Catholic Church has changed its position on a number of their “truths” over the years. For example, do they still believe the Sun goes around the Earth? A few centuries back they used to imprison people for merely suggesting it didn’t.

  10. The Catholic religion is a cult of death and destruction.

  11. Hasn’t it just been sickening watching BBC news presenters tell us over the past few days, with either real or feigned concern, of the “sad” departure and farewells of Benedict 16?

    Sometimes I feel I’m an alien visitor living on a lunatic planet peopled by the transparently deluded, creatures with whom I simply do not identify!

    But then I remind myself that at PinkNews and the National Secular Society there ARE lots of sane people!

    1. Eddy keep staying in your little bubble

      1. I’ve rather enjoyed their showing of the ‘men only’ fancy dress pageant that is the Vatican. No woman apart from strange deluded 70 year old school girls in drab. And the Pope with his handsome companion.
        It all just seemed so out of touch. Thank you BBC – I’m sure that was your plan !!!!!!

  12. In this 1:40:58min quest for answers on religion Bill Maher spoke with every one except the pope, he did not how ever get many answers!

    In “Religulous” Bill Maher confronts both theology and science. His results are as controversial as they are insightful.

  13. attanasio66 1 Mar 2013, 12:56pm

    Sorry, but “life as a pilgrim” should only be considered after the tribunal in The Hague looks at all the evidence against this criminal…

  14. I am a gay man and a secular Jew so THIS institution was, is and will remain my enemy on several fronts.

  15. Many of the above views are worthy of Der Stürmer (the Anti-Catholic Pink News of it’s day):

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