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Former NFL player criticised for saying ‘it is not realistic for every team to accept gay players’

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Reader comments

  1. For those who believe,sexual orientation is no different than hair color or nose shape(I DO) how would jesus treat people.Would he drive out with stones the perverse sexual demons that were hard wired into their DNA. This Bigot while trying to sound accepting.Grings out his true thoughts on Homosexuallity. That it is hardwired sexual pervertion. Wow this is the very worst kind of Bigot.What comes out of his mouth is his true intention. I tired to read this from so many angles , but the conclusion is the same. Bigot.

    1. Ummm…. bruce, Fiorio IS on our side. Kudos to him!

  2. GulliverUK 28 Feb 2013, 7:27pm

    It was a somewhat crass statement.

    What he seems to have said was that Christians weren’t professional people who are able to treat others with respect even if they disagree with them. Plenty of Christians won’t have a problem, so to imply no Christian players would be happy to play professionally with a team member who was gay is just ludicrous.

    In fact, I’ve not given it a lot of thought, but I would have thought the greatest concern would have been chanting from the terraces. Individual members must have all sorts of things they don’t much care for in other players, like sleeping with their wife, someone who doesn’t pull their weight, etc.

  3. Referencing the headline “it is not realistic for every team to accept gay players” I was immediately infuriated.

    Reading on, whilst not discounting the bigotry of the opinion, I did reflect on the situation from a slightly different perspective.

    There are teams that will immediately accept gay players! others might not… time and education will be a factor.

    Just as Sammy Davis Jr, Ella Fitzgerald, Lena Horne, were respected as great singers with a respected fan base in the days of racial segregation. On tour they couldn’t use the same buses, dressing rooms or hotels as white entertainers. It wouldn’t be realistic (not as extreme) a similar perspective in sports as with Jackie Robinson being the first black baseball player and similar prejudices.

    I don’t say the man is right or justified, however we would be foolish not to recognize there will be obstructions, nonsense attitudes in sports to shock or annoy us, and again history show how this was absurd.

    1. There are teams that will immediately accept gay players! others might not… time and education will be a factor.

      Are you suggesting the SF 49ers should be the ones accepting and, oh I don’t know, the New Orleans Saints will take longer?

      1. No! Jeffery, Whilst i would hope all players team(s) would be immediately accepting, probability is some within the league will not! Time and education will be a factor to “change”

        Bigotry and prejudice know no bounds, the US is a complex mix of people, locations and attitudes. Such, many possible variables for acceptance become influential, be they management, individual(s) city or state, team vs team, home ground or away, home team fans – away team fans. Even perhaps if the player is already popular or unpopular.

        Whether it be from North to South, East to West, the first players to come out face uncertain acceptance depending on the variables.If examples of bigotry or ignorance do prevail it will take “time and education” to change circumstances.

        Any team will have a mix of individual belief, attitudes, To speculate on individual(s) or geographic location of teams reactions would be a narrow minded approach to the situation,

  4. EVERY team has had to accept other groups, blacks, hispanic and latino – but some can remain bigoted towards Gays/ really – check ya f@8Kin constitution ass hole!

  5. Christopher in Canada 28 Feb 2013, 8:16pm

    Again with the “locker room” issue. My theory, after years of being a gay employee of the Y: the genders are separated in locker rooms to prevent PREGNANCY. Sex happens in ANY locker room – just wait and see!

    They are a fallacy for str8 men, and str8 men are threatened by the thought of being sexually predated upon (something women have endured since the beginning of time) by an equal, which speaks to str8 male entitlement.

    What’s the solution? Coed locker rooms for HUMANS, or separate locker rooms for individuals?

  6. Robert in S. Kensington 28 Feb 2013, 10:30pm

    Hmmm, so if this is has to do with religious beliefs, then those same people should treat hetero sports players who commit adultery, sometimes more than once, just the same. Is there no end to their double standard and hypocrisy?

  7. Why would football players think it is unacceptable for gay football players to be in the locker room? LOL. People with such insecurities must have stopped maturing at a very young age. Do they honestly think we’re going to ‘jump’ on our team mates and rape them or give them a disease? Do they think homosexuality is transmittable?

    If so, then they need not only physical training on the pitch but sexual education and diversity training. It is they who have the ‘problem’, not gay footballer players.

    Jim Miller is just a berk for suggesting that the bigoted views and demands of homophobic players should be obeyed.

    1. Christopher in Canada 1 Mar 2013, 4:15pm

      It’s their thinking that any str8 man would jump on a woman if the locker rooms were coed.

  8. Go back 100 years and there would have been people who thought that having black players in the locker room was unacceptable – and more often than not religion was used to justify that bigotry too. Whether the bigots accept our being in the locker room is up to them. The important thing is that if anyone leaves it should be them, not us.

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